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1. The extended title of this musical work describes it as “the expression of felling, rather that painting.”

    The third movement includes a portrayal of a village band struggling to play while half asleep, while the

    second contains imitations of quail, cuckoos, and nightengales. The composer’s opus 68 in F major, its

    movement’s titles include Shepherd’s Song, Thunderstorm, By the Brook, and Awakening of Happy

    Feelings on Arriving in the Country. FTP, what is this symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven?

     Answer: Pastoral Symphony or Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony

2. This politician first came to prominence when he was made special prosecutor investigating organized

    crime in 1935. A leader of the international wing of the Republican Party, he won the governorship of New

    York in 1942, 1946, and 1950, and on a ticket with John Bricker carried 12 states in his 1944 presidential

    bid, bit is remembered today for the lackadaisical campaign he conducted with running mate Earl Warren.

    FTP, who was this politician who in 1948 lost the presidency to Truman?

     Answer: Thomas Dewey

3. This technique differentiates between samples with a thick layer of peptidoglycan in its cell walls and

    samples whose cell walls have an outer layer of lipoprotein. In this method, the sample is smeared on a

    microscope slide, dyed violet, treated with acetone-alcohol, and finally counterdyed red, with positive

    bacteria appearing blue-black and negative bacteria appearing red. FTP, what is this staining method for

    differentiating bacteria named for the Danish bacteriologist who first described it?

     Answer: Gram’s Stain(ing)

4. Ironically, the brother of the chief justice of the Supreme Court was the one in charge of the commission

    at the center of this case. The court refused to issue a writ of mandamus and invalidated Section 13 of the

    Judiciary Act in deciding whether the Secretary of State had to honor a late appointment of a district court

    judge. FTP, what was this landmark 1803 decision of the Marshall court which established the principle of

    judicial review?

     Answer: Marbury v. Madison

5. Under questioning by his father, one of this play’s characters realizes that his alcoholism is due to his

    attraction to his college friend Skipper. During the course of this play, Mae and Gooper try to secure the

    inheritance of Gooper’s father, who is dying of cancer, while the sexually-frustrated Maggie tries to win

    Big Daddy Pollitt’s sympathy by claiming she is pregnant with Brick’s child. FTP, what is this 1955 play

    by Tennessee Williams?

     Answer: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

6. This religion is based on the teachings of the 24 tirthankaras, or conquerors, and is divided into two main

    sects, Digambara and Svetambara, whose adherents go naked or wear simple white clothing, respectively.

    Now having about 3 million followers found mainly in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, it is held to

    have been founded in the 6th century BCE by Vardhamana Mahavira, and practices strict ahimsa. FTP,

    what is this Indian religious system whose followers sweep the paths before them?

     Answer: Jainism

7. This statesman’s first major post was viceroy of India, where he set up the North-West Frontier and

    partitioned Bengal. The first marquis of Kedleston, he was a strong supporter of imperialism, leading him

    to feud with Lloyd George as Foreign Secretary, and he soon joined the Conservative rebellion against

    Lloyd George’s government, becoming Bonar Law’s Foreign Secretary in 1922. FTP, who was this

    politician who gave his name to the line which would become the boundary between the Soviet Union and


     Answer: George Curzon

8. This philosophical work opens by citing the example of Moses, Plato, and Milton to show that one

    should not be ashamed to voice original opinions, and goes on to observe that “to be great is to be

    misunderstood”. Then the author points out that the movements of history are often the reflections of the

    personality of single men like Caesar, Luther, and Wesley, and observes that want for the title condition is

    seen in imitation, desire for property, and the use of government as a crutch. FTP, what is this essay which

    advocates trust in the divine self, written by Ralph Waldo Emerson?

     Answer: Self-Reliance

9. The stream of the same name as these astronomical objects is a thin trail of neutral hydrogen stretching

    in a great arc near the south galactic pole, and was probably pulled out in a close encounter with the Milky

    Way. The Tarantula Nebula and several blue populous clusters are major features of the one found in the

    constellations Dorado and Mensa, while the smaller one is found in Tucana and has less than 2% of the

    visible mass of our galaxy. FTP, what are these two irregular satellite galaxies of the Milky Way named for

    the explorer who described them?

     Answer: Magellanic Clouds

10. During the 1730s this man’s printing press became known as one of the three best in England, and he

    was soon commissioned to write a volume of letters to serve as models for “country readers”, the result

    being Familial Letters on Important Occasions. He soon hit upon the idea of continuing a topic from letter

    to letter, leading him to write novels like The History of Charles Grandison and a sequel to his first novel

    which described his most famous character “in her Exalted State”. FTP, who was this pioneer in the novel

    form best known for Clarissa and Pamela?

