Grade 5Non-Renewable Resources

By Lee Mills,2014-03-30 21:45
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-Worksheet: List non-renewable (rocks and minerals) resources found in the picture (recognizing how non-renewable resources are used)

Assessment Overview

Grade 5 - Science

    Non-renewable resources with a focus on mining and rocks and minerals

    Language Arts:

    C2 write a variety of clear, focused informational writing for a range of purposes and audiences, featuring

     Clearly developed ideas by using interesting supporting details and explanations

     An organization that includes a purposeful introduction, followed by a well-developed and

     logical sequence of details, with a conclusion that summarizes the details

C5 select and use strategies before writing and representing, including

     Setting a purpose

     Generating, selecting, developing, and organizing ideas from personal interest, prompts,

     models of good literature, and/or graphics


S1 - analyse how BC’s living and non-living resources are used

    S2 - identify methods of extracting or harvesting and processing BC’s resources S3 - analyse how the Aboriginal concept of interconnectedness of the environment is

     reflected in responsibility for and caretaking of resources

    S4 - describe potential environmental impacts of using BC’s living and non-living


    Tasks PLO Links

    Unit Test: S1, S2, S4 1. Summative Tasks

    Newspaper Article: S3, S4, S2, C2, C5 ? Unit Test

    ? Newspaper Article

     2. Formative Tasks

    -Journal: S1

    -Journals: Science Idea Box: record -Worksheet: S1 personally developed definitions. -“Frog Girl” Newspaper Article: S3, C2, C5

    -Worksheet: List non-renewable (rocks and -Apple Mining Experiment: S2, S4 minerals) resources found in the picture -Chart: S1, S2, S4 (recognizing how non-renewable resources are -Comparison Chart: S3, S4 used) -Newspaper Article based on comparison

    -Newspaper article based on “Frog Girl”: chart: S3, S4, C2, C5 which focuses on Aboriginal Peoples

    connectedness to the environment

-Apple mining experiment: how rocks and

    minerals are extracted, and compare

    environmental effects

    -Chart: Name type of resource, name type of

    mine, processing, and closing mines (tailings)

    and list the negative effects for each. -Comparison chart: Personal connection to

    environment compared to Aboriginal Peoples

    connection to the environment.

    -Newspaper Article: based on comparison

    chart information

     3. Diagnostic Task

    ? Students complete a KWL chart

    ? Then class collaboratively create a

    classroom KWL chart: Ask

    students to answer the following

    questions …

    ? What is a non-renewable resource?

    ? What are examples of non-

     renewable resources?

    ? Where are non-renewable resources


    ? How do we use non-renewable

     resources in our everyday lives?

    ? How might Aboriginal Peoples use

    non-renewable resources?

    ? How are non-renewable resources

     harvested and extracted? What

     does harvested and extracted mean?

    ? How might our use of non-

    renewable resources affect the earth.

    Science Rubric

     1 3 5 Comments

    Analyse how the Aboriginal Rarely Sometimes Thoroughly & concept of Insightfully interconnectedness

    of the environment

    is reflected in

    responsibility for

    and caretaking of


    Describe potential environmental Rarely Sometimes Thoroughly impacts of


    extracting, and

    using BC’s non-


    resource of rocks

    and minerals.

    Language Arts

     1 3 5 Comments

    Three clearly developed ideas by Needs More Mostly Thoroughly using interesting Practice

    supporting details

    and explanations

    An organization that includes a Needs More Mostly Thoroughly purposeful Practice

    introduction (Lead),

    followed by a well-

    developed and

    logical sequence of

    details, with a

    conclusion that

    summarizes the


    Generating, selecting, Unable even Often with some Independently developing, and with support support and consistently organizing ideas

    from personal

    interest, prompts,

    models of good

    literature, and/or

    graphics (From a



    Newspaper Article Steps

1. Review and use Tahltan video questions to write newspaper article.

2. Complete the “who, what, where, when, why” worksheet. Each answer should be

    supported with details and explanations.

3. Complete the “Newspaper Story Format” organizer. This includes …

    a. Lead: A hook, an interesting, surprising, or shocking sentence that will grab the

    attention of your reader.

    b. Five Ws: Enter in your information for who, what, where, when, and why.

    c. Three Details:

    i. The three details you will write about.

    ii. Each detail needs to have supporting ideas.

    iii. Include Aboriginal Peoples idea about interconnectedness of the

    environment with their responsibilities.

    iv. Include negative environmental effects and why.

    v. No personal opinion.

    d. One Detail:

    i. The last detail you want to write about.

    ii. This detail is not that important.

    iii. Needs to have a supporting idea.

    iv. This is your conclusion.

    v. No personal opinion.

4. Write your article in paragraph form.

5. Edit your article for spelling.

6. Compete the good copy on the blank white piece of paper.

    a. Outlined with fine liner

    b. Newspaper Name

    c. Neat

    Student Rubric

     1 3 5 Analyse how Aboriginal Peoples Rarely Sometimes Thoroughly & idea of Insightfully interconnectedness is

    connected to their

    responsibility to the

    environment and


    Include and describe environmental effects Rarely Sometimes Thoroughly of harvesting,

    extracting, and using

    rocks and minerals

    Three ideas with interesting supporting Needs More Practice Mostly Thoroughly details and



    1Interesting lead Needs More Practice Mostly Thoroughly

    1. Who, what,

    where, when,


    2. Ideas and



    3. Closing detail

    Develop ideas through the “Newspaper Story Unable Even With Often With Some Independently & Format” graphic Support Support Consistently organizer.

    Develop ideas through

    the 5Ws worksheet.

    Develop ideas from

    Tahltan question


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