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Massage Treatments:

     Seated Massage Convenient and quickly available

     5 min/$12 10 min/$20

     15 min/$25 20 min/$30

     25 min/$35 30 min/$40 And so on…

     Hand and forearm aromatherapy massage

    15 min/$25 20 min/$30 30 min/$40

     Spa Foot Massage

    20 min/$35 25 min/$40 30 min/$45 •45 min/$60

     Foot Reflexology Massage

    30 min/$55 45 min/$80 60 min/$90

Table Massage Whether your needs are for relaxation or muscle

    therapy, our staff of professional licensed massage therapists can provide a

    skillful treatment.

     Hot Lava Shell Massage- Enjoy the latest concept in heated massage with the use of smoothly polished Tiger Shells filled with therapeutic herbs

    and sea kelp. A botanical massage oil of green tea and mango is used in this

    unique treatment.

    •45 min/$100 60 min/$120

     Swedish Massage One half to one full hour of a combination of

    therapeutic strokes, kneading and circular motions will promote relaxation

    and soothe sore and tired muscles. This full body massage is targeted to

    easing mind, body and soul.

•90 min/$145 •75 min/$125 •60 min/$105 45 min/$85 30 min/$60

     Aromatherapy Massage Swedish massage incorporating a variety of aromatic essential oils. This combination tends to heighten the overall

    sensory experience.

     •90 min/$145 •75 min/$125 •60 min/$105 45 min/$85 30 min/$60

     Deep Tissue Massage This massage is intended to focus more on the deeper muscle layers for the purpose of alleviating muscle tightness and

    trigger points, stimulating blood circulation and lactic acid removal from

    muscle tissue.

•90 min/$155 •75 min/$135 •60 min/$115 45 min/$90 30 min/$65

    Combine any table massage with a facial

    And receive $5 discount

Facials (See last page for information on Back Facial)

     Comfort Zone Spa Signature European Facial Our signature

    revitalization facial will deeply cleanse, purify and treat problem areas of

    your skin. The soothing aromas of plant extracts work to wash away tension

    while nourishing you skin. A luxurious moisturizing hand treatment and

    aromatherapy complete the spa experience.

     One Hour/$90 45 min/$75` 30 min/$60

     Gentlemen's Edition Facial For healthy looking skin and a well-groomed appearance. This is a deep cleansing treatment that focuses on

    your individual grooming needs: hydrating the skin, soothing and reducing

    the appearance of aging and shaving irritation, and eyebrow grooming.

    Includes a moisturizing hand treatment for the ultimate in relaxation.

     One Hour/$90 45 min/$75` 30 min/$60

     Hydrating Treatments Nourishment for impoverished skin! A

    specially formulated anti-bacterial pore decongestant is applied to nourish

    your skin with the nutrients, vitamins and proteins it needs . The collagen

    therapy is a delicious meal for dehydrated skin.

     One Hour/$90 45 min/$75` 30 min/$60

     Anti-Pollution Facial This treatment is designed for ultra sensitive

    skin skin that reacts to absolutely everything. The soothing facial includes

    a lymphatic massage of the neck and shoulders and is a hydrating boost to

    help calm, regenerate and reduce swelling.

     One Hour/$90 45 min/$75` 30 min/$60

     Anti-Aging Facial There will be no traces of fatigue after this

    wonderful mask! The beneficial botanical compounds found in seaweed and

    algae combine forces to promote collagen synthesis while helping hydrate

    and firm skin that has been damaged by the sun or other environmental

    stress factors.

     One Hour/$90 45 min/$75` 30 min/$60

Hands We offer an assortment of natural manicures

    Combine any mani/pedi treatment and receive $5 off

     Manicure Our technicians will first thoroughly soak your hands in a

    warm, soothing bath, then once dry, gently sculpt the nails to your desire

    and polish or high gloss buff.

    Approx 30 min/$25

    With French Polish: add - $7 and 10 min

     Manicure with Hand Paraffin Both hands are submerged in a warm paraffin bath. The sheath is then peeled away; nails are then sculpted and

    polished or buffed. Approx 35 min/$30

    With French Polish: add - $7 and 10 min

     Spa Manicure with Massage Features a luxurious soak of the hands. This is followed by the ultimate in relaxation, a massage of the hands and

    arms with a hydrating lotion. Your manicure is completed with a polish or

    buff. Approx 35 min/$45

    With French Polish: add - $7 and 10 min

     French Manicure At the end of your manicure treatment, nail tips

    are polished white and nail beds are polished in a neutral shade to create a

    healthy, natural look. Approx 40 min/$32

     Polish Change Hands - $12 Toes - $17

     Polish Change French - Hands - $18 Toes - $23

     Paraffin Treatment Hands- $12

    Feet When your feet are pampered, all is right in the world! Our

    services include state of the art pedicure spa chairs which feature pipeless

    whirlpool jetting systems. Our clients can feel confident that the pipeless

    feature virtually eliminates the possibility of germ and virus transmittal.

    Expert work by our technicians will ease those tired and achy tootsies!

    Combine any mani/pedi treatment and receive $5 off

     Express Pedicure - If you're short on time but still need a polished

    look, this treatment includes warm botanical soak, cuticle care, nail shaping

    and polish or buff. 30 min/$40 With Manicure: $60

     With French Polish: add - $7 and 10 min

     Pedicure with foot and leg massage Your feet are soaked in a warm

    whirlpool spa infused with sweet almond, jojoba, Vitamin E oils and botanical

    fragrances. We then slough off dry, cracked and hardened skin on the feet.

    Your feet and lower legs are given a soothing and relaxing massage. Nails

    are then shaped and polished to perfection. 40 min/$55

    With Manicure: $75

    With French Polish: add - $7 and 10 min

     Exfoliating Pedicure After a luxurious soak in a warm whirlpool spa,

    your feet and legs are massaged with our botanical sugar scrub to exfoliate

    dulling skin cells while returning the moisture balance to the skin’s surface.

    Nails are then shaped and polished to your specifications. 40 min/$50

    With Manicure: $70

    With French Polish: add - $7 and 10 min

     Back Facial - A facial designed to care for the needs of the back.

    Includes an intensive back skin peeling with bamboo scrub and salicylic acid,

    AHA to remove the dead skin cells and promote a clearer complexion. This

    service is designed to refine skin tone and make the back area look fresher.

    This is a perfect service to help clear up the skin for a special event.

    30 min $75.00 (no extractions) 45 min $85.00

    60 min $ 100.00

     Waxing Treatments this service is provided in our private

     massage room

     Complete Facial (Includes Lip, Chin and Brow) - $28

     Lip - $10 Half Leg - $40

     Brow - $15 Full Leg - $70

     Chin - $10 Full Leg w/Bikini - $85

     Lip and Brow - $23 Underarm- $22

     Bikini - $25 Brazilian(ladies only) - $65

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