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    ; CASA Central Alberta Soccer Association is the official governing body of all soccer in District #5 Youth & Senior, Male &

    Female, indoor & outdoor.

    ; These Rules of Play conform to the constitution of Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) subject to minor exceptions. These rules

    apply to all leagues sanctioned by Central Alberta Soccer Association, hereinafter referred to as CASA. Any provincial

    competition shall be governed by ASA Rules of Play. Any national competition shall be governed by Canadian Soccer

    Association (CSA) Rules of Play.

    ; Except where modified by CASA and/or ASA and/or CSA, the laws by which all games are to be played are those currently

    approved by the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA).


    Where the Community Associations are prepared to support and sponsor soccer they will be the recognized authority within their boundaries and will appoint a Soccer Coordinator / Representative as a liaison with CASA.

    Where the Community Associations support an organization or club within their boundary (ies) that provide playing opportunities for

    players, the organization or club shall be the recognized authority within their boundary (ies) and shall appoint a Soccer Director as a

    liaison with CASA.

    All Community Associations / Clubs must ensure to the maximum extent possible, that all those wishing to play soccer are afforded

    the opportunity to do so.

    CASA shall have the authority to decide which division a team should enter. However, once registered in an age group, a team or

    player cannot move to a lower age group in CASA or ASA competitions without approval of the organizing body, even though its players or the player would qualify for the lower age group.


    a) U7 Under 07 years of age prior to January 1st of current year

    U9 Under 09 years of age prior to January 1st of current year stU10 Under 10 years of age prior to January 1 of current year

    U12 Under 12 years of age prior to January 1st of current year

    U14 Under 14 years of age prior to January 1st of current year

    U16 Under 16 years of age prior to January 1st of current year

    U18 Under 18 years of age prior to January 1st of current year

ASA Age Group Categories Chart is available from CASA on a yearly basis.

    b) Any team that includes in one of its games a player who is over the age limit shall forfeit the game and shall be subject to

    disciplinary action by CASA.

    c) Team affiliation shall be set annually by CASA. CASA reserves the right to demand proof of age from any player registering. d) Proof of age can be provided only by birth certificates, baptism certificates, passports, landed immigrant papers or affidavits.

    Affidavits must be signed by the parents or guardian of the player and witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths. The burden of

    proof of age rests with the player.

    e) All players taking part in CASA programs must be registered with a Community Association or Club. f) Teams affiliating with CASA shall:

    i) Register each player using the registration system set out by CASA

    ii) Submit a minimum of 11 players per team. A team that registers 10 or fewer by the deadlines set by CASA and its

    leagues shall be classed as improperly registered. Such a team WILL NOT BE allowed to participate further until

    properly registered.

    g) The CASA Registrar must approve and sign the registration forms for an affiliating team to be classed as properly registered. h) No player shall register or play for more that one community Association or Club under the jurisdiction of CASA unless properly



    The CASA outdoor season shall include regular league competitions held in the spring.

    Play shall commence on the dates set annually by CASA through its District Leagues. Schedules may not be altered following commencement of play except with the approval of CASA.

    ASA Regional, Provincial and Inter-city and CADA Inter-provincial scheduled games have priority over CASA games.



    The league season will normally comprise of play between teams of the same age group and division. The make-up of each

    league shall be determined by the respective league committee in accordance with the regulations set out by CASA.

    Each respective League Committee shall make available to all participants within their said league the appropriate information to

    enable these participants to play in accordance to that League’s format.

    Where there are insufficient teams in an age group and/or division to form a viable league, CASA may combine such teams of a

    different age group and/or division if it is considered practical and logical to do so.

    CASA may direct any team to move to another division that has a level of play more suitable to that team as illustrated by past

    performances. Implementation of any such move may be initiated by CASA at any time during the season.

    Format for determining divisional champions shall be at the League Committee’s discretion following and upon approval from

    CASA. Furthermore the League Committee shall ensure that all participants are informed, prior to the commencement of season

    of the said format.

