Break Duration

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Break Duration

    DB 1 One Colonic irrigation, Diet and nutrition consultation, Skin 1 person or 2 Two Day Detox brushing, Back, neck and shoulders massage, Aqua Detox sharing Taster treatment, Infrared Sauna, all food (if not fasting) or detox drinks

    and juices, Acidobifidus, One night’s accommodation. $445/$400

    Per person DB 2 Two Colonic irrigation treatments, Diet and nutrition consultation, 1 person or 2 Three Day Detox Skin brushing, Back, neck and shoulders massage, 2 x Aqua Detox sharing Pamper treatment, 2 x Infrared Sauna, all food (if not fasting) or detox

    drinks and juices, Acidobifidus, Anti-aging facial, Indian Head $800/$750 Massage, 2 nights accommodation (1 person / 2 sharing). Per person DB 3 Three colonic irrigation treatments, Diet and nutrition consultation, 1 person or 2 Six Days Detox & Skin brushing, Back, neck and shoulders massage, 3 x Aqua Detox sharing Deep Hydration treatment, 3 x Infrared Sauna, Two stretches, all food (if not

    Experience fasting) or detox drinks and juices, Acidobifidus, 5 night’s $1600 /1500 accommodation. Per person DB 4 Three colonic irrigation treatments, Diet and nutrition consultation, 1 person or 2 Seven Days Skin brushing, One Lymphatic drainage massage, One Facial Peel, sharing Intensive Detox & Three 40-min 1-to-1 workouts, 3 x inch loss treatments, 4 x Aqua

    Weight Loss Break Detox treatment, 4 x Infrared Sauna, all food (if not fasting), $1650/$1750 detox drinks and juices, Acidobifidus, 6 nights accommodation. Per person

    Accommodation: We have Standard rooms and Chalets. All rooms

    are spacious and very comfortable, giving you “that home from home”


    Treatment availability: Monday to Saturday.

    Sunday arrangements: "Rest day". If you wish to extend your break

    over a Sunday, please add an extra day to the total duration of the

    chosen break, and an extra $80 per one person or $65 for two people

    sharing for accommodation and food. Please note that the breaks

    cannot start or finish on a Sunday.

    Additional Treatment: If you wish to book additional treatments

    from our list please do so in advance, giving us as much notice as

    possible. You can have the full benefit of our special offers, to which no

    additional discounts are applicable. Treatments which are not on any

    special offers, if booked in advance, will qualify for a 10% discount

    when taken Monday to Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm.


    Daily Events

    Time Event

    *Meals include organic juice or water, digestive enzymes, Psylium husks and Bentonite

    Walks, Rebounding or Stretch Exercise 08.00

    1st "Juice Meal" 09.00

    Colonic & relaxation 10.00

    Personal time 11.00

    2nd "Juice Meal" 12.00

    Personal time 13.00

    Nutrition Consultation 14.00

    3rd "Juice Meal" 15.00

    Infrared Sauna 16.00

    4th "Juice Meal" 17.30

    Aqua Detox Treatment 18.00

    Personal time 19.00

    5th "Juice Meal" 20.00

    Sharing Group 21.00

    Retire 22.00

    Flexible program your personal schedule is there to support you and can be very open and relaxed. You will be encouraged to do what is most appropriate for you, and if you

    just want to walk, bird watch, read or stay in bed, then that is your program.

    Colonics are NOT essential to the program - if you would rather let nature take its course

    whilst fasting, you are encouraged to do so. Listening to what the body wants and needs -

    that is what this week is about.

    Juice Meals take place five times each day. The more substances we take into the body that require digestive input, the less energy there is left for the detox. Thus, each of these

    meals throughout the week consists of carrot juice diluted 50% with water. Some elect to

    maximise the detox by dropping the juice in favor of more water.

Supplements are used with above juice in order to promote better detox and productivity

    for the colonics. These are time-tested, and specific to their job.

