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     2007 PERFORMANCE PACKAGE Order Form

    ? Understand and Improve Your Boat’s Performance

    ? Speed Predictions from 6 to 24 knots, at 2 knot Intervals

    ? VMG up, VMG down, Optimum Gybe and Tack Angles ? In-depth Explanations of Polars and How to Use Them

    NEW for 2007:

    ? Polars Correlated to Masthead Instruments

    ? Leeway Predictions

    ? New Wind Tunnel Sail Tests Enhance the Upwind Polars

COMING SOON (call for details):

    ? Specific Evaluations of Offwind Sail Inventory Using Wind Tunnel Tests

    Boat Name: _________________________________________ Sail No: __________________

    Class/Model: ___________________ Year Built: ________ ORR/IMS Cert. No. : ___________

    Displacement (weight): __________________ Crew Weight: __________ (If zero, default used)

    Keel Type: ? Fin ? Full Length ? Wing ? Bulb ? Centerboard Draft ____________

    Propeller Type: ___Fixed ___Folding ___Feathering ___None # of Blades: ? 2 ? 3 or more

    Genoa Hoist (IG): ______ Base of Jib (J): ______ Main Luff (P): ______ Main Foot (E): ______ Largest Genoa Overlap (% of J): __________ or Luff Perpendicular (LP): __________ (If One-Design, class sails in use? ? Y ? N (If no headsail declared, DEFAULT will be 150%) Spinnaker Type: ? Symmetric ? Asymmetric fixed on centerline ? Symmetric and asymmetric on a

    moveable pole ? None (Specify basic dimensions for each, or we can use default standards.)

    Spinn Hoist (ISP): __________ Luff: __________ Mid Girth: __________ Foot: __________

(Your sail maker can supply the above sail dimensions as well as additional measurement data)

    When completed please mail, email, or fax this form w/ payment to US Sailing's Offshore Office at P.O.

    Box 1260, 15 Maritime Drive, Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871. Email: Fax: 401-683-0840 Phone: 1-800-US-SAIL-1

    Shipping Info: Recipient’s Name: ______________________________USSA Member ID#_________ Address:_______________________________________

    ________________________________________ We send polars as Excel spreadsheets

     ________________________________________ e-mail: _____________________________

COST: $250 to USSAILING Members; $300 for Non-Members

    Payment Information: Payable to US SAILING ? check enclosed - check # _________ or ? charge credit card.

Credit card type (circle one) VISA MasterCard American Express

    Card number: Exp. Date:

    Daytime telephone:

    (We must have your credit card expiration date and daytime telephone number to process your charge.)

    Signed: ____________________________________________ Date: _______________

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