Michigan Renewable Energy Program

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The Michigan Renewable Energy Program (MREP) offers college students exceptional real-world experience with challenging, resume-building projects,

Michigan Renewable Energy Program

    Student/Faculty Project Ideas 2007

    The Michigan Renewable Energy Program (MREP) offers college students exceptional real-world experience with challenging, resume-building projects, working on cutting edge research. See the list of topics here, or develop your own research proposal.

    All MREP meetings are open to the public, and college students & faculty are always welcome to attend. Join meetings in person (usually in Lansing at MPSC offices I-96 at Exit 104) or by toll-free

    teleconference. For schedules, see the MREP Calendar of Events at

Michigan Renewable Energy Atlas

     Help develop a new renewable energy atlas for Michigan. Students with GIS capability will work

    with MREP coordinators and the Michigan State Center for Geographic Information to develop

    detailed work plans for making a Web-based, interactive system of renewable resource map layers.

    See and For Michigan wind maps, see

Green Energy Education Plans and Programs

     Identify the best available curricula and educational resources and share them with Michigan

    consumers, students, and teachers at all levels.

     Help develop information to be posted to or linked to MREP Web site, including modules for a new

    MREP-KIDS website. See

     Develop and implement specific projects/activities for K-12 students.

     Develop case study reports (in any format, including video) of Michigan specific green energy

    projects and developments. Develop CDs or DVDs of Michigan green energy conferences & events.

Biomass Committee 2007

     Continue biomass resource assessment. Collect and report data on specific biomass energy

    resources and conversion technologies.

     Identify best practices for biomass energy policy initiatives.

     Identify promising biomass markets and develop comprehensive market development plans. Complete technology engineering & econometric models for significant production and use in

    Michigan of plug-in hybrid-electric, bio-fueled vehicles.

Hydroelectricity Committee 2007

    ; Complete resource assessment for Michigan micro-hydro, using geographic information systems

    along with engineering and economic analyses.

Solar Committee 2007

     Develop Michigan solar energy “green map.

     Develop legislative proposals for solar access and easements, property tax exemptions for

    home-scale systems, and fair property tax treatment for commercial-scale systems. Explore and develop recommendations for solar energy financial incentives, including incentives

    for net metering.

     Model value of energy produced from solar systems (and displaced from traditional energy

    systems) by time of day, month, year.

Wind Committee 2007

     Identify appropriate capacity values for variable-output energy supplies, such as wind. collect

    hourly wind speed data from Michigan weather stations and then calculate 3-year average hourly

    production percentages for on-peak and off-peak time periods.

     Identify priorities and write preliminary proposals for Michigan wind energy research. Model optimum locations for wind energy production in Michigan, given present electric

    transmission grid and near-future expansion plans.

Offshore Wind Sub-Committee 2007

     Participate in formation of Great Lakes Offshore Wind Energy Council (beginning Feb. 2006). Develop a guide to information on permitting.

     Collect and summarize literature on effects of offshore wind energy production on fisheries, wildlife,

    recreation, shipping, etc.

     See Potential for MI Offshore Wind Energy at

Economic Impacts Committee 2007

     Complete research paper on the expected effects of global climate change on the Great Lakes.

    Review and summarize existing literature from 2004 to the present.

     Complete study on the expected effects on Michigan’s economy from expanded production and

    possible manufacturing for the use of in-state renewable resources

Financing Committee 2007

     Develop proposal for renewable energy trust fund.

     Complete state-of-the-art review and economic analysis of existing and near-term

    electricity/energy storage technology options.

     Complete “cause-and-effect map” conceptual guide for renewable energy financing (see Osborne &

    Hutchinson, 2004)

     Generate requests for results (RFRs) (see Osborne & Hutchinson, 2004)

Ratemaking & Net Metering Committee 2007

     Explore utility financial incentives & performance standards for promoting Michigan renewable

    energy resources.

     Research and report on the effects of state-level policies for the support of Renewable Energy. Net metering program report (due sept 2006). Collect data from utilities, analyze, summarize, and


     Research and report on renewable energy certificates (RECs) and develop a Michigan-specific

    proposal for implementing REC trading (see

     Research and report on European style feed-in tariffs and develop a Michigan-specific proposal for

    implementing them (see

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