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Unit 3 Upstream Advanced

    A change of heart a situation in which you change your opinion about someone or sth Adjust to sth get used to sth

    Altruism a way of thinking and behaving that shows you care about other people and their interests more than you care about yourself

    Amicable friendly and without arguments

    Apprehensive slightly worried or nervous

    Arrogant someone who thinks they are better or more important than other people and behaves in a way that is rude and too confident

    Assertive - behaving in a confident way in which you are quick to express your opinions and feelings

    Assumption sth you consider likely to be true even though no one has told you directly or even though you have no proof

    Atrocious very evil or cruel; very unpleasant, very bad in quality

    Be down in the dumps feeling unhappy or without hope

    Beaming smile a wide smile

    Bellow to shout very loudly

    Beneficial having a good effect or influence on someone or sth

    Bereavement the situation you are in when a friend or family member has just died Biased preferring one person, thing or idea to another in a way that is unfair Blistering heat extremely high temperatures

    Blithe ignoring or not realizing the real disadvantages of a situation or the possible bad results of sth you do; happy and not worried about anything

    Blow sth out of proportion to claim that sth is much worse than it really is

    Blunt saying what is true or what you think, even if this offends or upsets people Boost to help sth to increase, improve, or become more successful; make someone feel more positive or more confident

    Brainy very intelligent, especially at school or college

    Breadwinner the person who earns the money to support a family

    Bridge the gap to reduce the differences that separate two things or groups Bring round revive

    Brusque speaking quickly in an unfriendly way using very few words (curt) Buoyant feeling happy and confident

    Cautious careful to avoid problems or danger

    Cherish to keep sth pleasant in your mind for a long time

    Cohabit live together without being married

    Compassionate understanding and caring about someone who is in a bad situation Compliant too willing to do what other people want or to accept their opinions Come in handy - be useful

    Conciliatory trying to end an argument and make people feel less angry Confidant someone you trust and can discuss your secrets with

    Conformist behaving in a way that most people think is correct or suitable Conscientious working hard and careful to do things well

    Considerate thinking about the feelings and needs of other people

    Cordial - friendly

Cost-effective economical

    Cry one’s heart out cry a lot, because you are very unhappy

    Dead silence complete silence

    Denote - mean

    Deprived not having the things that are essential for a comfortable life Derogative/derogatory showing that you have a bad opinion of sth or someone, usually in an insulting way

    Devotion great love, admiration or loyalty

    Diminutive very small or short, tiny

    Distort to change sth such as information so that it is no longer true or accurate Diminish to become less (decrease): make sth to become less (lessen); to deliberately make sth or someone seem less important than they really are (belittle) Distracted not able to concentrate on sth

    Diverse varied, very different from each other

    Divorce-prone more likely to divorce than others

    Domestic duties housework

    Doting loving someone very much, often so much that you do not notice their faults Drift apart grow away from one another

    Edgy in a bad mood because you are worried or nervous (irritable) Emasculated made to feel less masculine

    Embark on to start a new project or activity

    Empathy the ability to understand how someone feels because you can imagine what it is like to be them

    Enhance improve sth or make it more attractive or more valuable

    Erratic changing often or not following a regular pattern, so that it is difficult to know what will happen next

    Expiry date a “sell-by” date

    Extended family- a family group that includes grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc Fervent very enthusiastic and sincere, especially about sth you believe in or support Fill in work temporary work

    Forthright saying what you think and feel directly and honestly, without being afraid of other people’s reaction

    Fraternal belonging to brothers; between brothers; between friends or people who share the same interests or opinions

    Frown upon/on not to approve of sth

    Function a social event such as a party, especially one for a great number of people Get the hang of sth learn how to do sth

    Gracious showing kindness and good manners

    Grow apart become less close

    Have a selective memory - to be a liar

    Have a whale of a time to have a lot of fun

    Heart of gold very generous and kind

    Hesitant doing sth slowly or pausing before you do it, because you are nervous, embarrassed or worried

    Hidden agenda a secret reason for doing sth, because you will get an advantage from it Hit the rock bottom reach the lowest possible level