     Answer: Samuel Richardson

11. One of this artist’s most remarkable works is a series of five paintings of mental patients housed at the

    clinic of his friend Dr. Georget. Race of the Riderless Horse and Derby at Epsom reflected the love of

    horseriding which would lead to his death at age 33, while his second most famous work is The Wounded

    Cuirassier. FTP, who was this French Romantic painter who created a sensation with The Raft of the


     Answer: Theodore Gericault

12. After the Civil War, this leader conducted a nationwide petition drive for Congress to reserve part of

    the Public Domain for Freedmen. Originally named Isabel Baumfree, this woman escaped from slavery in

    1827 and settled in New York, and after a religious experience changed her name and campaigned as an

    abolitionist, gaining fame for her speech “Ain’t I a Woman?” FTP, who was this woman, the first black

    woman to gain influence in American public policy?

     Answer: Sojourner Truth (accept early answer of Isabel Baumfree)

13. The crucial property of this object is the so-called “halting problem”. It includes paper divided into

    squares, each of which is either blank or contains one of a finite number of symbols. The paper is infinitely

    extensible, and the tape head can move to, read, write, or erase any single square, with each possible action

    determined by its internal state and the condition of the scanned square at a given moment. Conceived to

    determine if there can exist any universal algorithmic method for determining whether a proposition is

    undecidable, FTP, what is this hypothetical machine devised by an English logician?

     Answer: Turing machine

14. The romance between Zekle and Huldy is decribed in the poem “The Courtin”, found in the second

    series of this literary work which also includes “Sunthin’ in the Pastoral Line”. Published with notes by the

    Jaylem, Massachusetts minister Homer Wilber, number 3 is entitled “What Mr. Robinson Thinks”, number

    5 is “The Debate in the Sennit” and attacks arguments for slavery, and they are introduced by a letter from

    the author Hosea’s father Ezekiel. Written in the Yankee dialect, FTP, what were these poems inspired by

    opposition to the Mexican War, written by James Russell Lowell?

     Answer: The Biglow Papers

15. Physically, these islands fall into two groups. The eastern group, made up of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura,

    and six islets, arise from a single submarine plateau, while the western group, including Gomera and Ferro,

    are all mountain peaks, the largest being Teide Peak on Tenerife. An archipelago lying off the west coast of

    Morocco, its most important ports are Santa Cruz and Las Palmas. FTP, what are these Spanish islands

    named for the presence of dogs rather than birds?

     Answer: Canary Islands

16. This city was traditionally held to have been founded circa 900 BCE by Troezen. Now known as

    Bodrum, this city of Caria supported the Persians during the reign of Queen Artemisia I, but later became

    an Athenian naval base. The home of Herodotus, it is remembered today for a monument built by Pythius

    and Satyrus. FTP, what was this city ruled at one point by Mausolus and home to his mausoleum?

     Answer: Halicarnassus

17. This god holds the poison thrown up at the churning of the cosmic ocean in his throat, resulting in its

    blue color, and the Ganges flows through his hair. Often worshipped in his fundamental form of the phallus,

    this god, known as “the Auspicious One,” possesses a third eye which bestows inward vision, rides the bull

    Nandi, and lives on Mount Kailasa with his sons Skanda and Ganesa and his consort Kali. FTP, who is this

    god of the Hindu trinity, known as the restorer and destroyer?

     Answer: Shiva or Siva or Siwa

18. At the end of this novella the protagonist’s parents decide it is time to find a husband for his sister Grete.

    Earlier, he had lost his job as a clerk, been wounded in the back by apples thrown at him by his father when

    he tried to leave his room and join his family, and after horrifying the three lodgers living at the house, he

    returned to his room for the final time and died in his sleep, after which the charwoman swept him up with

    the trash. FTP, what is this novella in which Gregor Samsa is transformed into a giant insect, written by

    Franz Kafka?

     Answer: The Metamorphosis

19. This chemical compound’s most important use is for the cleavage of alkene-containing organic

    compounds via the Criegee mechanism. Most frequently prepared by the silent electric discharge method, it

    is an explosive, highly reactive compound responsible for the pungent odor of the air after a thunderstorm

    and around electrical equipment. Discovered by Christian Schonbein and named for the Greek for “to

    smell”, FTP, what is this molecule found in the stratosphere with formula O3?

