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By Connie Washington,2014-02-14 08:59
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unit 4 project 江苏省中小学英语教学提供

    Teaching plan for Project in Unit 4

    南外仙林分校 李方

Teaching aims:

    1. Give students a chance to practice their English by completing a project. 2. Teach students how to protect themselves from dangers on the roads. 3. Encourage students to finish a project by working together. Teaching procedure:

    Step 1


    (Showing students two pictures of traffic accidents)

    ; What should you pay attention to when you go school by bike?

    ; What do you need to do to avoid accidents on your way to school on foot?

    ; If you are a bus driver, what do you think you should or shouldnt do

    when you drive students to their school?

    ; What are the possible reasons for the traffic accident? What do you think

    should be done to avoid a traffic accident?

    Step 2


    From the title, what information do you think the reading passage will give us?

Step 3

    Read the article carefully and find answers to first four questions in Part B

Step 4 further Reading

    Lets check your understanding of the reading passage by more questions.

Step 5 Consolidation

    1) Read the article again and complete the following notes:

     2) Work in groups of four or six to discuss the questions 5-8 in Part B. Write down

    your answers. Then one student from each group presents your answer to the

    class. Other groups can give your comments.

    3) Do Exercises

Step 6 Language points: 江苏省中小学英语教学提供

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