Business Summary

By George Young,2014-05-15 12:24
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Business Summary

    Business Summary

    The Anti-Aging & Vitality Center of Pittsburgh

    (A Pennsylvania LLC)

    LLC Membership Investment Units

    Minimum Investment Unit $50K

    Each Unit Equals 4.45% of Member Ownership

    Maximum Units Offered 9 Units

    This summary document (“summary”) is confidential and the proprietary property of Anti-Aging & Vitality

    Centers, Inc. (“AVC”) and is not to be copied or distributed without company’s prior permission.

    The Anti-Aging & Vitality Center of Pittsburgh

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ANTI-AGING & VITALITY CENTERS (AVC) a Minnesota Corporation and noted physician,

    Aldino Pierotti, III, MD, have announced plans to open and operate the Anti-Aging & Vitality

    Center of Pittsburgh, (AVC PITT LLC.)

AVC is building the leading network provider of medical centers for anti-aging and body

    sculpting services in the United States. AVC has opened and operates centers in upscale

    suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas. The company plans to

    open 30 more centers over the next 4-5 years. The Company will serve as the exclusive

    managing member to the LLC.

    Aldino Pierotti, III, MD, a private physician, with extensive experience in the use of anti-aging protocols for the treatment of age related processes, has partnered with AVC to

    establish and operate this unique Center. Dr. Pierotti, a graduate of the prestigious

    University of Pennsylvania Medical School, has additional training and experience in oculo-

    facial surgery and emergency medicine. Dr. Pierotti is the Center’s medical director.

Center Services and Products will transform the health and longevity of the large

    population of Baby Boomers and others in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and beyond.

    The Center’s specially trained medical doctors will prescribe safe and effective treatments

    such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, high quality nutritional supplements,

    infusion therapy and Vaser Lipo Selection a state of the art, FDA approved technology for body sculpting and fat removal.

The Center’s Primary Target in Metropolitan Pittsburgh is the “Female and Male Baby

    Boomer” - those in their 40s, 50s and 60s - who have high expectations for their health,

    longevity and appearance. Boomers, especially women, expect answers and solutions to

    their health care problems. They expect to stay healthy, live longer, and look and feel great

    for years to come.

    For Boomer Women: aging accelerates when estrogen production fails. Results often

    include over 30 symptoms including mood swings, hot flashes, loss of libido and energy as

    well as increased fat. Suzanne Somers, in her recent health care books “The Sexy Years”

    and “Breakthrough: Eight Steps To Wellness” refers to these problems and their solutions.

For Boomer Men: aging accelerates in andropause (male menopause) and often results in

    loss of muscle, memory, energy, and libido with increased fat, depression and

    cardiovascular disease. It is often due to a constant decline in testosterone and other

    hormone production starting as early as age 25 years.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). To address these problems and

    others, Anti-Aging & Vitality of Pittsburgh physicians will use natural or bio-identical

    hormones molecularly identical to our human hormones. Each prescription is prepared by

    a registered pharmacist - one patient at a time. BHRT includes estrogen, testosterone,

    thyroid and others. Proper dosing and monitoring can dramatically improve physical, mental,

    sexual and metabolic health. The Center will also use micro nutrient infusion therapy (MNiT)

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developed by Johns Hopkins University physician Dr. John Myers. MNiT is made of safe

    and effective formulations of minerals, nutrients and vitamins to boost energy, memory, and

    the immune system. MNiT has been well tested and available since 1970s and requires no

    drugs. The Center physicians also use the highest quality of nutritional supplements.

Vaser Lipo Technology for Emulsifying Fat will also be utilized in the Center. An FDA

    approved ultrasound technology, it is introduced beneath the skin, to safely and effectively

    emulsify fat cells which are then easily massaged and siphoned away. Vaser Lipo sculpts

    the body by removing unwanted fat. It is safer, faster and gentler than liposuction. Vaser

    procedures have a very short recovery time. Combined with BHRT, to increase metabolism,

    patients can get unwanted fat off and then keep it off.

    A proprietary, outcome database and other software programs and technologies used in other AVC Centers will be used in the Pittsburgh Center to enable doctors, to collaborate

    and share best practice information to constantly improve patient outcomes. This also

    enables constant improvement of the Center’s business practices and sharing of key

    resources such as marketing activities.

    An All Cash business model. The Center will employ an all cash business model. AVC Pittsburgh will not accept health insurance -- a proven and growing trend that eliminates

    costly paperwork and great amounts of time dealing with payers and accounts receivables.

    Patients quickly adapt to paying cash. Plastic surgeons practiced this way for many years.

    The Center will assist those patients who request data needed for any insurance claims the

    patient wishes to file on his/her own.

    A Limited Liability Corporation. The AVC Pittsburgh Center is structured as an LLC in the state of Pennsylvania. It will allow for individual member investors to receive the benefits of

    any early losses should they exist - as well as gains on a prorata basis. The LLC will

    employ AVC as its exclusive member manager and Dr. Aldino Pierotti as the Center’s

    medical director. After 36 months of operations, the LLC is structured to roll up into

    common shares of AVC at a predetermined strike price of $2.00 per share. In the unlikely

    event the LLC has not attained three quarters of profitability in its third year of operations a

    10% premium in AVC shares will be awarded to member investors on the roll up. When the

    LLC is fully funded at $450K, membership will be as follows: Investor members at 40.05%;

    Medical Director at 9.50% and AVC at 50.45%.