    Representative to District, ASA Regional, Provincial or Intercity competitions by teams shall be determined at the respective

    Leagues’ organizing meeting. Upon approval of format by CASA, information on the competitions shall be provided to the teams

    involved by the CASA Registrar.


    a) All CASA teams may register up to a maximum of 20 players at any one time during the season, but only 18 may dress for and

    play in a game. Senior teams will be allowed to abide by and subject to regulations as outline in registration format directed by


    Players who are not listed on the game sheet and who do not play in the game, shall not be considered part of the team roster

    for that game, whether or not they are deemed to be dressed for that game.

    b) A CASA player may be “played up” to a higher division team with the written approval of the player, coach and parents,

    notwithstanding the required approval from the District. This is limited to 3 games during the season. If the player plays a further

    game up he/she shall be considered part of that team and shall be registered with CASA as such.

    c) Teams may only bring up players from a lower division of the same age group or from an equal or lower division of a lower age

    group. For example, a Tier I or Tier II player in the lower age group is only eligible to play Tier I or Tier II in the higher age

    group (not Tier III or IV). Thus, a Tier IV player in the same age group is eligible to play Tier I, II or III in the same age group or

    a higher age group.

    d) A player’s play-up game is any game in which the player is listed on the game sheet, is dressed for and plays in the game. It is the

    responsibility of the coach to so advise CASA and to record the play-up game as being the player’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th game.

    e) Unless properly transferred, a player may only play-up from his or her community team to a team from the same community. f) These play-up rules relate to the age group and division in which the players are registered, not to birth dates of the players. Thus

    a player, who is registered in an age group higher than that required by his or her birth date cannot be moved down to play for a

    team registered in an age group corresponding to his/her birth date that season.

    g) These play-up rules may be relaxed for exhibition or invitational competitions.

    h) In league play a new player must be registered three (3) days prior to any game. In the event the new player exceeds the 20-player

    limit, one player must be dropped off the roster. A new player is a player who has not registered with CASA in the current season.

    i) ASA and/or CASA player registration rules shall apply to teams participating in ASA and/or CASA competitions. j) VIOLATING ANY OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS SECTION WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF GAME AND



    a) An eligible player is one who has properly registered, is not suspended, and resides within the CASA boundaries, unless properly


    Playing an ineligible player shall result in the forfeiture of games in which the player took part and may lead to disciplinary

    action against the coach and/or the subject team.

    b) A player may represent the community in which he or she originally signs if he/she moves to another area during the current

    season, and may continue to do so until the next season, indoor or outdoor.

    c) Unless otherwise sanctioned by CASA involved under special circumstances, a player shall not be permitted to transfer more than

    twice in the current season. Upon transfer, the player shall remain with that team for a minimum of thirty (30) days. d) Transfer of players shall be completed through the CASA Registrar. Transfers will be completed on forms provided by CASA.

    Transfers are valid only until the end of the season, indoor or outdoor, to which the transfer appertains. e) A player shall not be permitted to transfer after July 31st for the outdoor season in accordance with ASA ruling. f) All appeals relation to the transfer of players must be submitted to the CASA in accordance with Section 11 of these regulations.

    g) A non-resident player is a player who has been duly approved by CASA to play for a team outside his/her residence district. Each

    approval is valid for one playing season only. Player shall acquire proper form from CASA Registrar to be officially released. h) Over Age Players: A maximum of three overage players (U19) will be allowed on a team. The criteria is that they must be

    attending high school. They will be informed at the beginning of the season that they will not be allowed to take part in either the

    Provincial Playdowns or Provincials, League Play only.


i) Definition of Soccer Tiers:

    House League: All players registered and only playing within their own community or in a league not competing for

    Provincial declaration.

    Tier IV: Community based teams. Try outs not held (as per ASA bylaws) but teams are split equally including all level of

    players, and competing in district league play.

    Tier III: Community based teams. Try outs are held and the top players in the community are chosen for the teams.

    Tier I & II: District teams. Try outs to be held under the direction of CASA United as well as CASA TA. Open to all players

    in Central Alberta.


    a) Teams that qualify to represent CASA in ASA Regional and Provincial finals will be allowed to add players to their regular

    league roster (to the maximum permitted by ASA) subject to ASA regulations. Regulations on adding players shall be available

    through the CASA Registrar.

    b) Players who have played in a qualifying competition or tournament to represent CASA in ASA Regional and Provincial

    competition will be considered cup-tied. (ie, Teams A, B, C & D plays off to determine CASA representation for ASA

    Provincials. Team A will go on to represent CASA. Players from Teams B, C, or D MAY NOT be transferred to Team A for that

    ASA Provincial competition. However, players from Team E who DID NOT PARTICIPATE in playoff competition would be

    eligible for transfer to Team A. All teams qualifying for ASA competitions must submit the appropriate player registration forms

    for each team with ASA via CASA prior to the deadline date set by ASA to confirm each team’s entry in the ASA Regional and

    Provincial competitions.

    c) Failure to show at any of the above competitions once confirmed will result in disciplinary action by CASA. d) Firm identification of the team that will represent CASA in District, ASA Regional or Provincial competition must comply with

    above rules and deadline as may be applicable.


