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Task 江苏省中小学英语教学提供

    Unit 3 Task Using the Internet as a news source Teaching Aim:

    ; To learn and practice their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills ; To learn how to read charts and graphs, how to form more detailed questions

    and how to report on facts and figures.

    ; To apply these skills practically by doing research on the Internet and to finish a

    report about a speech on differently ways people watch or listen to the news. Teaching Procedure:

     Skills building 1: reading charts and graphs

     Step One: Collecting information

    1) Ask students to read the instructions in Part A and make clear what they

    are going to do. Then allow them several minutes to read the chart to find

    out what they should pay attention to when listening to the recording.

    2) Play the recording once. Ask the students to look at their answers and pay

    attention to any information that might be useful for their notes.

    3) Check for mistakes and mispronunciation. Play the recording again if time


    4) Ask students to go over the instructions in Part B and read the three

    sentences. After students complete the three sentences, check the answers

    with the class.

    5) Ask students to read the instructions of Part C. Ask them to read the

    question, the labels, the legend, the side(y-axis) and the bottom(x-axis)


    6) Ask the students to look at the pie chart. Let them read the question and

    the legend. Ask them what the percentages in the different colour parts are

    about. They should know these represent different percentages of people

    who trust different news sources. Then ask them to finish the remaining


     Skills building 2: Forming more detailed questions 江苏省中小学英语教学提供

    1) Begin this part by asking students what they can do if they want to get

    more detailed information when they already know a little about a


    2) Ask students to read the guidelines and the three parts on page 44.

    Have them compare the questions given in the three parts with the

    questions they have given on the blackboard, and decide which

    questions can help them get more detailed information.

    Step Two: asking more detailed questions

    1) Ask students to work individually to think up and write down some

    questions to find more detailed information.

    2) Ask students to work in pairs.

    Skills building 3: reporting on facts and figures

    1) Ask students to read the guidelines to find out what the two main

    thinks to focus on. Make sure they understand the meaning of each


    2) Ask students to read Part 1 and Part 2 and know how to support the

    fact they have got.

    Step Three: e-mailing a report

    1) Tell students that they will write a report about the ways people watch

    or listen to the news. Help students review the two speeches they have

    listened to and the two charts they have read in Step 1 by asking the

    following questions.

    2) Ask students in what position they should write the report, and to

    whom they will write the report. Ask them to read the instructions in

    this part. Before writing, they should think about what they will write

    in the report.

     Step Six: Homework: 江苏省中小学英语教学提供

     Finish the workbook exercises.

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