Renewable Energy BrochureDUE MONDAY 20th

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Your company is at the forefront of renewable energy production The President of The United States has come to talk to you about using your company to help

     Renewable Energy Brochure Web QuestDUE MONDAY 20th

    Energy resources are disappearing at an alarming rate. It is possible that in your lifetime we may not have many of the resources used to run many of our everyday appliances and household items that keep living comfortable. What would happen if we did not have the gas available to light our stoves? How would we get to school (or work) if we did not have gasoline to power our cars/buses (coal for trains)?

    You are no longer junior scientists in the eighth grade. You have now been assigned to the position of CEO of a new company. Your company is at the forefront of renewable energy production. The President of The United States has come to talk to you about using your company to help run the country. The problem is that The President can only choose one company to use. He has told you, that your competition is tough. You are competing against other companies trying to get the same job. The President wants to see a tri-fold brochure from your company outlining the following by MONDAY the th20 2008:

1. The type of energy resource and a description (5 pts.)

    2. What are some examples of its current use (residential, industrial, transportation) (5 pts.) 3. How does the technology work? (5 pts.)

     Consider the following questions:

    What is the science behind this energy resource?

    How is the energy resource gathered and/or created?

    How is the energy resource stored for later use?

    How this type of energy/resource is easily renewed?

    4. What is the current U.S. consumption (how much of it are we using) of this energy resource?

     Is this energy resource widely used today? Why or why not. (5 pts.)

     If not, what is keeping this energy resource from widespread use?

    5. What are the environmental impacts associated with this energy resource? (5 pts.)

    6. What are the costs associated with using this type of energy resource? (5 pts.)

    Choices: 1. Biomass, 2. Geothermal, 3. Hydrogen Fuel Cells, 4. Hydropower, 5. Solar, 6. Wind

This brochure also needs:

    1. To be in FULL sentences. (5 pts.) 3. To be typed. (5 pts.)

    2. To be colored. (5 pts.) 4. Neatness and organization COUNT. (5 pts.)

Brochure Total: 50 points

     thYou will be presenting your findings and brochure to the President’s advisors (the class) on Monday the 20.

    The advisors will vote on the plan to be put into place at the end of the period.

    Presentation Rubric

    1. Made Eye contact with audience (5pts. )

    2. Voice could be heard in back of class (5 pts. )

    3. Minimum interjections (examples- um, like) (5 pts.)

    4. Understandable pace of speech (not too fast) (5pts.)

Presentation Total: 20 points


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