    (U11 U19)

    a) Any eleven (11) players on the team’s official roster for a game may be on the field at one time. A minimum of seven (7) players

    on each team is required to officially start a game.

    b) There shall be no restrictions to the number of substitutions made during a game, but no more than two (2) substitutions may be

    made at one time, excepting half time, and at the end of regulation time in the event of overtime, when any number of

    substitutions may be made.

    A substitution may be made only when the play has been stopped by the referee and then only at the referee’s discretion.

    A substitution will not be allowed for any player who has been ordered off the field by the referee for infractions of the Laws

    of the Game.

    c) ASA and CSA substitution rules shall apply to all Regional, Provincial and National Competitions. These rules shall also apply to

    competitions within CASA Leagues.


    a) Only ASA or CSA Certified Referees shall officiate at any scheduled games within the District. This shall include all league

    games, playoffs, invitational, district, intercity, and Provincially hosted tournaments.

    In the event the assigned official does not show, or becomes incapacitated during a game, it is the responsibility of the

    coaches of both teams to agree on the supply of a replacement official. The game MUST BE PLAYED as scheduled and any

    delay to the start of the game shall be compensated for by reducing the length of halves accordingly, as equal halves. b) For those games where a referee has not been assigned, the home team is responsible for providing a competent official. If the

    home team is unable to provide a competent official, the away team shall be advised and may provide the competent official.

    NOTE: ASA Rule 13(c) “No person shall officiate as a referee in any competitions under the jurisdiction of the Association

    excepting mini-soccer, unless he is on the Official List of Referees.”

    If no competent referee is available, it is the responsibility of the coaches of both teams to mutually agree on how to officiate the game.

    NOTE: ASA Rule 13(b) “If for unforeseen circumstances a referee is unable to act, District, Leagues, or Teams shall have

    the right to agree on some other person to officiate.”

    Amendment to the acceptance of the official(s) shall be deemed conclusive by both teams once the game has commenced. c) The home team must supply the game ball unless in the opinion of the referee the visiting team has a more satisfactory ball.

    Size 3 ball is to be used for U9 and under, size 4 is for U11 and U13, age groups and size 5 for all other age groups, boys and


    d) Footwear may be either running shoes or recognized soccer shoes and must conform to Law IV of the Laws of the Game (metal

    soccer cleats are permissible). Any player whose footwear does not so conform will not be allowed on the playing field. e) Apart from the goalkeeper, all players from the same team must wear the same colored shirts preferably with minimum 6” high

    numbers on the back.


    f) All age groups must wear shin guards. Shin guards, which must be covered entirely by the stockings, shall be made of suitable

    material (rubber, plastic, polyurethane or a similar substance) and shall afford a reasonable degree of protection. g) In the even of a duplication of colors, it is the responsibility of the home team to change to a contrasting color. Teams with jerseys

    that conflict with referee colors must supply an alternate jersey for the referee.

    h) The wearing of rigid casts even though covered with foam or other protective padding WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Players

    may wear braces where in the opinion of the referee, such braces are not POTENTIALLY INJURIOUS to other players on the


    i) For all players, any form of head protection shall not be permitted.

    j) Tights that are longer than team shorts must be the same color as the team shorts.

    k) Coaches shall identify themselves to the referees before the start of the game. for any team with female members, at least one

    official must be female.

    l) Coaches, via soccer coordinator, are responsible for providing properly marked fields For their home games that are scheduled to

    be played on “Community fields.” Also home teams must provide corner flags, not less than 5 feet in height for all home games.

    However, at many community and even some city fields, the field itself and the goals are not regulation size. Also, the field

    markings may be lacking or non-existent, the ground may be uneven and the grass covering somewhat unkempt.

