CMA on-site & on-line course information

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CMA on-site & on-line course information

    CMA on-site & on-line course information

    The world’s leading association for management accounting and finance professionals

    As many as 85% of accountants today work inside organizations, where expertise in decision support, planning, and control over value-adding operations are crucial elements of operational success. In earning the CMA, you will have mastered a comprehensive body of knowledge directly related to operational and strategic management as well as the skills and abilities required to build quality business practices inside organizations.

    The professional development of a CMA is designed specifically for the contemporary role of the CMA as a strategic financial management professional. It provides excellent preparation for this broad business role because it integrates a wide-ranging set of leadership and management skills with core financial and business expertise. As a result, the CMA is well equipped to lead successful enterprises and optimize their performance.

    Nanjing University is recognized as one of the China’s leading universities with its renowned

    faculties and a remarkable range of academic pursuits. Nanjing University Shenzhen Research Insititute,locates at Shenzhen Science & Technology Park, is the secondary institute of Nanjing University that provide a variety kinds of training course. Being the first CMA training course provider in china and also the most important cooperate partner of IMA, we successfully set up a serious of CMA training course and provided continued follow up services in the past 7 years. 500 students benefited from the course we offer and 80 percent of them got their certification and distinguished themselves as a business professional who is committed to a strict code of ethics.

How Does CMA Certification Benefit You?

    • Opportunity to assess and demonstrate capabilities and expand knowledge base

    • Distinguishes you from your peers and increases credibility and productivity

    • Recognition of achievement

    • Expanded career options and greater earning potential

    Certification Benefits to the Company

    • Identify motivated professionals for hiring, recognition, and advancement

    • Higher level of service and increased credibility among clients

    • Achieve and maintain a high level of knowledge, competence, and business understanding


    Andrew Lo

    AICPA,HKCPA,CICPA, Oregon State University Bachelor of Accountancy, master of finance degree,nearly 15 years in CMA & AICPA teaching experience.

Edmond Wu

    University of Hong Kong Ph.D of Statistics and Actuarial,degree of mathematics,CFA, ERP experts,familiar with accounting information system and extensive experience in the examination of financial management.

David Dai

    CMA,CFA,MBA, in charge of large enterprises accounting, financial analysts in foreign exchange

management agency.

Two part courses:

    PART-1 Financial Planning,Performance and Control

    PART-2 Financial Decision Making

About exam:

    Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance and Control

    (4 hours 100 multiple-choice questions and two 30-minute essay questions)

Part 2: Financial Decision Making

    (4 hours 100 multiple-choice questions and two 30-minute essay questions)

On-site course:

    Address: Shenzhen Virtual University Partk,Science & Technology Park,Nanshan district,Shenzhen.

    Tution fee:

    On-site:RMB 11800(including training costs,textbooks, Q & A and examination review practice)

On-line course:

    Tuition fee: On-line: RMB 9800(including training costs,textbooks, on-line Q & A and examination review practice)

The Benefits of CMA Online Training

    When multiple staff members require the same instruction, online training can be the most efficient way to accomplish your goals and with no travel costs or travel time necessary, online training is also cost-effective.

    CMA Online Training provides you with our years of experience in developing training for finance professionals. With AICPA Online Training your organization can benefit from: No lost time

     Confidential learning environment

     Reinforced learning with workbooks and follow-up reading Employee/instructor interaction

     Focused presentation

     Convenient schedules

     Experience and expertise of the CMA

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