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    At Long Last! A Non-Invasive, All-Natural Safe Treatment Called Restore Your

    Energy Solution… For The Rapid Relief Of Tiredness & Fatigue . . .

    “How to Banish Fatigue and Tiredness Now!

    Here’s an all Natural, Proven Way to Boost Your

    Vitality, Reclaim Lost Vigour, and get the Energy

    You Need to Enjoy Your Life to its Fullest…”

    Puts The Spring Back in Your Step…

    Giving You an Endless Supply of Life Giving Energy… Naturally

At Last! Restore Your Energy Solution, an all-natural treatment that may

    help you eliminate tiredness and fatigue is now available at

    Hervey Bay Wellbeing Anti Aging & Longevity Centre!

    Discover How Restore Your Energy Solution”…

     Alleviates tiredness and fatigue until it’s GONE

     Boosts energy

     Effectively stamps out mental fatigue for clearer thinking

    Overcomes depression and anxiety

    Stimulates deep, refreshing sleep

    Flushes away fluid and toxins giving you a lighter, healthier feeling body

     Replaces lethargy with enthusiasm

    Is a non-invasive, all-natural alternative to drugs or painful surgery

    BOOSTS a sagging libido to improve your love life

    Creates a healthy self-image as you begin to feel alive, invigorated, with energy to




    Valued at $198.60

    Read on and discover how to beat your fatigue naturally once and for all. And what’s

    better, you may be eligible for a FREE “TIREDNESS & FATIGUE ASSESSMENT” here at my

    clinic, valued at $198.60, but free if you qualify.

    Wednesday 11.30am, Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia FROM: WAYNE PICKSTONE (B.T.C.M. N.D. D.M.H.)

    LOCATION: Hervey Bay Wellbeing Anti Aging & Longevity Centre

    Dear Friend,

    If you suffer from fatigue and tiredness, if you find it a real chore just getting about

    your day, if you’re weary from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed,

    then this could be the most important health news you’ve ever read.

    Because if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you want to reclaim your

    lost vigour so you can enjoy your life and do all the things you love doing, then I have

    some GOOD NEWS for you.

     What if I told you that within days, you can effectively rid yourself of tiredness,

    fatigue and general weariness and live an energy-filled life bursting with vigour?

     And what if I told you this can be achieved naturally, without any nasty chemicals?

    Would you be excited?

    Or a little sceptical?

    Because it sounds incredible I know. Almost unbelievable that you can get fast relief

    from your suffering. I’m sure you have seen many others making such claims. However, if

    you give me just a few minutes of your time, you’ll see for yourself I’m deadly serious.

    Here’s why…

    If you suffer from any form of fatigue, you know how much of a struggle it is to go

    about your day. You drag yourself around, barely awake, and feel an all-over-body-

    weariness that saps you of your strength and depletes you of every last ounce of energy.

    And if you’re like many of my patients, it gets very frustrating. You feel trapped and

    frustrated, never having the energy to really enjoy your life.

    Sound familiar?

    If so, please understand you are NOT alone and it’s NOT your fault. One in five

    people suffer prolonged fatigue. And what’s worse, with the stress of everyday living,

    toxins in our environment, and pollutants in our water, we are under constant attack!

    But it’s not all doom and gloom. The GOOD NEWS is…

    You don’t have to put up with your condition another minute longer!

    There is a solution…

     I feel ten years younger! ? A solution that’s safe, “Thank you Wayne. As you know when I first came to see you I was in trouble. I ? Affordable

    ? And all-natural… felt tired all the time and it was a real effort to get through the day. After seeing

     you and following through with your programme I feel ten years younger… I

    have so much energy now it’s incredible. I feel more alive than I have in years.

    Thank you!”

    Jill Bellows, Maryborough, Queensland

    I feel so much better!

    “I can’t believe it! Within one week of seeing you my energy levels increased

    and I started to think more clearly. I finally feel in control of my life. I don’t

    have to worry anymore. And what’s even better, I feel alive with energy to


    Roger Trims, Hervey Bay, Queensland

    The solution is called Restore Your Energy Solution”… a simple, all-natural and

    non-surgical way to rid yourself of tiredness and fatigue… so you can get on with your life,

    with enough energy, vigour and get up and go to really enjoy your life again.