    Although contrary to Law I “Field of Play” such shortcomings shall not be accepted as reasons for the game cancellations,

    protests and the like, unless they are grossly irregular for the age group and division in question.

    On any non-standard fields of play, both teams are subject to the same conditions and the game should be approached and

    played recognizing such.

    m) It shall be at the discretion of the referee in determining the safety and the condition of the field. He/she shall have the power to

    deem it unsafe for play or commencement of play.





    Group Duration of Play Overtime as Required

    U7 U10 25 minute halves Not required

    U12 35 minute halves 2 periods of 10 minutes - revised

    U14 40 minute halves 2 periods of 10 minutes - revised

    U16 45 minute halves 2 periods of 15 minutes - revised

    U18 45 minute halves 2 periods of 15 minutes

    All games in regular league play will be regulation time only. Half-time will be a minimum five (5) minutes; otherwise at the discretion of the referee.


    a) Game sheets will be supplied, via their respective soccer coordinator or director, to each team and must be completed PRIOR TO

    THE START OF THE GAME. For each game the coach shall print the names of all the players they intend to play during the

    game. The coach must include the names of players who may arrive late. Names of players cannot be added once the game is


    Coaches are responsible for the accuracy of the information on the game sheet. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that the

    game date, location, age group, division and league are clearly identified on the game sheets, as well as identifying players as


    • Play-up games (noting game 1, 2, or 3)

    • Any suspended players (serving game 1, 2, 3 and/or specific card (Yellow or Red))


    b) Any coach can request the opposing coach to have all of his listed players sign the game sheet.

    Both coaches have the right to review the opposing team’s game sheet. If either coach feels that a name appearing on the

    game sheet is that of an ineligible player, he may signify his/her intention to protest on the back of the game sheet before the

    referee leaves the field of play.

    c) The game sheets may be scrutinized by CASA against the original registrations and if a case exists against a team, it will be

    turned over to the Disciplinary Committee to action.

    d) A team found in conflict with rules will forfeit the game and will be subject to disciplinary action by CASA. e) No other protest will be considered in this regard unless these procedures are followed.

    f) After the game, the referee shall sign and record the score on the game sheets and then hand the game sheets to the home team.

    The coach of the opposing team shall be allowed to see the recorded score before the referee hands over the game sheets. g) The winning coach, or home team coach if a tied game, must communicate the score to the statistician within 48 hours of the

    game in order to receive credit for that game. Repeated delays by coaches in phoning in the scores will result in loss of points for

    some if not all of the games in questions as may be determined by CASA.



    a) PROTESTS All protests must be submitted in writing to CASA, attention the CASA League chairman, within 48 hours

    following the game or event giving rise to the protest. All protests must fully outline the basis of the protest and be signed by the

    player or team representative. A ruling in writing will be issued to the player or team representative by the CASA Discipline

    Committee; however, if time is of the essence, an oral confirmation of the ruling will first be conveyed to the player or team

    representative by a member of the CASA Discipline Committee.


    INTERPRETATION OF THE LAWS OF THE GAME. Protests will only be accepted that are based on violations by player

    or team representatives of the Rules of Play as laid down in this guide and only then if there are sound and unequivocal facts that

    the spirit of the game as befits youth or senior soccer has not been protected or preserved.

    b) APPEALS Any player or team representative shall have the right to appeal to CASA Discipline Committee ruling on a protest.

    The appeal must be filed in writing within 48 hours after the ruling is made known and should be submitted to the CASA

    Chairman for review by the Discipline Committee. The appeal is to be in writing, signed by the player or team representative and

    accompanied by a fee of $50.00 of which $30.00 will be refunded if the appeal is upheld. Refer to Section XII Discipline for

    further clarification.


    1. GENERAL

    a) Players, officials and spectators may only take part in or attend games on condition that they observe the By-laws, Rules and

    Regulations of the Central Alberta Soccer Association, CSF, ASA, and CSA.

    b) Associations and Clubs shall ensure that their disciplinary Rules, Regulations and Procedures are consistent with those of CASA.

    c) The referee’s authority and the exercise of powers granted him or her by the Laws of the Game commence as soon as he or she

    starts to enter the field and apply to the total duration prior to, during and after the game to which the referee has been assigned,

    even extending to beyond his or her exit from the field of play

    Agreement to acceptance of the official(s) shall be deemed conclusive by both teams once the game has commenced. d) Every Association / Club is responsible for the actions of its players, team officials and spectators. e) An accused person has the right to attend any hearing at his or her own expense.

