M7 U1 welcome (teaching plan)

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M7 U1 welcome (teaching plan) 江苏省中小学英语教学

    Module 7 Unit 1 teaching plan (welcome)

     by Tian Hua Teaching aims:

    1. Develop students’ ability in listening and speaking.

    2. Make students discuss the development of the electric and electronic

    appliances and know the importance of high technology. Teaching aids:

    Multi-media computer, blackboard

    Teaching procedures:

    Step 1: Lead-in

    ?.Begin the class with several questions.

    1.________ plays an important role in exploring the unknown fields and realizing the dreams of our ancestors?祖先,.

    2.High technology has a direct effect on our life.

    What electrical and electronic appliances(电器) do you have at home?

    ?.Show some pictures of electric and electronic appliances and give the name of each item.

?. Let students discuss :

    1. How have these electrical and electronic devices improved our lives? Make a group of four and talk about their functions. 江苏省中小学英语教学

    2.Give a form and discuss and draw some conclusions of the items listed in the form.

Step 2 Picture-talking (the development of the development)?.Show

    a timeline and ask students:

    What can you conclude from the timeline??Ask students to talk about

    the development of the appliances according to the given pictures.Step 3: Discussion

    1.What can our human beings benefit from the development of electric and electronic appliances?

    2.Can we depend on these appliances completely?

1.Read two passages on P106-107

    2.Preview reading.

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