TP in word power

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TP in word power 江苏省中小学英语教学

    Unit 1 Living with technology

     Word power

     Electronic and electrical goods

     by Chenyun

    Teaching aims:

     Students are expected to learn some words related to electrical and electronic goods

    especially household appliances and know how these devices are used.

    vocabulary by talking about how useful electrical appliances and electronic Enlarge students

    devices are in different ways in their daily life.


    Step1. Lead-in (by a guessing game)

    Encourage students to think out some household appliances by some given information.

    Step2. Vocabulary learning

     Focus on Part A on page 6 and make sure that Students understand what those phrases in blue

    actually mean.

     Ask students to arrange the goods in the correct section.

     Focus on Part B on page 6 and make sure that Students are familiar with the names of the

    goods in the household appliances section and what these devices are used for. Step3. Extension

     Encourage students to recall the words related to electrical and electronic goods according to

    the given situationshaving a travel, at home and having a class.

    Step4. Consolidation

     Focus on Part B on page 7 to check Students understanding and application of the new words

    they have learnt.

     Part D: arrange the electrical and electronic goods I order of importance. Divide students into

    small groups to have a discussion.

    Step5. Homework

     Review the words to express electronic and electrical goods.

     Do some related exercises.

     Preview Grammar and Usage.

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