    f) The report provided by the game official to CASA having jurisdiction shall be regarded as his or her affidavit to a Discipline

    Hearing of CASA. The presence of the game official is not required unless requested by CASA or the accused in writing to


    g) Any misconduct report from another District or Provincial Association shall be regarded as an affidavit to the Discipline Hearing

    of CASA.


    a) Any person or organization reported for misconduct shall be dealt with by CASA or their Discipline Committee unless otherwise

    stipulated herein.

    b) All cases of misconduct involving alleged physical assault, attempted physical assault or threatening behavior towards a game

    official or by any person shall be dealt by a Discipline hearing of the Alberta Soccer Association. c) CASA shall have direct jurisdiction in the following circumstances:

    i) Complaints or inquiries referred to it by another district association;

    ii) Misconduct at regional competition of CASA;

    iii) Misconduct by any Association / Club of CASA or any of its officers and officials;

    iv) Any other matter directly related to CASA which CASA in its sole discretion deems should be dealt with by it. d) CASA, at its sole discretion, may delegate its jurisdiction under Rule 12-2 (c)(iv)).


    a) In addition to matters referred to in any other By-law, Rule or Regulation of CASA, it shall be misconduct if any person or

    organization is proved at a hearing to the satisfaction of a Discipline Hearing Committee of CASA to have done, or permitted or

    assisted in doing or permitted any of the following:

    i) Violated the Laws of the Game of the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of CASA or Association / Club.

    ii) Committed any act or made any statement either verbally or in writing, or been responsible for conduct, continuing

    misconduct or any other matter which, in the opinion of CASA, is considered to be ungentlemanly, insulting or improper

    behavior or likely to bring the game into disrepute.

    4. HEARING

    a) Each Discipline Hearing held within the jurisdiction of CASA and its members shall be conducted in accordance with the


    b) A Discipline Hearing shall have no less than three (3) members, one of whom shall be a member of the CASA Board and act as


    c) An accused may be accompanied by legal counsel only with the permission of CASA or Association / Club with jurisdiction over

    the discipline.


    d) Any player or team official under the jurisdiction of CASA having received a red card or ejection may request to attend a

    Discipline Hearing.

    e) A player or team official wishing to attend a hearing on his or her behalf must notify CASA Discipline Chairman or Member

    within twenty-four (24) hours of the offense. A youth player must be accompanied by a responsible adult whose name must be

    submitted to CASA at the time of requesting hearing. Failure to attend a requested hearing may result in additional suspension.

    f) Postponement of the hearing may be granted by CASA on the terms published in advance of the hearing. 5. TIME LINES & NOTICES

    a) Should CASA request a hearing, any person or organization accused of misconduct shall be given at least ten (10) working days

    notice of any scheduled hearing into the allegation. A copy of such notice shall also be sent to the organization if the person is one

    of their registered players or is their official representative.

    b) Notwithstanding 5(a) Association / Clubs in membership, or their members, may publish by phone or in writing in advance the

    dates of upcoming hearings, and the giving of notice i) is thereupon waived.

    c) Any person or organization shall be given at least ten (10) working days notice of any scheduled hearing if their presence is

    required by the Discipline Hearing Committee.

    d) Request for postponement of a hearing scheduled by CASA must be received by CASA at least five (5) days prior to the date of

    the hearing.

    e) In cases where the accused stands suspended pending a hearing, or for any adjournment hearing, the date for the hearing shall be

    set fifteen (15) days of the receipt of the misconduct report.

    f) The result of any hearing shall be sent to the accused no later than seven (7) working days after the hearing. 6. PROCEDURE

    a) With all required persons present, the hearing shall proceed as follows:

    i) The Chair shall read the report and state the charge

    ii) The person(s) writing the report(s) (if present) shall be given the opportunity to amplify or qualify the report(s).

    iii) The accused shall be allowed to ask relevant questions of the author of the report is he or she is present.

    iv) The accused and the person(s) writing the report(s) shall have the opportunity to call witnesses to the incident.

    v) The chair and any Discipline Hearing Committee members may question the accused or any witness.

    vi) The person(s) writing the report and the accused shall be allowed to make final summations before withdrawing.

