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    encompass the popular Cost and A floor plan will be sent to you also

    Pricing Workshop. As part of our well in advance along with sign-in

    Workshop efforts, we are also offering sheets and other pertinent logistical

    management coaching to all firms. information.

    Although we received enormous Our Training Coordinator is La Shawn

    accolades for our service delivery for Champ. She can be reached at 301-

     the cost and pricing workshop, it is 322-2247. Her email address is: USSMC’s objective to further improve service delivery, customer service To: ALL SBA DISTRICT support and provide a more hands on OFFICES experience for our develop firms. The Sr. Management Coach is Therefore, for the sake of better Brenda Campbell, MSW, MBA and From: Brenda A. Campbell, management of the process, these the Assistant Management Coach will President/CEO classes will be limited to (40) students be Doris Cutler. You may reach both USSMC, Inc. per each session. There will be a total of them @ 301-322-2247. of 21 sessions. Only (1) Subject: Informational Notice We look forward to serving you soon. representative per firm is permitted. Registrants will be able to start their Date: October 5, 2005 registration process shortly on-line at We are in the USSMC is pleased to serve you again. process of coordinating this effort right We look forward to presenting to you: now and will be notifying you when this process starts. The SBA’ Basic CEO/Executive Development Workshop and the Cost This effort will assist each District with and Pricing Workshop. maintaining an accurate and organized registration process, which USSMC desires to make your in turn will allow USSMC to keep transitions in preparing your organized and accurate statistical schedules as smooth as possible. records for SBA HQ purposes. This year the goal is to create an Our promotional materials will include: opportunity to combine these two ? A combined brochure for classes. This will allow the executives both training activities to take only three days out of their ? Save the date flyer most busy schedules to attend these ? Online website registration mandatory classes and yet allow and pertinent training members of their critical staff to gain information. the financial knowledge on the 3rd day. The first two days will be the

    workshop and the third day will


     in association with Sponsor:

     Paul Gunn Jeffrey Harper Lead Cost and Pricing Instructor: Known as a Lead CEO/Executive Development Workshop: lively and energetic instructor, Mr. Paul Gunn, Sr., Mr. Harper is a Partner and Co-Founder of Haynes in association with has a wealth of experience in Cost, Managerial, and and Harper, LLC. Haynes and Harper is a Government Contract Auditing & Accounting. His management consulting firm focused on providing

    A Veteran Minority Woman Owned 8(a)/SDB education and training includes a degree in clients with executive management and leadership Management Consulting, Training, accounting, an MBA in management, extensive training, merger and acquisition support, Conference Management, Logistics & training at the Defense Contract Audit Institute in financial management and accounting services. He is Support Memphis, TN., and advanced training in accounting also Managing Director and Co-Founder of Turner, and financial software. As an auditor with the DCAA, Harper & Associates South Africa (THA-SA). THA-SA Mr. Gunn audited numerous contractors in many provides innovative and tailored approaches for THE SBA’ BASIC cities and states. His 25+ years of practical executive mentoring and training programs designed CEO/EXECUTIVE experience provides a training environment where to assist South African companies increase their DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP & attendees feel they are not getting just book ability to compete in domestic and international COST & PRICING WORKSHOP knowledge and theory, but also how to practically markets. Prior to these entrepreneurial ventures Mr. 7(j)/8(a)CEO/EXECUTIVE apply what they learn to real day-to-day operations. Harper founded and owned an 8(a) firm. During his BOOT CAMP TRAINING Instructor(s) Jeffrey Harper & Paul Gunn tenure, the company grew from a one-person lifestyle Since 1992, Mr. Gunn has assisted numerous small Management Coach: Brenda Campbell & business to over 70 employees. In addition to his government contractors nationwide in securing entrepreneurial career, Mr. Harper served as an millions of dollars in contracts through satisfying audit, 7(j)/8(a) COST AND Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Bowie State accounting, and pricing requirements. Mr. Gunn also PRICING WORKSHOP University in 2004. Mr. Harper holds a Bachelor of provided representation, negotiation, and liaison Science in Engineering from the University of support with government buyers, contracting officers, Cincinnati and a Master of Business Administration price analysts, and DCAA auditors. Mr. Gunn has

