Activities for 9-13 Year Olds - Better Futures is a NSW Government

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Activities for 9-13 Year Olds - Better Futures is a NSW Government

    The Waverley Council /Better Futures Inner and Eastern Sydney Supporting

    Young People, (9-13) Connection to Activities Project (SYPCAP)

     ‘Better Futures’ is a NSW Government approach to working with 9-18 year olds in

    targeted areas in NSW. The South East Sydney Region Better Futures Executive Group

    was established in 2004. Consultation with services from the region highlighted the need

    to focus on children aged between 9-13 years. Waverley Council carried out a research

    project and produced the Inner and Eastern Sydney Better Futures Pre Teens research project report in 2005. The report revealed a large gap in appropriate, targeted

    recreational activities for young people aged 9 to 13 in the Botany, City of Sydney,

    Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Local Government areas. Following this research,

    Waverley Council was again funded by DoCS in 2007 to develop responses to the

    issues identified in the 2005 report. The objectives of the Supporting Young People,

    (9-13) Connection to Activities Project were to:

Develop an integrated approach to planning for the delivery of services to young

    people 9-13 across the Inner and Eastern Sydney sub region that is sustainable

    beyond the life of the project.

     Increase young people’s (9-13) access to activities that promote positive


     Create sustainable opportunities for young people to access engaging out of school

    activities designed for 9-13 year olds across the sub region.

     Young People 9-13 are developing skills and confidence as a result of attendance at

    out of school activities.

     Develop resources and models for use in other areas.

Since 2006 SYPCAP has developed strong partnerships with local children, Local

    Government child care and youth services, community artists, sports and activity

    providers and trained OSHC staff to better provide for the pre teen child. Be sure to ask

    your OSHC or vacation care program what they can offer. Our projects have attracted

    children who are ‘too cool’ for traditional out of hours school care (OSHC) back into

    these services for special afternoons where they help to design their own activities.

    These have included arts, sports, murals, mosaics, pottery, drama, music and film

    making projects as well as excursions.

    The WAYS and Shack youth services run special tweens afternoons every Tuesday from 3- 5.30pm during term time and vacation care programs in school holidays. WAYS

    can be contacted on 93652500. The Bondi Pavilion and libraries in both Randwick and Waverley local government areas now have a targeted range of holiday options for the 9

    -13 year old child.

     We have produced information resources for families and service providers about

    available services and programs across Inner and Eastern Sydney. For more website

    information, click on then ‘community’ and follow the links to publications’ in youth and children’s services where you will find the 2005 Better

    Futures pre-teen research project and the Sport and Leisure Activities in Eastern Sydney recreation directory. This will tell you what care and recreational services are

    available in your area for your 9-13 year old children.

All information is up to date as of December 2009

Contact Lorna Pringle on 9386 7921 for any further information

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