    vii) The Discipline Hearing Committee shall consider the report and any further evidence provided, and shall either decide

    on the case, or adjourn the hearing.

    viii) The accused shall be notified in writing of the result of the hearing.


    a) On misconduct being proved to its satisfaction, a Discipline Hearing Committee shall have the power to order the offender:

    i) to be suspended from all or any soccer activity either permanently, indefinitely or for a stated period of time;

    ii) to be suspended for a specific number of scheduled games in a designated competition(s);

    iii) to be fined and/or bonded (with or without suspension), where the player is not a registered youth player, the fine amount

    to be the discretion of CASA;

    iv) to be censured

    v) to pay all expenses of the Discipline Hearing Committee which may be incidental to consideration of the matter (with or

    without any other punishment)

    b) A Discipline Hearing shall set time lines for payment of any costs, fines or bonds, and may set further terms of punishment for


    c) In all cases of alleged physical assault of, attempted physical assault of, or threatening behavior towards a game official, the

    accused shall be suspended from all soccer activities until the case has been decided upon by the Alberta Soccer Association. d) In all cases of where a person has been charged in Criminal Court with offenses of moral turpitude involving youths, the accused

    shall be suspended from all soccer activities until the cases have been concluded in the Criminal Court and then CASA may

    decide if further proceedings are warranted pursuant to the Rules and Regulations of CASA.

    e) Suspensions shall be served for a continuous period or for consecutive games, except where there is a break in the competition, in

    which case the suspension may be continued accordingly.

    NOTE: All suspended players shall be noted on game sheets indication Game 1, 2, 3, etc. The suspended player(s) shall not

    be on the field or with their team during suspension.

    f) Suspension guidelines for specific offenses are set out by ASA Rules. CASA and any Associations / Clubs shall use these

    guidelines in setting punishments as listed below.

    g) A player receiving a red card shall automatically sit out the next league, playoff, exhibition, or tournament game. A coach ejected

    from a game shall automatically sit out the next league or playoff game.



    1. Cautions (Yellow Cards) The following suspensions for Yellow Card accumulation during a season shall be automatic: a)

    3 cautions .... ................................................................1 game suspension 2 additional cautions ....................................................1 game suspension 1 additional caution ......................................................2 game suspension 1 additional caution ......................................................4 game suspension plus must meet with CASA Discipline Committee

    b) Two Caution Cards received by a player in a single game will not be calculated in the above and will be dealt with as an ejection

    (Red Card). Single Caution Cards amassed will not be used in determining an ejection. The CASA Discipline Committee in

    issuing suspensions shall consider Red Cards received during a season. Red Cards will result in automatic ejection from the game

    and a minimum one game suspension.

    c) The discipline committee has the authority upon review of the referee report and discussion with the referee to modify the length

    of suspension.

    2. Ejections (Red Cards) The following suspension for actions against other players or team officials:

    For persistent misconduct or foul or abusive language:

    First Offense 2 game suspension

    Second Offense 4 game suspension

    For violent conduct or serious foul play:

    First Offense 4 game suspension

    Second Offense 8 game suspension

    Ejections (Red Cards) for action against game officials as directed by ASA:

    Persistent criticism or disputing of decision:

    First Offense 2 game suspension

    Second Offense 4 game suspension

    Third Offense 8 game suspension

    Use of foul, abusive or insulting remarks:

    First Offense 4 game suspension

    Second Offense 8 game suspension

    Third Offense 1 year suspension

    Deliberate physical contact (ie pushing, pulling, charging, etc) or attempted physical contact or threatening:

    First Offense up to one year suspension

    Second Offense up to five years suspension

    Striking, spitting, kicking or any form of violent conduct or attempted violent conduct:

    First Offense up to five years suspension

    Second Offense up to fifteen years suspension

    Repeated Ejections: a third red card offense in one calendar year may result in a one year suspension in addition to

    any sentence imposed at a hearing.


    All such action will be dealt with by ASA. Any ASA Suspension for such an offense will be accompanied with a $30.00/month fine

    imposed by CASA.