    from Harvard University trained thousands of small businesses and CPA’s in . understanding how to establish profitable indirect Keith Reginald Jackson Co-rates, develop adequate accounting systems, prepare Instructor acceptable proposals and effectively interacting with Walter L. Ruffin, CPA, CCP, auditors and other government personnel. Mr. Gunn MBA Co-Instructor USSMC, Inc. - has served as an expert witness in criminal and termination cases for clients while providing forensic HIGHLIGHTS OF CLASS Instructor Jeffrey Harper accounting services. Mr. Gunn has personally The purpose of this program requirement is to provide business Date(s) Location Management Coach- Brenda Campbell ___________ __________________ development training to 7(j) eligible small business executives. This developed and implemented many automated course is one of the United States Small Business Administration’s key accounting systems including Deltek, MAS90, SBT, ___________ __________________ program priorities for fiscal year 2006 and the future. The information Peachtree, and Quickbooks Pro. As a business Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM received during this 2 day basic training session will be helpful to each owner himself, he knows and understands firsthand 7(j)/8(a) business CEO/Executive in developing a partnership with not the frustrations and issues that confront his only the SBA, but with all federal agencies. With the significant colleagues each day. An internationally renowned increase in the number of high tech prime and subcontract The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and well respected and sought after speaker and opportunities for the 7(j)/8(a), the goal of this training is to ensure a contract number SBAHQ-04C0019 is funded by the instructor. He has guest lectured for the Small greater pool of 7(J)/8(a) firms that are prepared to take advantage of SBA. SBA’s funding is not an endorsement of any Business Administration, Army Missile Command, these opportunities. Coaching will also be available to assist the 7(j) products, options, or services. All SBA funded Small Business Development Center (SBDC), CEO/Executives in preparing Individual Business Development Plans programs are extended to the public on a non- Chamber Of Commerce, American Society of Women (IBDPs). As a special added bonus, a third day of the training, will be discriminatory basis. Accountants, and other small business civic offered to CEO/Executives’ or their Accounting/ Contracts staff with our organizations. A true advocate for the small on demand popular Cost and Pricing Workshop taught by Paul Gunn. business community.

Who Should Attend? Executive Workshop Highlights The Cost and Pricing Highlights 2 Day Workshop 1 Day Workshop

How do you know if you qualify as a 7(j) Eligible ? Business and Strategic Plan ? Understanding the basic fundamentals of indirect cost and small business owner to attend? ? Marketing and doing business with the rates Federal Government ? Developing a DCAA acceptable accounting system Eligibility Critieria for 2 day Workshop: ? Learn the procurement process and how to ? Understanding Far Part 31 on Allowable/ 7(j) Eligible small business owner who are: 8(a) write winning proposals ? Unallowable cost certified firms, Hub-zone certified firms, firms that ? Financial Management for the 7(j)/8(a) ? Minimizing your exposure to fine penalties and interest are eligible to receive 8(a) contracts, businesses Small Business Owner ? The importance of the accounting system as the foundation operating in areas of high unemployment or low ? Management and Leadership for the of your business and government contracting. income and firms owned by low income individuals. 7(j)/8(a) Small Business Owner ? Setting up an acceptable accounting system for Areas of high unemployment are defined in the U.S. ? Mentor Protégé Programs government, financial, audit, banking, invoicing, and Census Bureau’s County and City Data Book. The ? Incorporating Technology Transfer/SBIR proposal purposes. low-income area and the low-income individuals are Opportunities ? Understanding the concept of indirect costs. Learn the defined in the Poverty Guidelines issued by the ? New Tax Implications and Getting a Handle process to identify and assign every cost in your U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services on your financial management requirement company as direct or indirect. (HHS). Only 8(a) firms in the developmental stage ? The Strategic Plan of the Organization ? How to develop adequate and profitable indirect rates. of the program or other 7(j) eligible firms who have ? Bid vs. No bid ? Key audit clauses to look for in your contract. If they been in business for not more than four (4) years. ? Incorporating Technology Transfer/SBIR are in your contract you should learn what they mean. rd day WorkshopAny Eligibility Critieria 3? How to participate in the Government ? FAR Part 31 - Almost all firms should understand the personnel from the above type of firm that is or may Surplus Program basic principles outlined in FAR part 31. (Allowability, become involved in the Accountant, Finance, Allocability, Pricing, Cost Proposal or Contracts Administration Each participant will receive a special certificate of ? Reasonableness, Direct vs. Indirect Cost, Credits, etc.) Functions. successful completion evidencing their personal Safeguard your firm now and for the future. What is the Cost ? commitment to excellence ? Minimizing your company liability and exposure to fines, penalties, and interest. ? Key resource information to follow up and stay current Take back knowledge tools, skills, and resources you can Please contact the SBA District Office listed after workshop. use to enhance your business practices. So bring your These workshops are free of charge. Is Seating Limited? on this brochure. questions. Participants do not have to attend the 2-day Basic Boot Camp training in order to attend the Cost and Pricing This is a Workshop, so come prepared to Workshop Training, but, the firm must meet the eligibility work! criteria as set forth by the SBA. Yes seating is limited to only the first 40 7(j)/8(a) participant firms. The classes are limited to one “Any Representative From The Firm Involved In The representative from each company. Both classes fill Basic CEO/Executive Development Workshop Can quickly. REPLY AND CONFIRM! Attend The Cost And Pricing Workshop Separately.” Learn from a former auditor and fellow Don’t Bury Your Head In The Sand! businessperson who’s been there and understands the Someone in your business needs to understand practical application of cost and pricing related

these issues. Decide Who and Send Them! issues. **Important** Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Workshops presented by USSMC, Inc. fill Each participant will receive a certificate of successful quickly, so contact your local SBA office or go completion evidencing their personal commitment to 2 day Training Executive Officer/Owner online to confirm your seat now! excellence and continuing education To register online go to:

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