    Psyllium Husks

    provide the fibre that keeps your digestive tract moving throughout the week,

    keeps the stomach full - curtailing any sensations of hunger, but mostly it is to

    sweep any old debris from the system.

    Digestive Enzymes

    melt the old mucoid layers that coat the bowel wall and work with the Psyllium to

    bring this material out during the colonics.


    attracts free-floating toxins in the blood and bowel, promoting cluster-sizes which

    are then spotted more easily by the immune system, and then get washed out by

    the colonic irrigations.


    is reintroduced on the final day of the fast to reinhabit the bowel with flora. You

    are advised to take either the home-made sour-crout or a professional product for

    upto a month after this retreat, to fully establish good bowel flora once again.

     The Eden Wellness Spa Philosophy

     Eden Wellness Spa s a peaceful esacpe where treatments will leave you feeling replenished inside, with your sense of balance restored.

    We believe beauty is SOUL DEEP. Feeling great on the inside is a crucial part of feeling great overall. However, people are unique and have individual preferences, abilities, lifestyles and values. At Eden Wellness Spa we believe both inner well-being and outer beauty are important.



Pit Stop

    Your skin needs you! Spend just 30-45 minutes each week and thank your skin with this refreshing, restorative and rejuvenation facial. Active marine ingredients will provide you with all the moisture you need for absolute hydration.

30-45 mins $40


    Dive in with this high tech facial put together especially for the boys. Relaxing facial massage movements and application of a purifying mask. Relax and recharge as your skin is infused with energy.

60 mins $60


This massage is designed to act like a full MOT for your body. It helps breakdown scar tissue, flush lactic

    acid from the system, improve circulation and give deep muscular relief for yourover worked, over stressed,

    under rested bodies. The pressure and intensity f the massage is adjusted for your specific needs which aids

    the healing process and keeps you fit, firm and fabulous.

60 mins $50

Are your muscles ready for submission? This back neck and should massage is a „must have‟ addition to

    your weekly health and fitness routine. Relaxing essential oils will ensure that you breeze out the door.

30 mins $25

Indian Head Massage

This aimed to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face,

    neck and shoulders.

30 mins $45






     For century‟s men and women have been subjected to a wide variety of painful and invasive hair removal

    techniques. Methods such as shaving and chemical gels are tedious and messy offering limited short terms results. Medium term results such as waxing can be frustrating having to await a period of

    undesirable re-growth before each removal. Laser and electrolysis treatments can have the desired long

    term effect but are often harsh.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have enabled a whole new look at the method used for long term

    hair removal. Research has lead to the development of Light Heat Energy (LHE) technology; a

    breakthrough treatment that far surpasses the results of traditional methods. Shaving, chemical gels, waxing

    or electric epilators has minimal affect element necessary for hair growth the bulb itself. With LHE you

    actually achieve permanent hair reduction by gently removing the hair down to the source and damaging

    the bulb (root).

• Safe and reliable – selectively targets and destroys only the hair follicles whilst avoiding high

    heat levels for the safest light based treatment available today.

    • Hair removal on legs, arms, underarms, chins, upper lip, bikini lines, backs, chests etc.

    • Simple and easy – a pulse system that requires no cooling gels or complex pre treatment procedures.

    • Quick treatment time – with the largest application head available, even large body areas can

    be treated quickly and efficiently.

    • Gentle on the skin – no harsh chemicals.

    • Effective – Caressingly smooth and silky skin that lasts.

    • Deals with light & white hair – something that other light based and laser technologies struggle with.

    • This system is American Food & Drug Administration (FDA) cleared.