    3. Coaches and managers are also subject to suspensions for:

    The use of abusive language

    i) Entering the field of play during a game without the referee’s permission

    ii) Inciting the players

    iii) Other evidence of unsporting behavior as recorded on the game sheet or referee’s report

    4. Coaches who terminate games in progress by pulling their teams off the field of play shall:

    i) Forfeit the game

    ii) Receive a minimum of one game suspension and

    iii) Be subject to possible further disciplinary action as may be determined by the CASA SECTION 13 INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENTS

    All CASA registered teams wishing to participate in tournaments outside of their League must receive permission from CASA to play

    outside of the District, from ASA to play outside of Alberta, and from the CSA to play outside of North America.

    Teams traveling to out-of-town tournaments (other than ASA competitions) must lodge a listing of their team players with the CASA

    District office with the application. Applications for travel will not be entertained unless accompanied by such a listing.


Letter of application requesting permission and notifying CASA of intent to participate in out of District tournaments shall include the


    ; Tournament place and dates

    ; Team roster including player’s date of birth

    ; Legal Residential address and telephone number of each player

    ; Names of at least two team officials accepting responsibility for the team players on behalf and for CASA Noncompliance may result in suspension of team officials and players.

    All teams request permission to attend tournaments outside of our district. We also should set up guidelines in regards to their

    conduct at said tournaments (even those in their own district)


    a) Games scheduled must be played as scheduled games unless the fields are closed by the community or the game is canceled by

    the League Chairman.

    b) Regular league games cancelled due to weather may be rescheduled and played prior to playoffs. Playoff games cancelled will be

    rescheduled by the League Chairman, or at the mutual agreement of both teams involved in the playoff game. c) Notwithstanding rule (a) above, if for whatever reason game times or delays should have to be changed, it is the responsibility of

    the home team coach to seek mutually agreeable arrangements with the visiting coach and the Referee’s Association, as soon as

    possible but prior to league playoffs. The home team shall make the statistician (and other officials as required) aware of his or

    her intent to alter any scheduled games.

    d) Games scheduled by CASA take precedence over any other games. Fields booked to the schedule are not available to any other

    group for practice, games or other activities.

    e) Only the Referee has the discretionary power to suspend or terminate games whenever, by reason of the elements, interference by

    spectators, or other cause, he or she considers such stoppage necessary.

    The Referee will file a report of the incident to CASA and the game will be rescheduled if time for rescheduling is available. f) The maximum waiting time to begin a scheduled game is TEN MINUTES beyond the time shown on the schedule. If the team

    does not have a minimum of SEVEN players 10 minutes after the scheduled game time, the result is a default. If both teams do

    not have the minimum number of players, neither team will be awarded any points.

    g) If exceptional circumstances prevail that prevent a team playing a game previously confirmed by both coaches, the game may be

    rescheduled, with advice from both coaches involved.

    h) Where the schedule dictates and in order to vacate fields for games that follow, the period allocated to play games should not be

    exceeded, irrespective of late kickoffs or other delays caused by either team or other elements. Subject to it being validated by

    CASA, the score standing at the termination of such games shall represent the final result.


    a) In a league and cup competition (if applicable), points will be awarded as follows:


    A team that wins a game via a penalty kick contest shall have one (1) goal added to their team as it stood prior to the start of the

    penalty kick procedure.

    b) Forfeiture of games shall result in the opposing team being declared 3-0 winners.

    c) Forfeiture of a game by both teams, due to, for example, both teams not showing as scheduled or playing ineligible players, shall

    result in no points being awarded to either team.

    d) Where a team wins a game, but their opponents lodge a protest and the protest is upheld, the team winning the protest shall be

    declared 3-0 winners.

    e) If a team drops out of league competition before completion of the schedule, all games played prior thereto and schedule

    thereafter shall be 3-0 wins to the opponents.

    f) Should an improperly registered team be allowed to play, then under the authority of the registrar, games involving such teams

    shall have the opposing teams declared 3-0 winners.

    g) An improperly registered team may enter the cup competition if player registration is complete by the cup team competition entry

    deadline date, from which time it shall be classed as a “properly registered team.” The seeding of such teams for cup competition

    shall be based on actual performance during regular league games.

    h) Notwithstanding the above, if CASA considers that deliberate and willful forfeiture has occurred to thwart or benefit a team’s

    standing in league or playoff schedules, the declared winner shall be assigned a score by CASA appropriate to the situation. In

    addition, CASA may take disciplinary action.


    The following tie-breaking rules will be used to determine final league standings where two or more teams are tied on points taking

    the entire round-robin into consideration where applicable. The same tie-breaking rules will apply for divisional playoffs where

    deemed practical by CASA to determine a championship.


