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    A1: B1 B2 C1A1 A2 A1welcome to our Scotland coffee shop .I’m the waiter.Please sit in there. B1:Thanks

    B2:This shop is the best coffee shop in our city ,and it is the most expensive shop too.Do you

    have enough money?

    B1:Sure I have 3,000yuan.Don’t worry!


    (C1 B1,B2)

    C1:hi !

    B1:Waiter!Please give me the menu

    A1This is the menu of the shop !what kind of food do you like,sir C1:Ok!thanks!

    A1:Shall I recommend the good things for you?

    B2:Sure!I’d like drink Alcohol.

    A1:Ok!You can try our homemade wine .It’s famous. B2:That’s good idea.I drank much scotch in the I want to chang it now.

    A1:Ice with it?

    B2:Sure!this is a hot day today!

    A1: What about you ,sir?

    C1:I heard someone said this coffee shop is famous for their milk tea too .right?

    A1:Sir ,you are right .the milk tea in our shop is one of the greatest in our city .

    C1:Wow!That sounds delicious.Ok I will take one.

    A1:What will you have sir?Have you anything in mind what to drink ?

    B1:Yes!I want to drink coffee.because isaw the tv last night .iIsaw the Chen Hao() went to

    many place and taste different kind of I want to drink one now!

    A1:Ok!We have many place of coffee,such as Irish coffee() ,Vienna coffee(

    ) , Cappuccino ( ), Mochaccino (())and so on .What do you prefer? B1:I’d like the Vienna coffee ().And I’d to some whipped cream on it. A1:That is ok!Anything ealse?

    B1:I’d like to French fires( )and baked potato () too. A1:……

    A1:Ok!Please wait a little time .I will try our best to give you the food as quickly as possible.

    B1:Oh no !it’s overfill.please refill it .


    B2:The wine is so good,Id like it .

    C1:I agree with your mind.The food is so good .Next time ,I will take our boss to go this shop!


    A1:Yes!What is the problem ,sir ?

    B2: How much for these ?

    A1:Ok!Here is a list .It’s 100yuan ,and you should give me 10%service charge please .

    B2:Here you are .88

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