module 7 unit 1 task

By Susan Peterson,2014-02-14 08:59
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module 7 unit 1 task 江苏省中小学英语教学

    Teaching plan

Teaching aims:

    1. to improve the students’ listening and writing skills.

    2. to help the students to write an email to give advice

    Teaching steps:

    Step1: listening and completing a text

     First, give students some advice on how to identify the most important information and the least important information, introduce some commonly used sentence structures. Second, ask students to do the listening and check the answers.

    Step2: reading

    Ask the students to read the passage and find out the rest information about two different types of electronic dictionary

     Step 3:making a telephone call to get information

     First, give the students some advice on how to make an appropriate

    telephone call to ask for information.

     Ask them to : 1. speak to the point

     2. be polite

     Second, with the information provided in the textbook, take turns asking

     and answering questions

Step4: writing a letter to give advice

     First, give advice on how to write a email to give advice Second, ask students to do pair work and write an email.

    Steop5: homework

     Ask the students to finish the exercise in assessment book.

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