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    Attitude Toward Taking a Part-Time Job

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    (School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation)


    Nowadays, taking part-time job has become a part of the college students’ life. The most direct reason of this phenomenon is that employment becoming more difficult after graduation. College students have higher cultural quality and cultivate, they should choose reasonably part-time jobs for developing themselves to match future requirements. In order to understand the attitude of students in universities about taking a part-time job, this paper uses internet survey, synthesis and induces methods, and analyzes in depth basic conditions of the college students’ part-time jobs.


    Along with the high pace of the modern world, more and more companies pay more attention to work experience. The population becomes larger and larger. In order to confront the challenge, a lot of students take part-time job during their spare time. However, whether it is a blessing or a curse. Different people have different opinions. Based on the survey of the students in BUAA, we understand the basic attitude of students and encourage them to set up their good starting points in finding a part-time job. The report concludes the advantages and disadvantages of get part-time job to college students. Some viewpoints and suggestions are put forward in this paper.


    Rapid advances in technology are changing the very nature of data collection and survey methods. Computers and interactive technology are revolutionizing the way surveys are conducted (Aaker et al. 1998). The Internet has received much attention in recent years as

    a new survey data collection platform. There is no doubt that usage of the Internet is increasing at a rapid rate.

    Internet surveys are increasingly popular among researchers because it takes less time to complete a research project. Hence, the Internet was used as the data collection tool as our topic of attitudes toward taking part-time job. Recipients were contacted by e-mails for their mailing addresses, and they were surveyed by posting anonymous questionnaire. At last, we analyzed comprehensively the data of survey by Microsoft Excel.


    A total of 27 usable responses were collected. For the personalized e-mail category, 50 e-mails were sent but only 28 of the sendees replied, thus yielding a survey response rate of 56.0%. In all 27 respondents, there are 70.37% of students had done part-time job.3.1 The subjects for this investigation

    The survey was initially pre-tested on postgraduate students and undergraduate students. There were 17 responses from female and 10 responses from male.

    The population distributions: University degree 11.11%, Postgraduate diploma 18.52%, Masters degree 18.52% and doctor degree 3.7%.

    3.2The reason of choosing part-time job

    There are many reasons of choosing a part-time job.

    47.74% of students want to get experience from society. They think it is a good way to learning and benefit their future job-hunting.

    33.33% of students want to earn money. As an adult, they think they should have the responsibility and help their parents support the family.

    14.81% of students want to enrich their life. They believe that they can discover their sense of self-worth and develop their talents from taking part-time job.

    3.3Profession choice of taking part-time job

    In this graph, it shows the college students prefer to do job related to their major teacher assistants. Whilst 22.22% of students want to choose tutor and 14.81% choose to do service staff.

    3.4 the relationship between part-time job and study

    The information collected in this section of the questionnaire is used to analyze and compare the relationship between part-time job and study.

    On average, 15% of students think will affect study. However, 45% say they don’t affect study after doing part-time job. The statistical data shows that the students need to keep a balance between the job and the study.

    On further survey it is found that the part-time jobs many students have done don’t link their major. There are only 3.7% that is completely relevant.

3.5 The opinion for getting a part-time job

    Should college student take a part-time job? This is a question puzzles the students and parents. The following sections examine various attitudes towards part-time job.According to the result of the investigation, a little more than half student believe part-time job plays a necessary role in their life, and nearly 30% of students think it is optional. This following grapy shows the overwhelming majority of parents support and permit their children to do part-time job.

    The last investigation shows that about 60% of students consider part-time job is benefit on the future life and job.

    One things result from those graphs. To treat with part-time job, most students and parents hold positive and affirmative attitude. In fact, there are more advantages for college students to take part-time jobs than disadvantages. For instance,

    (1)Students can accumulate working experience.

    (2)It can broaden their college lives.

    (3)It can help them prepare for their future careers.

    (4)It can help them know more of themselves and society.

(5)It can partly relieve students' financial burden.

    (6)It can help them learn how to get along with people make more friends.

    4.Implications and Conclusions

    The data collected from the student questionnaire provide important information for attitude of taking a part-time job. As fresh blood in the society, graduated students are often unflavored in job-hunting markets for lack of practical work experiences. It is necessary for an college student to take part-time job before his/her graduation.

    Taking part-time job is necessary, whereas it is an undeniable fact that students break the balance between their jobs and studies, especially when they fall into conflict with each other. But the key lies in our attitudes and practices. Students should spend their spare time taking part-time jobs. Only following this principle can they benefit from their part-time jobs.In actual life, some students may be cheated or hurt by their employers, so they must strengthen their awareness of protecting their right.

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