    Proven Revenue Platform: This model is already proven successful. The first AVC Centers achieved operating breakevens in their first year on anti-aging medical care. The

    Pittsburgh Center is expected to do the same. It is also highly scalable and has a high

    capacity for new growth in products and services as well as new patients. AVC Centers

    grew consistently in revenues throughout 2008. Please note graph below.

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    AVC Operating Center Revenues grew consistently in 2008

    Marketing results will be achieved through proven methods. The Center will be pre-

    marketed by early linking into AVC’s proven website which had 9,000 visitors in Q-IV 2008.

    This site ranks on page one of Google and Yahoo for a wide range of popular medical words

    and phrases related to anti-aging medical services and products. This site and technology

    focuses on local/regional web traffic and generates growing numbers of scheduled patients.

    The Center will also employ a Center Director, a medical operations/marketing manager to

    oversee strategic referrals from local like-minded wellness businesses such as high end

    spas, medical practices and compounding pharmacies. The Center will also conduct

    monthly informational seminars and use print media where deemed effective.

Suzanne Somers, noted best selling health care author, recommends AVC Centers.

    Suzanne Somers known long ago for her TV career and more recently for her campaign for

    benefits of anti-aging medicine has published a string of best selling books on personal thhealth care. Her latest book, Breakthrough: Eight Steps To Wellness is her 17 bestseller.

    In this book, Ms. Somers interviews 20 leading physicians in the burgeoning field of Anti-

    Aging Medicine. The last section of the book is reserved for various medical facilities that

    her foundation endorses. The three existing AVC Centers are all endorsed by Ms. Somers.

    We expect the AVC Pittsburgh site will also attain this endorsement.

Financial Projections:

    YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3

     Anti-Aging Patients 248 450 572

     Vaser Patients 62 144 240

     Total Visits 1,981 3,756 4,857

Revenue $1,030,584 $2,035,767 $2,649,970

    Cost of Goods/Service 473,801 867,991 1,108,903

    Expenses 705,143 870,872 970,225

    EBITDA ($255,066) $ 296,904 $ 570,842

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Exit Strategy: The LLC is formed to allow early losses/gains to pass to members on a

    prorata basis. After the first 36 months of operations the LLC will roll up into AVC common

    shares at a strike price of $2.00 per share for each $2.00 initially invested into the LLC.

    AVC expects that the exit strategy for AVC common shareholders will be through a merger

    and acquisition or IPO. The best possible exit will be determined based on demand and

    market conditions in the future.

In summary, Anti-Aging & Vitality Pittsburgh, a Pennsylvania LLC will provide safe,

    effective, proven medical services and products to the metropolitan Pittsburgh baby boomer

    and other populations seeking health and wellness for decades to come. The Center will be

    located in a safe, secure and upscale area, expected to be Shadyside. It will use a proven

    cash model and AVC’s well tested marketing programs and activities to generate new patient volumes. The LLC is seeking funding from prospective investor members up to

    $450K for a total of 40% of the LLC’s membership. The Center will provide compelling

    products and services to the large Baby-Boomer market. Our services and products (like

    pharmaceutical grade supplements and Vaser Lipo Selection) meet the demands of Baby

    Boomers to look and feel great as well as live well and long.

Risk Factors: As with any new business there are possible high and inherent risks to your

    investment. These risks include but are not limited to the following: The Medical Director and

    Management Company have positive and significant professional experience however; there is no

    guarantee that the Center will attain the number of patients needed to meet financial projections.

    The opening of the Center may be slowed by unforeseen events. There is always the prospect of

    unforeseen competition. There is no current market for the investor units in the LLC. The use of

    certain technology like Vaser Liposelection is an invasive procedure and as such always has the

    potential for risk to a patient. There is no known legislation that has any direct impact on the

    Center’s clinical operations at this time but such legislation could happen over time. As the Center expands in scope and services, we may need to recruit additional trained physicians. There is no

    guarantee that we will be able easily to recruit such physicians. These and other potential risks

    should be taken into account by investors. On a roll-up of investor units into AVC common stock,

    there may be an immediate dilution. Ongoing operations will depend on the long term success and

    ability to maintain key individuals. Loss of one or more of such employees could have an adverse

    effect on the Center.

For more information please contact:

    Michael Boxenbaum, CEO Aldino Pierotti, III, MD, Medical Director

    651-402-9920 412-477-4370

Please view our website at:

This summary document (“summary”) is confidential and the proprietary property of Anti-Aging & Vitality

    Centers, Inc. (“company”) and is not to be copied or distributed without company’s prior permission. The

    summary is provided for informational purposes only and is not an offer to sell any securities. Any offer to sell

    or purchase any securities shall be made pursuant to documents of the LLC. Forward looking statements within

    the meaning of federal securities laws contained herein may differ materially from actual results due to various

    risk factors as set forth in our business plan.

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