In leagues comprising teams of different age groups and/or divisions, unless specifically noted on the schedule or otherwise, only the

    results against teams of the same age group and/or divisions shall be used for tie-breaking purposes if such teams finish tied on points

    from ALL the games in such leagues.

    1. Previous match results The winner of the match between two teams tied in points shall be awarded the higher position. 2. Goal difference Goal difference shall be calculated by deducting the total goals against from total goals for, in all of the team’s

    games. The team with the highest goal difference in the entire regular season or competition will be awarded the higher standing.

    3. Most goals scored If #1 and #2 do not break the tie, the team scoring the most goals in all of their matches will be awarded the

    higher standing.

    4. Least goals scored If #1, #2, and #3 do not break the tie, the team with the least goals scored against them in all of their matches

    will be awarded the higher standing.

    5. For any teams still tied under criteria #1-4, then the higher standing(s) shall be decided by kicks from the penalty mark, as follows:

    Five penalty kicks from each team must be taken, with the team scoring the most goals declared the winner. If, after the first

    five penalty kicks, there still remains a tie, single penalty kicks must be taken by each team, thus declaring a winner.

    Only the players on the field at the end of the game shall be eligible to take the penalty kicks. CURRENT ASA YOUTH AND SENIOR OUTDOOR AND INDOOR COMPETITION RULES SHALL APPLY TO ALL



    All CASA League Committees shall abide to the following criteria:

    a) Submit Tournament Rules to CASA Discipline Committee for approval

    b) Upon approval, ensure distribution of tournaments rules of play to all participating teams

    c) Record and submit infractions noted by officials. Refer to Section 12 Discipline


    a) Each and every team that registers with CASA has the responsibility to discharge its commitments, as follows:

    i) correct registration of players

    ii) compliance with CASA Rules and Regulations

    iii) completion of CASA regular league and cup play

    iv) representation at Provincial Finals (if applicable)

    b) Any arbitrary non-fulfillment of these commitments shall result in forfeiture of games and possible suspension of team, players

    and/or coach as appropriate.


    CASA has an obligation to allow any player the opportunity to play soccer in its programs, subject to that player observing and

    conforming to CASA Rules of Play and FIFA Laws of the Game.

    However, in the case of handicapped players, subject to the nature of the handicap, the Rules of Play contained herein shall be relaxed

    as they relate to the age groups to enable such players to register with the community’s lower team entry in an age group considered

    equal to their learning enjoyment and capacity, notwithstanding their birthdate.

    In order to clear registration for such players, CASA should be given a letter from the player’s parent or guardian attesting to the

    player’s condition supplemented with supporting documents.


    Any person, business or organization may be a sponsor of a team and will be allowed to advertise subject to CASA approval. CASA

    reserves the right to reject advertising on aspects of taste, wording or product.


    a) Any minor player who signs for the season with a senior club will not be allowed to play down in minor competition during that

    season, except that such player may play for a CASA united team or a ASA select team.

    b) The number of games a minor player is allowed to play within any Senior League shall be determined each year by the ASA and

    passed on by CASA. However, these games must not interfere with the regular minor league schedule. c) THE MINOR COACH MUST GIVE WRITTEN PERMISSION for a minor players to play up in the senior league or other senior


    d) Any minor player who plays up, in any type of game whatever, without his coach’s permission may be disqualified from further

    minor competition for the remainder of the season.


    Any team entering an Alberta Provincial Competition that leads to a CSA Regional or National Championship, must have a coach certified at Technical Level III and Theory Level II. Any team entering an Alberta Provincial Competition that does not lead to a CSA

    Regional or National Championship must have a coach certified as per ASA regulations.


A special dispensation from ASA must be obtained by those coaches who do not have the necessary qualifications. Requests for such

    must be submitted in writing to CASA who will then notify and request same from ASA.

    Coaching a team in Provincial Competitions without the necessary certification or dispensation note may result in fines being imposed

    by the ASA on the teams concerned.


    CASA has a 0 tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol for any registered players, coaches and officials at CASA and ASA sanctioned competitions. Violators will be subject to CASA discipline. After hours (camping, hotel rooms) at tournaments is a civil matter and the police should be called.

Revised: March 8, 2006


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