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english literature history of china the history of father of history the history of us history of rap history of america history of britain history of gsm literature

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Brief history of English literature(poetry):

    Literary periods

    Trend tendency

    schools Literary thoughts -;

Foreign invasion:

Celts ;凯尔特人;700 B.C.

     Roman Conquest Caesar 50 B.C.45 A.D Claudius 400 years Latin Cester : camp


    Teuton : Jutes Saxon Anglo


    About 450 A.D

    England old English Anglo-US

    tribal society

    old English literature :

     epic : Beowulf 贝尔伍夫

    1066 Norman Conquest feudalism

    Medieval Age

    King: Duke Earl Viscount Baron

    secretary to a lord

    Church clergyman mythology


    Romance ballad

    Religious age pope church > court Catholicism


    3. Renaissance 14 century


    Humanism : rights to pursue worldly

    happiness wealth intelligence

    knowledge power


Rebirth of ancient Greek and Roman


    Democracy law

    Man is the measure of everything. Humanism

    Petrarch Dante Boccacio


    End of 15 century Renaissance early 17

    Humanism Puritanism : purify religion

    humanist writers



    E. Spenser

    C. Marlowe

    W. Shakespeare

    B. Johnson

    Fundamental Contradiction


    4. bourgeois revolution 17 century political power

    bourgeois ;feudalism

    16401649--16601688 Institutional



    J. Milton

    G. Herrick

    R. Herbert


    5. 18 Enlightenment: reason science equality


classicism : ancient Greek and Roman rules


     restraint of emotion

     less imagination

     classical language

A. Pope

    6. Romanticism 1798-832 shift

    Industrial Revolution


common people

    nature for material (real life )

     overflowing of emotion



    real language

Negative/escapist Romanticists Lake poets

     W. Wordsworth Poetic revolution

     S.T. Coleridge

    R. Southey

    Positive /Satanic Romanticists G. G. Byron

    P.B. Shelley

    J. Keats


    7. Critical Realism (1830s--- end of 19 )

    Lower class

    Exposure criticism

    Age of novel

A. Tennyson

    R. Browning


    8. 20 century WWI WWII

    Ezra Pound

    Imagism 意象主义运动


     T. S. Eliot

     W. Yeats

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