    And I’ll tell you all about this solution in a minute, and how you can get a FREE, No-

    Obligation “Tiredness & Fatigue Assessment Consultation” with me at my clinic if

    you qualify. But first, before I get ahead here, please let me introduce myself… and let me

    show you why I am convinced I can fix your fatigue problems fast.

    My name is Wayne Pickstone and for the past 18 years, I’ve been helping my patients live healthier, better lives. I specialise in Tiredness by using Natural medicine or

    Naturopathy and I’ve dedicated my life to seeking natural alternatives to disease and chronic illnesses.

And here’s what I’ve discovered…

    The Shocking TRUTH About

     Fatigue & Tiredness!

     Fatigue can be fatal. And chronic tiredness is no laughing matter. The facts are


    ? Fatigue causes around 20% of road fatalities

    ? 17 hours without sleep gives you the same driveability as a person with a

    Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.05%

    ? More than half of all industrial accidents occur in jobs with extended

    working hours.

    ? 1 in 5 people feel tired and 1 in 10 people will have prolonged fatigue

    Shocking statistics. But it gets even worse when you know what I know.

    You see, fatigue can cause other, not so obvious, but very serious problems. Tiredness,

    being energy depleted, is the main reason why disease enters your body. You know

    yourself, when you’re run down you’re exposed… vulnerable to colds and flu’s, and

    whatever else is doing the rounds. But what you might not know is fatigue may lead to

    more insidious complications such as diabetes and cancer.

    That’s why it’s critically important not to brush off any symptoms of fatigue and

    tiredness. Not only do you risk have accidents on the road, in your home or at work,

    you’re leaving your body exposed to harmful diseases. How Do You Know if You’re Suffering From Fatigue? Which one of these symptoms are you suffering with?

     A lack of energy

     Feeling unwell


     Poor concentration

     Loss of motivation

     Difficulty in making decisions

     Difficulty carrying out daily tasks

     Feelings of depression

     Feelings of apathy (indifference, don’t care)

    If you suffer from one or more of the above, you need to take action now and do

    something about it, because it’s highly likely that you are suffering from tiredness and even fatigue.

    The longer you put up with fatigue, the longer you leave it untreated the more

    distressing it will become. Over time it is disabling . . . . It will put you out of action . . . . It will immobilise you. But what’s even worse is…

    Fatigue & Constant Tiredness Robs YOU

    Of a Rich & Rewarding Life!

    When you’re constantly tired you can’t enjoy your life. Your friends and family never

    see the real you. You’re always tired, worn out, and some days, taking part in social

    events becomes impossible. So you’re always missing out!

    You can now do something about it… right NOW

    You now have the opportunity to liberate yourself of your symptoms naturally and But the good news is… safely with Restore Your Energy Solution”…

    Why live with the chronic symptoms another day if you don't have to? Why

    suffer another minute longer? You really can get your social life back on track sooner than

    you ever thought possible!

    But here’s the thing. For years we have been told there's really not much that can be

    done, except for popping “pep” pills or other dangerous chemicals. But all this has now


    Introducing Restore Your Energy Solution”…

    An all natural alternative for the rapid relief

    of tiredness and fatigue

     Through the use of Iridology and Sclerology, I can quickly pinpoint what’s causing

    your fatigue. From there, I design a personal programme of herbs and natural medicines

    that not only get rid of the symptoms of tiredness, but the cause of why you’re feeling

    tired in the first place. This isn’t a one size fits all solution. You get a solution that is designed from the ground up so it’s unique to you and your condition. Nothing is left to


Hundreds of thousands of treatments are being performed every

    day all over the world! Now it’s YOUR Turn! Because hundreds of

    thousands of people a day can't be that wrong!

    Amazing numbers, I know. But men and women from around the world in all shapes

    and sizes with varying degrees of fatigue are getting relief. And here at my clinic, I have

    refined the process to a fine art.

    I now have a life!

    “Thank you Wayne. Before seeing you, I was too tired to go out much. My body

    ached, I was tired all the time, and even doing simple things was such a chore.

    That’s all changed since seeing you. I’ve lost my lethargy, I’ve got energy to

    burn, and I spring out of bed every morning! I can’t thank you enough. And nor

    can my family!”

    Jenny Joyce, Urangan, Queensland

    No more excuses!