     UPPER LIP $45

     CHIN $45

     UPPER LIP & $80 CHIN

     CHIN & $85 JAWLINE

     SIDEBURNS $50

     CENTRE BROW $40

     FOREARMS $100

     ? ARMS $130

     FULL ARMS $170

     UNDER ARMS $80

     BIKINI LINE $85


    $150 - ? LEGS $170

    $240 - ? LEGS $260

    $300 - FULL LEGS $350

    PRICE MENS (*depends upon PER area to be treated) TREATMENT SESSION

    BACK OF $100 NECK

     BEARD $125


     SHOULDERS $170

     SMALL BACK $150


     FULL BACK $250


    EXTENDED Six to eight body sessions $145 CHEST and eight to ten facial

    sessions are normally FULL CHEST $170

    recommended, although on ? ARMS $125 occasion fewer sessions FULL ARMS $235 may be required to achieve

    $200 - the desired result. Our ? LEGS $270 treatments are already

    keenly priced per session $340 - FULL LEGS and there is no need of up-$400

    (*depends upon area to be front multi session treated) purchases to obtain

    discounts as is typical of

    many salons. We charge a

    retaining deposit of 50%of

    the price of the first

    treatment session and then

    you pay after each session

    and when the course is

    completed the deposit is

    offset against your final

    payment. As body

    treatment sessions are

    every 4 to 6 weeks,

    underarm & bikini sessions

    every 6 to 8 weeks and

    facial sessions 2 to 4

    weeks, our pricing method

    allows you to spread the

    payments helping you

    budget for the costs.


We believe in a safe and gentle approach to looking after your skin and your health. We use the latest

    technologies, products and treatments to improve your appearance, your confidence and bring you peace of

    mind. Our personal and expert approach guarantees you a clear understanding of what is possible as an

    individual and helps you the long term results and reassurance you want.

We specialize in treatments using intense light heat energy (LHE) where you can discover how to:

     .replace shaving and waxing .improve your complexion .treat sun damaged skin

In addition, many skn conditions can be treated using LHE such as; fine winkles, thread veins, unwanted

    pigmentation and acne


Reel-a-Peel Off Mask

Banish fine lines and wrinkles with this rejuvenating facial. A new solution for removing complexion

    blemishes. Use regularly to improve texture and tone.

30 mins $40

Anti-Ageing Treatments .

    Face Areas Full Face Treatment 60 mins - $75.00

    Eye Treatment 30 mins - $45.00

    Neck Treatment 30 mins - $45.00

    Non Surgical Facelift 45 mins - $75.00

    Body Areas Bust 30 mins - $50.00

    Inner & Outer Thigh 30 mins - $60.00

    Stomach 30 mins - $60.00

    Upper Arms 30 mins - $50.00

    Buttocks 30 mins - $60.00

    About this treatment

BioLift is a complete treatment process using three technologies that combine to produce dramatic and immediate results for lifting, toning and deep skin cleansing.

    This treatment works effectively on both face and body areas.

    The lifting effect is immediately visible, you will notice a softening of fine lines and wrinkles, which provides an anti-ageing, more youthful appearance to the treated area.


     This full body massage using relaxing essential oils will ensure that you float out the door. Enjoy the relief as your tense shoulders neck and back are gently pummeled into submission. EDEN OFFLOAD MASSAGE

60 mins $50

Head Rush

    Indian head massage s based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. It provides Indian families with relaxation and healing on a daily basis.

    Add this Indian head massage to your weekly routine to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints f the head, face, neck and shoulders, which, in turn, will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and revitalized

30 mins $45


Slim and Sculpt Me

    Enjoy this tailor made, dual action treatment, designed to slim and firm in a single program. Bio Spa is an automated integral center of corporal, facial and capillary treatments, presenting a highly innovative concept in the electromedicine world. It has 6 channels and 52 pre-set programs that can work sequentially or simultaneously.

    The most advanced body treatment available, which features specific programmes, designed for slimming, contouring, cellulite and lymphatic drainage to work on all areas of the body.

    30mins 1hr $45 - $90


Aqua Detox : “The revolutionary way to detox and re-balance the body”. An extremely pleasant

    experience, and only requires the feet to be immersed in tepid water for only 30 minutes.

30 mins $40

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