     Answer: ozone

20. This opera features the famous aria Vesti la giubba. As an afterthought to please the baritone Victor

    Maurel, the composer of this opera wrote the famous prologue before the curtain of the hunchbacked jester

    Tonio. Tonio tries to use his knowledge of an affair with Silvio to blackmail Nedda, but when Canio finds

    out about it he goes crazy while performing with Nedda in a play and stabs her and Silvio. FTP, what is this

    opera by Ruggero Leoncavallo?

     Answer: Pagliacci



1. FTPE, name the following from genetics.

    1. (10 points) These are organisms in which the alleles at a given locus on homologous chromosomes are

    identical. Such organisms will breed true when crossed with genetically identical organisms.

     Answer: homozygous or homozygotes 2. (10 points) What alpha-numeric name is given to the second generation of offspring in breeding

    experiments involving an arranged cross between homozygous parents?

     Answer: F2 (accept second filial generation)

    3. (10 points) In this representation of all possible genotypes produced in the F2 generation of a Mendelian

    genetic cross, all male gametes are listed horizontally and all female gametes are listed vertically against

    the grid, with the various combinations written in the grid.

     Answer: Punnett Square

2. FTPE, answer the following about the writings of C.S. Lewis.

    1. (10 points) In a series of seven novels written for his goddaughter Lucy Pevensie Lewis tells of this

    fantastic land threatened by the White Witch and the neighboring land of Telmar.

     Answer: Narnia

    2. (10 points) In part a retelling of the Christ story, this first novel of a trilogy tells of the linguist Ranson’s

    trip to Malacandra and eventual abduction to Thulcandra, the land of the title. It is followed by the works

    Perelandra and That Hideous Strength.

     Answer: Out of the Silent Planet

    3. (10 points) Written in the form of 31 letters from the title devil to his young disciple Wormwood, this

    satire sees the devil’s efforts to tempt a WWII pilot thwarted by a pious Christian woman.

     Answer: The Screwtape Letters

3. FTPE, name these landscapes from descriptions, or F5P if you need the artist.

    1. (10 points) In the foreground is a black dog standing behind a man in a red shirt lying on the grass. Many

    people are on the shore with umbrellas watching the sailboats in the water on the upper left.

    (5 points) Georges Seurat

     Answer: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte

    2. (10 points) A river flows through the bottom of the painting which depicts the title town on the far shore.

    Immediately above the town are white clouds, while at the very top are ominous clouds painted in a dark

    green which contrasts with the rest of the work.

    (5 points) Jan Vermeer

     Answer: View of Delft 3. (10 points) This is one of the artists series The Months. It shows the title figures on the bottom left with

    their dogs, while below them in the town are seen a large group of people skating on a frozen pond.

    (5 points) Pieter Bruegel

     Answer: The Hunters in the Snow

4. FTPE, name the following about the North Africa Campaign of WWII.

    1. (10 points) Originally captured by General Wavell, this site was then left to be defended by a largely

    Australian force when beseiged by Rommel starting in April 1941. It fell in June 1942.

     Answer: Tobruk 2. (10 points) After being reinforced by sea in November 1941 the forces in Tobruk temporarily broke out

    and linked up with the 8th Army troops of this General, who had earlier led the ineffectual Narvik

    campaign in Norway. Before being sent to Africa he had served as commander-in-chief in India.

     Answer: Claude Auchinleck 3. (10 points) While some British troops rested in the Qattara Depression, General Montgomery led an

    October-November 1942 assault on Rommel in this battle. Although Rommel was able to retreat to Libya,

    it marked the beginning of the end of Germany’s North Africa Campaign.

     Answer: El Alamein

5. 30-20-10, name the philosophical work.

    1. (30 points) Like Spinoza’s Ethics, this work is constructed in the style of a mathematical proof. Written

    in four books, the fourth, Of the Kingdom of Darkness, is dedicated to debunking false religious beliefs.

    (20 points) The other three sections are Of Man, Of Commonwealth, and Of a Christian Commonwealth.

    Its main idea is represented visually by its cover, which shows a giant man with the head of a sovereign and

    a giant body built from the bodies of its citizens.

    (10 points) This work argues that civil peace is best achieved by establishment of a commonwealth through

    social contract so as to avoid the “nasty, brutish, and short” state of nature. It was written by Thomas


     Answer: Leviathan

6. FTPE, name the following concerning scattering of electromagnetic radiation.

    1. (10 points) In this basic type of scattering, the photons in the radiation are reflected without any change

    in energy.