    “I used to make excuses all the time to get out of going out with my friends and

    family. I wanted to go, but with my constant tiredness and general lack of

    energy, I never felt like taking part. Since seeing Wayne my life has been a

    complete turnaround. I’m no longer sleeping through the day. I’m no longer

    falling asleep at work. And what’s even better is I feel ten years younger!”

    Jeff Brown, Bundaberg, Queensland

    What Is Restore Your Energy Solution?

    It is a gentle and relaxing treatment that leaves you with a general sense of well-

    being, involves NO medical procedures, or the use of any Toxic chemical substances,

    creams or gels. “Restore Your Energy Solution is a unique program that helps to rapidly relieve you of fatigue quickly and without any fuss.

For Men & Women Who Want Fast, Natural Results & Crave a little

    Understanding . . . Here Are 11 Absolutely Fabulous Reasons to

    Choose Restore Your Energy Solution Over all Other Treatments!

REASON #1: Removes and eliminates Tiredness by using a number of natural techniques

    tailored to your Individual needs that brings almost instant relief.

REASON #2: My Program is time-tested, uses ancient wisdom, is safe, I also use stress-

    relieving techniques that work (more about that soon) and my centre uses all-natural

    products that helps rejuvenate your entire digestive system. My Program works by helping

    you to completely reinvigorate, allowing your body to heal by soothing anxiety and stress.

    And best of all, my entire Program is accessible without a Medical prescription.

Together with my Program you will overcome your Tiredness and Fatigue

    problems. For most cases, within a single week of using my Program, your entire body

    will work more efficiently, and without pain or distress!

Like the majority of the people who are troubled by Tiredness you will feel drained,

    unhappy and stressed to the eyeballs, all because your body and lifestyle is out of balance.

    My Program gives you back the balance, increases your overall energy systems, reduces

    your waist size, decreases bloating, reduces fluid imbalances and improves your mood and

    mental perception! These are some of the positive benefits you will experience as my

    Program is allowed to help strengthen your body.

REASON #3: Removes tiredness until it’s GONE. Firstly, it’s important to establish the

    severity of each individuals concern . . . is it mild, moderate or serious. Once known . . .

    then and only then can a tailored treatment protocol be started.

What’s the use of using an Elephant Gun to kill an ant and unfortunately this is where

    some therapists are not compassionate enough with their clients, if the treatment is too

    severe then challenges will occur. To have the correct diagnostic equipment is essential

    and that’s what you get when you visit my clinic.

REASON #4: Effectively stamps out fatigue rapidly and this can only occur with the

    correct combination of ancient wisdom and tailoring an accurate personalised program to

    suit the individual needs of each client. Only then can this be achieved.

REASON #5: Rejuvenates your entire body and puts the energy back into your life.

    Usually because of constant incorrect usage of medication or stimulants the tiredness is

    actually worsened and specific techniques need to be used ASAP before your body

    completely burns out or serious illness takes hold. Please don’t let this happen . . . You

    need to know how to do this NOW and you need to know it fast. Sooner, rather than later.

REASON #6: Stimulates efficient digestion, helping those who are too thin to reclaim

    muscle tone, weight and vigour. Also with pour digestion the opposite can occur and fat

    can accumulate. My Program burns through calories helping to reduce weight and

    increase energy. It has been suggested that due to a number of reasons including the

    type of food eaten; that digestion these days is reduced to about 1/3 of what it was like

    only 50 years ago. Once digestion is impaired, toxins build up and one of the first places

    toxins are placed is in various fat deposits around the body.

If it’s HORMONAL fat it will usually deposit around the hips. If its STRESS related fat it will

    deposit itself around the gut. Unfortunately fat around the gut or stomach is known as

    “Metabolic Syndrome” and is directly related to Heart Disease, Strokes, Diabetes and

    Cancer. Making it imperative to start “Restore Your Energy Solution” immediately.

REASON #7: Flushes away fluid and toxins giving you a lighter, healthier feeling body.

    One of our simple, none invasive and scientifically proven testing procedures will reveal

    the fluid condition of your body. If an abnormal amount of fluid is building up in your body

    it’s absolutely essential to start a program to eliminate this devastating health concern.

    That bloating, tired feeling is usually a sure sign that fluid is building up.