    Impact an effect or influence; an occasion when one object hits another Imposing large and impressive

    Indisputable impossible to question or argue with (undeniable)

    Inept someone who does not have much ability or skill

    In retrospect considering sth that happened in the past using knowledge or information that you did not have at that time

    In someone’s shoes in the situation that someone else is in

    Innumerable too many to be counted

    Interject say sth suddenly that interrupts someone who is speaking

    Jittery feeling nervous and sometimes being unable to keep still because of this Jostle push roughly against someone in a crowd

    Legacy sth such as a tradition or problem that exists as a result of sth that happened in the past; money or property that you arrange for someone to have after your death Lend a sympathetic ear to be willing to listen to someone else’s problems

    Marital breakdown ending a marriage

    Maturity the qualities and behaviour that you would expect of a sensible adult; full growth or completed development

    Meek quiet, gentle and easily persuaded by other people to do what they want Mere simple

    Merit an advantage or good quality that sth has

    Minuscule extremely small in size or amount

    Misery the state of being extremely unhappy or uncomfortable

    Mutually by, to, or for each of two or more people equally

    Nimble able to move quickly and easily

    Nuclear family family unit consisting of a mother, father and their children Obstinate not willing to be reasonable and change your plans or behaviour (stubborn) Pangs fleeting moments of guilt

    Peer- someone who is of the same age or belongs to the same social or professional group as another person

    Peer pressure the influence that other people of your own age or social class have on the way you behave or dress

    Perplexing confusing

    Petite a woman who is small and thin in an attractive way

    Proofreader a person who reads sth written and marks any mistakes so that they can be corrected

    Protracted continuing for a long time, especially longer than is normal or necessary Prowess great skill or ability

    Quaint interesting and attractive with a slightly strange and old-fashioned character Regimented organised and controlled by strict rules

    Randomly without a particular method, pattern or purpose

    Rash acting or done too quickly without considering the effects of your actions Rapport a relationship in which people like, understand and respect each other Reckless not thinking about the possible bad effects of your actions Remorse a strong sad and guilty feeling about sth you have done wrong Resentment an angry unhappy feeling you have when you think you have been treated unfairly or without enough respect

    Scatty a silly person who does not think in an organised way, so that they often forget or lose things

    Scrutinize examine sth very carefully

    Self-destructive doing things that are likely to harm you or make you fail Self-effacing someone who does not want to be noticed by other people and tends not to talk about their abilities and achievements

    Self-esteem the feeling that you are as important as other people and that you deserve to be treated well

    Self-indulgent allowing yourself to have or do sth special that you like very much, often sth that you should not have or do

    Self-obsessed considering oneself so important that one is always thinking about oneself, in a way that seems extreme for other people

    Self-opinionated believing that your own opinions are right and that everyone else should agree with you

    Self-reliant able to do things for yourself and not depend on other people Self-righteous showing that you are too proud of your own moral behaviour or beliefs, especially in a way that annoys other people

    Serene calm and peaceful

    Sibling rivalry competition between brothers and sisters, often for their parents’


    Sluggish not performing or reacting as well as usual

    Spendthrift someone who is careless about money and spends more than they need to Spouse husband or wife

    Squabble to argue with someone about sth that is not important

    Squint close your eyes slightly and try to see sth, either because of a bright light or because your eyes do not see very well

    Stable not changing frequently and not likely to suddenly become worse Stand by support

    Stand out to be easy to see or notice because of being different Stroll to walk without hurrying, often for pleasure

    Submissive willing to do what other people tell you to do without arguing Superficial person a person who does not think about serious or important things (shallow)

    Tap into sth make use of sth

    Toy with an idea to consider an idea in a way that is not serious or definite Trade-off return, deal

    Trigger to activate

    Trait a particular quality in someone’s character

    Trudge to walk with slow heavy steps

    Unconditional love love without limits or conditions

    Unforthcoming not willing to talk or provide information

    Ungainly not moving in an attractive or graceful way

    Unkempt dirty and untidy

    Vulnerable weak or easy to hurt physically or mentally; easy to attack Wet blanket someone who spoils other people’s fun by being negative and complaining

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