By Vernon Kelly,2014-05-19 11:26
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    The problem of Offering a Bus Seat

    Although offering seat on bus is not a heroic undertaking, its little and

    common, it can reflect a persons basic cultivation. China is a state of

    ceremonies and has been promoting practice of courtesy. At present, the problem about offering seat on bus has given rise to a heated discussion. Some people hold that it is a good deed, no matter how small an act of kindness it is, it is worthwhile, on the other hand, someone consider it as a behavior full of hypocrisy.

    On one website, there is a post with a title that: offering bus seat is actually one of the Chinese corrupt customs. The bulletin said: "the first point to be declared is that, when meeting pregnant women and those who embrace a child who itself is too young to stand, even if I am carrying an extremely heavy sand bag, I will still give up my seat. Even in the animal kingdom, caring for the young is also an unshakable law of nature. And as to the problem whether to offer your seat to the elderly, that depends. If the old is gray --haired and doddering, even with a stick in hand, in such cases that there is great necessity for us to offer the bus seat.

    But without a doubt, this kind of old men seldom appear on the bus, namely, the old men who need to be offered bus seat represent a

    very small portion. In the west, if you give your seat to an old man who is energetic enough to stand, he will feel insulted. While in China, this is regarded as a virtue, which is a bit strange. Originally, offering seats is a virtue. The so-called virtue is to show humanity

    solicitude on the basis of free will. But in China, but offering seat has become a moral kidnapping to young people. Therefore, I propose that we no longer offer seat involuntarily. Let this generation get rid of the bad habit of offering seat.

    In my point of view, in order to promote the virtue of respecting the old and cherishing the young, the legal authority must make some mandatory documents about seats reserved for seniors, children,

    pregnant women, the sick and the disabled. Generally, other people

    can’t have the seats, unless the bus is very crowded, even in such cases, when that kind of people get on the bus, we must give the seat to them. Otherwise it is illegal, people can deal with it by calling the police.

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