REASON #8: To be able to effectively eliminate stress and its effects is one of the most

    important aspects in the healing of Tiredness or Fatigue. Unfortunately all tablets whether

    a medical drug or natural will help in the short to medium term but is like using a bandaid,

    once a person goes off their medication the underlying stress is still there.

I help you get rid of your stress including anxiety, feeling low, melancholy and

    depression as fast as possible, and usually, permanently.

REASON #9: Replaces Tiredness, Fatigue and Apathy with a feeling of invigoration,

    energy and happiness. Imagine what you will think and how you will feel when you walk

    past your mirror to see a newly invigorated you. No more bloodshot eyes or bags under

    the eyes.

REASON #10: Is a non-invasive, all-natural, alternative to drugs (and it feels wonderfully

    relaxing once your tiredness is eliminated.) What more can I say . . . WHAT A RELIEF.

    (and it feels s-o-o-o-o good)

REASON #11: BOOSTS your self-image as your body begins to heal. Your Immune

    system is the gateway to super charge your health, wellbeing and to Can*cer Proof you

    and your Family’s health.

    And Now it’s Your Turn!

    Imagine feeling fantastic upon waking up in the morning, getting up and ready to

    take on another day full of energy. No longer hiding from the world in your spare time to

    get rest! Imagine being FREE of Tiredness, Fatigue, Drowsiness, Lack of Concentration!

    Well this CAN be your reality starting right now.

    That’s because results happen quickly … within just weeks you’ll notice subtle

    changes in your body. At first, barely noticeable differences that only you can see or feel.

    But as the weeks go by, you may find that your body begins to respond noticeably. Your

    energy begins to soar, your sleep patterns become more normal and you feel much better


    And according to most of my patients that undergo Restore Your Energy Solution,

    you’ll feel an exhilarating sense of renewed self confidence. Your self esteem is once again


    It’s then that others will notice the changes. Friends and family are likely to comment on the new, invigorated you. In fact, don’t be surprised if your friends… ask how they can

    receive the same benefits!

    They just won’t believe your constant old problems have all gone and everything you

    have done is “all natural.” They won’t believe my all-natural solution can work so well!

    “Surely just a simple treatment program can’t make this much difference?

    And just think, no more hiding away trying to rest, or . . . no more saying “Oh I can’t

    make it tonight”! All because you took charge of your problem and committed yourself to getting better.

    Forget about spending thousands of dollars on expensive drugs with their serious side

    effects, or possible invasive surgery. Not now when you can get proven, satisfying and

    long lasting results. And remember...

    Not only that, the treatment itself is so easy. It feels that good; many clients swear it’s addictive! So isn’t it nice to know you can lie back, relax and indulge yourself while

    getting results? But most importantly, Restore Your Energy Solution works and works fast to beat your fatigue naturally. You’ll soon notice the difference and so will your friends.

     7 Reassuring Reasons to Choose

    Hervey Bay Wellbeing Anti Aging & Longevity Centre

    You’re in safe, trusting hands

REASON #1: We specialise in relieving Fatigue and Tiredness

    My sole focus is on treating your tiredness and associated fatigue problems, thus giving

    you the keys to a rewarding, energy filled life. That’s what I do! My clinic has been

    designed from the ground up with one clear focus: To provide a safe, non-toxic and

    luxurious place where you can come and unwind, while your individual needs are

    addressed. You will not believe how good you’ll feel when you fatigue is banished. How

    much energy you’ll have! How much freedom you’ll experience!

REASON #2: Latest Equipment!

    My clinic uses the latest breakthrough technologies… I never rest on my laurels and I’m

    constantly testing and refining my cutting edge technology so you get maximum results in

    minimum time. With state-of-the-art equipment ensuring you get the best treatment

    available on the planet. All natural products have been tested and measured for their

    efficiency both medically and also by patient feedback.

REASON #3: All of my natural products are Pure and Natural and many

    are exclusive to my clinic

    You can be assured my products are safe and natural to use both internally and externally

    on your body. Some of the products have been sited in Ancient Texts going back 5,000

    years. With this ancient wisdom comes reassurance of its purity and safety.

    REASON #4: Pure Clean Water With Your Treatment! One of the key ingredients to expelling toxins and healing your fatigue is water. But not

    just any old tap water. We’ll provide you with and show you how important filtered water

    is in the healing process… ensuring you get the best possible results from your treatment.

