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Teaching plan 江苏省中小学英语教学提供

    Teaching plan

    Task Writing an e-mail to give information

    南外仙林分校 陈实

Teaching aims:

    1. to get students to learn how to listen for important information.

    2. to get students to learn to budget for a trip.

    Teaching steps:

    Step 1: Give students the background of this story. Let them plan a list of things they need

    to do for the coming trip if they are in such circumstances. They may be able to

    fill in some of the blanks in part A even before listening. Then listen to the tape for

    the first time and finish the rest of the blanks.

    Step2: Listen to part A for the second time if necessary.

    Step3: One of the things you were asked to do was call Mr. An. Listen to the telephone

    conversation and make some notes about the information Mr. An gives. Step4: (1) You also want to look on a website about Dalian to make a perfect arrangement

    for the trip. Read the information and complete the note.

     (2) Explain some new words if necessary. It may include: harbour, speed up, peak,


    Step5: Pair work: You have decided to travel by train. You are at the railway station and

    are trying to buy some tickets for the fastest train. List the sorts of questions you

    need to ask. Find a partner to be the ticket seller. (Only your partner has the

    timetable. Ask him or her questions. Then you choose the fastest train within

    the right budget. Then switch roles. Compare the final decision between


    Step6: You need to write an e-mail to your uncle. Get students to think about what things

    you need to write in the e-mail.

    You need to say that you have decided that the families should take the train

    and why you decide on this. Also tell him the departure and arrival time and

    remind him not to be late. 江苏省中小学英语教学提供

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