     Answer: Rayleigh or electron scattering

    2. (10 points) This effect is the reduction of energy of high energy photons scattered by free electrons.

     Answer: Compton effect 3. (10 points) About 1/1000 as intense as Rayleigh scattering, this is scattering in which light suffers a

    change in frequency and a change of phase when passing through a material medium.

     Answer: Raman scattering

7. 5-10-15, name these novels by Thackeray.

    1. (5 points) Subtitled A Novel Without a Hero, this most famous of Thackeray’s works tells of Amelia

    Sedley and Becky Sharp.

     Answer: Vanity Fair 2. (10 points) The title character of this novel marrief Miss Castlewood and moves to Virginia after failing

    to win Castlewood’s daughter Beatrix, who is caught up in James Stuart’s attempts to gain the English


     Answer: The History of Henry Esmond, Esquire

    3. (15 points) Subtitled Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family and narrated by Arthur Pendennis, this

    novel tells of Clive’s marriage to Rose MacKenzie and the ruining of Clive’s father Colonel Thomas by

    Rose’s father Barnes.

     Answer: The Newcomes

8. FTPE, name these Canadian lakes.

    1. (10 points) Port Radium stands on the east bank of this lake on the Arctic Circle in the Northwest

    Territories. Icebound for 8 months of the year, it is the 9th largest lake in the world.

     Answer: Great Bear Lake 2. (10 points) Southeast of the Great Bear Lake is this lake, the deepest and second largest in Canada.

    Yellowknife sits on its north coast.

     Answer: Great Slave Lake 3. (10 points) This 13th largest lake in the world shares its name with the capital of Manitoba.

     Answer: Lake Winnipeg

9. FTPE, give the requested information about a doctrine from American history.

    1. (10 points) This foreign policy doctrine proposed to offer economic aid and military advice to

    governments in the Middle East who felt their independence threatened.

     Answer: Eisenhower Doctrine 2. (10 points) The Eisenhower Doctrine was prompted by this 1956 war which saw England, France, and

    Israel invade Egypt.

     Answer: Suez War

    3. (10 points) The Eisenhower Doctrine was abandoned after the death of this Secretary of State, who also

    served as the chief author of the 1951 Japanese WWII Peace Treaty.

     Answer: John Foster Dulles

10. FTPE, name thes basic ballet movements.

    1. (10 points) This is a jump starting in fifth position during which the dancer crosses his or her legs

    numerous times at the lower calf.

     Answer: entrechat 2. (10 points) Battu, grand, and en tournant are types of this leap in which the weight of the dancer is

    transferred from one foot to the other, while throwing one leg to the front, side or back.

     Answer: jete

    3. (10 points) Often done in spectacular series either on the toe or the ball of the foot, this is a turn in place

    on one leg.

     Answer: pirouette

11. FTPE, name the following p-stuff from chemistry.

    1. (10 points) These inorganic compounds are characterized by inclusion of an O2 minus 2 ion.

     Answer: peroxides 2. (10 points) These are organic compounds that contain a hydroxyl group bound directly to a carbon atom

    in a benzene ring.

     Answer: phenols 3. (10 points) Widely used as an oxidizing agent, this compound with formula KMnO4 forms purple

    crystals which are soluable in water, acetone, and methanol, but decomposed by ethanol.

     Answer: potassium permanganate (or potassium manganate VII)

12. 5-10-15, name these German poets.

    1. (5 points) This author of the long didactic poems The Gods of Greece and The Artists is probably best-

    known for the poem Ode to Joy.

     Answer: Friedrich von Schiller

    2. (10 points) His first major work was Poems from the Book of Hours, and he is best-known for The

    Sonnets to Orpheus and The Duino Elegies.

     Answer: Ranier Maria Rilke

    3. (15 points) This 18th century poet tried to develop classical perfection in the German language in his

    epic poem The Messiah and his dramatic trilogy about the Germanic hero Hermann.

     Answer: Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock

13. FTPE, answer the following concerning Rama.

    1. (10 points) By bending the bow of the god Rudra, Rama wins the hand of this woman, who was not born

    but rather arose from a furrow while her father Janaka was plowing.

     Answer: Sita

    2. (10 points) Sita is later carried off by the demon-king Ravana. Rama rescues her with the help of

    Ravana’s brother Vibhishana and this monkey-god, whose monkeys construct a bridge to Ceylon.

