2009 RFP for Renewable Energy Small Generation Resources

By Marvin Ferguson,2014-03-30 21:21
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Large renewable energy projects typically provide significant benefit to local communities, including interactions with the local communities and/or

Project Engagement with Municipalities, Governments or Educational Institutions

    Large renewable energy projects typically provide significant benefit to local

    communities, including interactions with the local communities and/or educational

    institutions and job creation. Large renewable energy projects are frequently located in

    rural areas and often leverage other funding sources to enable the project to be

    completed. APS wanted to create a mechanism for renewable energy small generation

    projects to provide similar benefits. APS’s intent is to use the APS website as way for

    interested municipalities, governments or educational institutes to identify their

    organizations as potential partners so they could be contacted by renewable energy


    The following are a few examples of ways that renewable energy developers could

    engage communities or educational institutions to fulfill one or more of the requirements

    of the Request for Proposal (“RFP”).

    Financial Relationships: 1. Lease land and/or roof space from the community in exchange for the use of the


    2. Donate a parking structure to hold solar panels at a library, multigenerational center or

    school in exchange for use of additional property for the project.

    Educational Relationships: 1. Provide regular tours of the facility to school classes.

    2. Provide hands on training opportunity and curriculum support to a technical training

    program at a community college.

    3. Provide data on production to a dashboard in school for integration into curriculum

    (science, math or other).

    APS expects that developers and municipalities, governments or educational institutions

    will create other relationships in addition to the examples listed above. These examples

    are not intended to restrict or narrowly define the partnership. APS will require some

    form of written agreement or correspondence between the parties acknowledging the

    partnership at the time of the RFP proposal submittal. Further documentation details will

    be described in the RFP at the time of the release in late March, 2009.

    How to Explore Developer Partnerships:

    If you are a municipality, government or educational institute and are interested in being

    contacted by a renewable energy small generation developer to explore possible

    partnerships, please complete the following information below and email to

    ? Organization

    ? Street Address (Preferred) or P.O. Box

    ? City & State

    ? Zip Code

    ? Contact Name

    ? Contact Phone Number

    ? Contact E-Mail Address

This information will be posted on the Renewable Energy Small Generation RFP website

for interested renewable energy small generation developers to contact you.

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