CAR Form - ATS

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CAR Form - ATS

    Classification & Recruitment Form

    Instructions for Submitting via Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The Classification and Recruitment form (CARF) is submitted to initiate the recruitment and/or

    classification process for all staff position requests at the university. Please attach the completed form

    with the current and previous organization charts as indicated in ATS.

To fill a vacant COLT/888 position that does not need to be classified (the key duties of the job have

    not changed), complete:


    Vacancy Simply enter the job class code of the vacancy when you submit your request. You

    do NOT need to complete the CARF.

To classify, reclassify or fill a position (whether it is new, vacant, or encumbered), complete:


    Section 1 Job description and requirements section. Please attach a current organization chart.

    Section 2 Position supervisory responsibilities section. Must be completed for administrative

    (URA-AFT), and managerial, professional, supervisory and confidential (MPSC)

    positions. Please contact your Human Resources Representative for job class

    code and/or title information.

    Section 3 Position detail section. The questions cover many different types of positions

    across the university. If a particular question is not relevant to the position under

    review, please indicate N/A (not applicable). The certification at the end of

    section 3 must be completed.

    Section 4 Business/Accounting addendum. (ONLY FOR BUSINESS, ACCOUNTING AND


    Section 5 Information Technology addendum. (ONLY FOR INFORMATION


    University Human Resources

    57 U.S. Highway 1 ? New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554

     732-932-3020 ? FAX 732-932-0046 ? Revised 03/2009

    Classification & Recruitment Form

Current Title & Grade:

Proposed Title & Grade:


1. Position Summary

    Provide a brief summary that expresses the primary role or reason the job exists.

2. Job Description

    Briefly list and describe in order of importance, the key duties for this position. For each key duty state in a few words:

    ? What are the expected outcomes

    ? How are the key duties performed

     Please identify the percent of time spent on each.

     % 1.

     % 2.

     % 3.

     % 4.

     % 5.

     % 6.

     % 7.


3. Education, Experience, Skills, and Special Conditions:

    Please state the minimum level of education, experience, licenses, certifications, specialized training, additional skills, abilities,

    physical, environmental, or special conditions required to successfully perform the key duties for the position.

     If this position requires advanced knowledge in a particular field or an advanced degree in a specific field of study in order to

    perform the functions, please describe in detail the requirements and why it is required.

    University Human Resources

    57 U.S. Highway 1 ? New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554

    732-932-3020 ? FAX 732-932-0046 ?

4. Education, Experience, Skills, and Special Conditions:

    Please state any education, experience, certification, licenses, knowledge, skills, or abilities that are not essential to the position but are preferred.

    University Human Resources

    57 U.S. Highway 1 ? New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554

    732-932-3020 ? FAX 732-932-0046 ?


    5. Define this position’s supervisory responsibilities:

     Has supervisory responsibilities for permanent employees. Makes and/or recommends final hiring and firing

    decisions and takes disciplinary actions.

For reclassifications of a position where the incumbent is supervising a URA-AFT member, has the incumbent ever

    exercised his/her authority to hire, fire, or discipline one of the subordinates listed below?

     Yes. If yes, please provide supporting documentation to Human Resources that demonstrates the exercise of

    this authority.


     Please provide the following information for all employees directly reporting into this position.

     No. of

    Payroll Title of Employee(s) Supervised Job Class Code Employees

     Leads and/or provides work direction, training and/or technical assistance to lower level permanent employees,

    and/or temporary, student and/or consultant employees.

     Does not have supervisory or management responsibility.

    University Human Resources

    57 U.S. Highway 1 ? New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554

    732-932-3020 ? FAX 732-932-0046 ?


6. If the position manages or directs one or more function(s), please describe the scope of operations, the number of

    people, and the annual operating budget.

7. How will this position exercise discretion or independent judgment when making decisions? Please explain what

    authority and accountability will be required in performing the key duties of this position.

8. Does this position develop and/or implement new procedures or controls? Please explain and list specific examples

    of the processes that this position develops/implements and identify whether the procedures govern the immediate

    work unit, department, center, school, campus, or university?

9. What is this position’s accountability for organizational and/or strategic planning? Please explain and list specific


10. Is this position responsible for analyzing information and data and/or preparing reports? Describe the type of

    information or data analyses performed and the purpose, use, and recipients of reports.

11. List and describe the most complex issues or problems this position is accountable for delivering expected results.

    Include situations that are a constant challenge and which require judgment and time to consider alternatives

    before decisions or resolution can be rendered. Following each situation, indicate whether this position makes the

    final decision (D) or makes recommendations (R).

12. Please identify, quantify, and describe the equipment, software, and specialized materials the position regularly

    uses or supports in the performance of its functions. IT positions: please complete section 5- IT addendum.

13. Please provide any other critical job information that has not been covered on this form.

    University Human Resources

    57 U.S. Highway 1 ? New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554

    732-932-3020 ? FAX 732-932-0046 ?

The individual identified below is the supervisor or manager of the person whose position is described

    above. The individual below has approved submission of this form and certifies that the information in this

    document is accurate and complete.

Name Title


    University Human Resources

    57 U.S. Highway 1 ? New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554

    732-932-3020 ? FAX 732-932-0046 ?


    For Business/Accounting/Financial Positions Only

14. Please complete the following:

    Please list the percent of time incumbent is performing job duties or delivering results identified in the following categories:

    Budget Development and/or budget management (includes tracking, analysis, auditing, reallocation) %

Grant Administration (funds monitoring for appropriateness of expenditures & fiscal compliance) %

    Accounting % (e.g. A/R, A/P, J.E.s, charge backs, allocations and account distributions, bookkeeping, cash handling,

    banking, transfers, reconciliations)

    Other (Banking, Investing, etc.) % Please list:

    Supervision %

    Personnel /Payroll Administration % (e.g., payroll and personnel forms for faculty & staff, tenure/promotion packets, FCP, P4P, SCP, etc.)

    Other % (e.g. space, inventories, purchasing, computers, event coordination, maintenance, renovations, operations,

    training, public relations, etc.)


Please provide the information requested below for which the position has primary responsibility:

    State/Federal Contracts & Self-support/ Gifts &

     Appropriations Grants Auxiliary Endowments Capital Total Annual Budget:

     Type 1/ Weighted salaries $ $ $ $ $ $

     Non-salaried (and other

     salary types) costs $ $ $ $ $ $ Number of: Faculty

     Staff (Type 1) Approximate # of Accounts:

    Financial Transactions Frequency (daily, weekly, etc.) Prepare Approve Budget adjustments Journal entries Travel reimbursements New account forms Consulting contracts Cost sharing spreadsheets

    Purchase Orders (enter approval amount level) $ Other (List)

     Cash Operation Responsibilities Frequency (daily, weekly, etc.) Dollar Amount

    Cash /Checks/Other $

    University Human Resources

    57 U.S. Highway 1 ? New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554

    732-932-3020 ? FAX 732-932-0046 ?


    For Information Technology Positions Only

14. Please list and describe the systems for which this position is responsible, both hardware and software. Include relevant

    numeric measures, e.g. the number and types of systems, the number of users, the size of databases and servers, and the

    size and complexity of applications.

15. Please explain the position’s most complex tasks including details about technology and approach involved, such as, tools

    that are used for enterprise management, development, and systems configuration.

16. Please describe the type of formal technical planning and project management responsibilities of this position.

    University Human Resources

    57 U.S. Highway 1 ? New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554

    732-932-3020 ? FAX 732-932-0046 ?

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