    REASON #5: Holistic Approach To Your Treatment I will give you a specialized approach which will be individual to your particular needs. This

    guarantees you get maximum results for minimum time. Most centres concentrate on just

    one approach, not tailored to your personal requirements and they take the same

    approach for all clients.

    At Hervey Bay Wellbeing Anti Aging & Longevity Centre, we understand the need for a personalised treatment plan so you can maximise your results … plus we understand

    each person is an individual and each person is different; they have different shapes and

    different needs. We apply a personalised and customised, individual approach to your


    Compelling Reason 6: My experience is your Guarantee

    With my 18 years as a Fully Qualified Naturopath, you know you are getting qualified,

    caring attention with every visit. Plus, if at any time you are not 100% delighted with your

    consultation, I will refund your fee immediately. You must be absolutely thrilled with your

    experience otherwise you don’t pay a thing! Try getting that kind of reassurance from a


    Compelling Reason 7: FREE No-Obligation “TIREDNESS & FATIGUE ASSESSMENT CONSULTATION” Valued At $198.60 (For the first 27 callers only)

    Here’s your chance to experience the nurturing atmosphere of my centre without spending

    a cent. Book your FREE consultation and I’ll show you through my centre, and give you a

    personalised recommendation for the treatment that best suits you and your body. You’ll

    get a detailed verbal report with specific suggestions on how to address your individual

    needs. You are under no obligation to follow through with my recommendations… however

    I do stress that your commitment will make a big difference!

    Isn’t It Time You Did Something

    For Yourself For a Change?

    We all get busy… we get caught up. Our days are filled with other people’s problems,

    with other people’s dramas and deadlines. We try to please everyone and often struggle to keep up with all of the demands placed on our time.

    We find it hard to stop and take time out for ourselves. But that’s what needs to be

    done if you want lasting change. You need time to yourself, time to relax and time to

    recharge. And the only permission you need is YOUR OWN!

    This is your chance for a rewarding new future. You owe it to yourself and your family

    to find a safe, natural alternative to banishing your fatigue now.

The Question Isn’t Whether Restore Your Energy Solution

    Works… The Question is… Are You Going to Take Advantage

    of its Rejuvenating Powers?

    Here’s your next step…and what you should do

    now to eliminate fatigue as an issue in your life…

    Act NOW while everything you've just read is fresh in your mind. Take time for

    yourself. Call now on 41282899 and book your FREE Tiredness & Fatigue

    Assessment Consultation. At this consultation I’ll take some simple non-invasive tests and ask you some questions to pinpoint your problem. I’ll then give you a verbal report of

    my findings and then you can find out more about my full Beat Tiredness Now Solution.

Where is my clinic?

     The Hervey Bay Wellbeing Anti Aging & Longevity Centre is located at 7/156 Boat Harbour Dr, PIALBA QLD 4655.

    Half hour Fatigue Consultations are normally valued at $198.60, and as I mentioned,

    I am only offering a limited number of free consultations. The first 27 people only to

    take me up on my generous offer can enjoy a FREE Fatigue & Tiredness Assessment

    Consultation on me.

    Of course there are no expectations and no obligations either. If you decide not to go

    ahead with my program, that’s OK, there’ll be no hard feelings on my part. But why not

    find out if this program is for you or not?

    To be honest with you, I really don’t think I’ll be running this offer again, and if you

    wait too long, not only will you miss out on a FREE Fatigue & Tiredness Assessment

    Consultation, you may have to wait several months just to see me!

    Be Aware, You May NOT Be Accepted

    I do not offer my full Beat Tiredness Now Solution to everyone. Not everyone qualifies at my clinic. I will evaluate your physical condition, underlying causes of your

    anxiety, your mental and emotional commitment, and other factors to determine whether

    or not you are likely to achieve your desired results. I only accept patients I sincerely

    believe I can help and who are serious about following through with my advice.

    If after your FREE Consultation, I do not believe you are fully committed to the

    process, I will politely refuse to treat you. (If you are not accepted, you will be courteously

    and politely told why, and you will leave your consultation with specific suggestions for

    otherwise dealing with your fatigue problems.)

    However, if I feel you are fully committed to the process, I will then offer you a

    solution to your fatigue problems. But as I’ve already said, you are under no obligation.

    And frankly, I do not force my services on people. I work with people who fully embrace

    my service and who are absolutely thrilled with what I offer.

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