     Answer: Hanuman

    3. (10 points) Because of fears that Sita had been defiled by her abduction, she is sent away by Rama, and

    ends up in the hut of this poet to whom the Ramayana is ascribed, where she gives birth to Rama’s two


     Answer: Valmiki

14. FTSNOP, answer the following about the Monitor and Merrimack.

    1. (10 points/10 points) When the two ships engaged on March 9, 1862, the Monitor and Merrimack were

    commanded by these two sailors.

     Answer: Lorimer Worden, Franklin Buchanan

    2. (10 points) The previous day, the Merrimack engaged five US warships, sinking two and capturing one

    in this battle, the largest pre-Pearl Harbor single-day loss of ships in US history.

     Answer: Hampton Roads

15. FTPE, name these concepts from economics.

    1. (10 points) This is a good the demand for which falls as income rises. An example is the demand of

    married couples for small apartments.

     Answer: inferior good 2. (10 points) A specific type of inferior good is a commodity for which demand increases at higher prices.

    First observed in the budgets of the 19th century poor, who could no longer afford relatively more

    luxurious food when bread prices increased, it occurs when the income effect outways the substitution


     Answer: Giffen good 3. (10 points) Inferior goods have negative values of this quantity, the proportionate change in the quantity

    of a commodity demanded after a unit change in the income of consumers.

     Answer: income elasticity of demand

16. FTPE, name these pioneers in photography.

    1. (10 points) This Frenchman produced permanent heliotypes by means of glass plates coated with

    bitumen, and is credited with making the world’s first photograph in 1826.

     Answer: Joseph-Nicephore Niepce

    2. (10 points) This man was a scene painter for the opera and helped found the Diorama in Paris. He

    worked with Niepce until Niepce’s death on obtaining permanent pictures on metal plates by the action of

    sunlight, leading to the discovery of the process named for him.

     Answer: Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre

    3. (10 points) This Englishman developed the calotype using paper treated with silver chloride, and later

    discovered instant photography. His book Pencil of Nature was the first photographically illustrated book.

     Answer: William Talbot

17. FTPE, name these characters from The Crucible.

    1. (10 points) This man's affair with his servant is discovered by his wife Elizabeth, who fires the servant.

     Answer: John Proctor 2. (10 points) Proctor was having an affair with this niece of Reverend Parris who tries to have Elizabeth

    killed and later accuses her of witchcraft.

     Answer: Abigail or Williams 3. (10 points) Abagail has this black slave from Barbados perform voodoo on Elizabeth Proctor, thus

    sparking the hysteria.

     Answer: Tituba

18. FTPE, name these Greek sculptors.

    1. (10 points) The most celebrated sculptor in antiquity, this Athenian created the bronze group of Athena,

    Apollo, and Miltiades in Delphi, the Lemnian Athena, the Zeus at Olympia, and the Athena for the


     Answer: Pheidias

    2. (10 points) Lost works of this 4th century BCE master include the Aphrodite of Cnidus and the Apollo

    Sauroctonus. He is most famous for Hermes Holding the Infant Dionysus.

     Answer: Praxiteles

    3. (10 points) Along with Praxiteles and Leucippus this native of Paros dominated 4th century BCE

    sculpture. His works included Porthos and Meleager, the Apollo Smintheus and the Aphrodite Pandemus.

     Answer: Scopas

19. FTPE, name the following about a major figure in Indian history.

    1. (10 points) Known as Pandit, or teacher, this man was the first Prime Minister of the independent

    Republic of India.

     Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru 2. (10 points) This is the name for the more than 500 Indian kingdoms that existed during the British Raj

    period. Despite crises in such knigdoms as Kashmir, Hyderabad, and Junagadh, Nehru’s government

    succeeded in integrating many of them.

     Answer: Princely States 3. (10 points) Made a Portuguese colony by Albuquerque in 1510, this district on the west coast of India

    was one of the last enclaves of European influence in Asia until Nehru annexed it in 1961, and with Daman

    and Diu it became a union territory.

     Answer: Goa

20. FTPE, name these popes important in the Great Schism.

    1. (10 points) It was set in motion in 1309 when this pope moved the papacy to Avignon due to feuds

    among Italian cardinals.

     Answer: Clement V 2. (10 points) An attempt to return the papacy to Rome was followed by schism when two rival popes were

    elected by the French and Romas factions of cardinals. FTP, name either pope.

     Answer: Urban VI or Clement VI 3. (10 points) The Great Schism was ended by the Council of Constance in 1417 when this pope deposed

    his French rival.

     Answer: Martin V

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