By Shannon Hernandez,2014-06-15 01:28
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    No comfort for university students

    (This article is my own feeling about a report written by another university student, I just want to rebut her opinion)

    Hello I am a faithful reader of the global time, I remembered clearly that you have written a article named university students deserve a little comfort, your words really give me some

    illumination about what you have deeply discussed in your article, so I want to show my perspectives to this topic and I do hope that you can make some comment on my opinion, because we can benefit from exchanging our ideas. First let me introduce myself to you. I am student from Changsha university of science and technology, I am a freshman, I am not good at English but I really love English, I am looking for every way to improve my English level, frustration I may still encounter at the thousands step, but I will keep working. I have no time to correct my article, so there are must some grammar mistakes in it, I do wish you can read it if you are convenient, you can correct it or write back to show your new perspectives. Thank you anyway!

    From my opinion, what the modern university students need is not a little comfort but a little adversity, I know what you have mentioned and concerned about is the living condition in our campus, so I will focus on this point to debate with you.

    1, Compared with the living condition in campus in the last century of china, the current situation have improved greatly. We can still glimpse at the scene from TV set whose theme is related with that hard time when Chinese university students lived a poor life. In the past, students always fear they have no food to support the body, steamed bread is the only thing to eat, but today, we have so many tasty snacks to choose which is a luxury for students of that time. We no longer need to worry about whether we are short of money or we still suffer the coldness in winter. Realising that we are living a relative comfortable life, we neednt any other improvement of

    living condition. After all, luxury is not our purpose.

    2, A little comfort may foster their bad habit, but a little adversity can strong their minds and determination towards what they want their life to be and they can learn something value from the hard working, so they will reach their hands to help other students who are still struggling with their unfortunate fate, thus both side would benefit from it. Once the bad habits have formed, more time and energy is needed to change it, then the regret will take the place of their dreams. But a little adversity has the function to teach them how to defeat the obstacles and how to overcome their own shortcoming. And it has a positive effect in the long run.

    3, Rebut your opinion. I think university is the last step for us to go into society, so that bad habit which we have formed at our warm home must be controlled even eliminated instead of letting it grow larger and larger, if a little comfort offered, there is a dead corner offered I think. As for the problems you have mentioned in your article, I can say that is exceptional situation, please take a look at what a wonderful life the students from Hunan province and Jiangsu province are living, maybe you can change your original idea towards this problem. Although these university students have worked so hard to enter a place of study, but it cannot be their excuse to enjoy a little comfort, because there are so many difficulties in front of us, we must continue to compete with others.

    Based on these three points, I think university students deserve a little adversity instead of a

little comfort.

     Thanks for reading, if you want to say something to me, please sent e-mail to (I am looking forward your comments and suggestion and correcting, thank you anyway!)

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