Classify objects of renewable and nonrenewable

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Answers to Chapter One Sheet Homework Assignment, Renewable/Nonrenewable Resources Review, Homework Assignment, and Pop Quiz Notes Check

    Week 1 and 2

    Answers to Chapter One Sheet Homework

    Assignment, Renewable/Nonrenewable

    Resources Review, Homework Assignment,

    and Pop Quiz Notes Check

Answers to Chapter One Sheet



    -people who obtain food by collecting plants and by hunting wild animals or scavenging

    their remains.

    -were small groups

    Migrated from place to place when food was available at different times a year

    Effects on environment

    -(don’t keep)Hunted Bison

    -Set fires to burn prairies and prevent the growth of trees for easy hunting

    -Spread plants to areas where the plants did not originally grow

    -Rapid climate changes and over hunting may have caused disappearance of some large

    mammal species like giant bison, cave bears, and saber-toothed cats.

Agricultural Revolution


    -collected seeds of plants they gathered and domesticated some of the animals

    -use plants and animals for food, clothing, housing, transportation and other purposes.

    Effects on environment

    -Allowed human populations to grow faster than ever.

    -changed food we eat (pick the best food) wild to domesticated

    - replace forest, grasslands, and wet lands to farms

    -caused soil loss, floods, and water shortages

Industrial Revolution


    -energy sources, like animal muscle, running water, to fossil fuels, such as coal and oil.

    -large-scale production of goods in factories became less expensive than local production

    of hand made goods.

    -reduced amount of land and human labor.

    - motorized vehicles allowed food and goods to be transported cheaply across great


    -light bulb improved quality of life

-allowed population to grow.

Effects on environment

    -sanitation, nutrition, and medical care improved

    -pollution and habitat loss become more common.

    -plastics, artificial pesticides, and fertilizers present environmental problems today.

Spaceship Earth (Please place this information at the bottom of your worksheet)

    Earth is considered a closed system.

    -the only thing that enters the earth’s atmosphere is energy from the sun, and the only thing that leaves in large amounts is heat….so potential problems resources limited so

    will be used more rapidly, chance waste will be produced more than we can dispose of.

Lake Washington is related to a closed system.

    Three Categories of Environmental


    Resource Depletion Pollution Loss of Biodiversity

    -when large fraction of -undesired change in air, -number and variety of

    resources have been water, or soil that adversely species that live in the

    depleted affects the health, survival, or area.

     activities of humans or other -there are two types of -all species have potential,

    natural resources -two main types of pollutants economic, ecological,

    Renewable and biodegradable and scientific, aesthetic, and

    nonrenewable nonbiodegradable recreational value

Renewable resources can be replaced relatively ____quickly__________ by natural


Nonrenewable resources forms _____slower______________ rate than the rate that it is


Biodegradable pollutants ________that can__________be broken down by natural

    processes. (2 examples _____human sewage_________ and ___stack of


Nondegradable pollutants _______can not___________ be broken down by natural

    processes. (3 examples ____mercury________, _____lead________, and ________some

    other types of plastics_______________________)

Biodiversity is a ____good_________________ for the environment.

     (Good or Bad)

    Mass extinctions, or _____large-scale extinctions_______________________

    __________________________________ have occurred throughout Earth’s history.

    Renewable/ Nonrenewable Resources Review

Renewable or Nonrenewable? That is the Question

    Fresh Water Iron Air

    Soil Copper

    Salt Clay Wood

Energy from the Sun Fossil Fuels

     Trees Crops

The underlined items are renewable resources

Week 2 Homework Assignment


Pick five objects at home or school and tell

    whether its materials are renewable or



    Object 1: Pencil

    Made of: Wood -

     Aluminum -


    Pop Quiz:

    1. Did Hunter-Gatherers travel in small or

    large groups?

    2. Hunter-Gatherers: Through rapid

    climate changes and over hunting these

    animals may have disappeared? 3. In the Industrial Revolution, energy

    sources like animal muscle and running

    water move to ____________________. 4. Earth is a ____________system. 5. What is Biodiversity?

    6. What does the “-cide” in Pesticide mean?

    7. Name one example given for

    biodegradable pollutant.

    8. Mass extinctions or _______- ______


    9. Name a renewable resource.

    10. Name a nonrenewable resource.

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