BAD 63022 Professional Issues in Accounting

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BAD 63022 Professional Issues in Accounting

    BAD 63022 Professional Issues in Accounting

     Fall, 2002

    ndDecember 2 Assignment

    Challlenges Facing the Accounting Profession in the U.S. & Other Countries Roles of Management, Audit Committees, Boards of Directors, CPAs, and Regulators in

     Financial Reporting

    The Future of the Accounting ProfessionCPA Vision Project; Additional Professional

     Certifications; Changes in CPA Examination

References on 2-Hour Reserve at KSU Main Library

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     Section E Issues in the Professional Environment

     Section F Coping with the Future

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     Chapter XII, Articles 58-60 listed below

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Topics/Issues/Questions for Discussion

    Those Probably Covered by Student Presentations

What are the challenges facing the accounting profession today in the U.S. and other countries?

     Are these “new” challenges or “old” challenges? If they are “old” challenges, how did

     responses to them fail, or were they never addressed? How do the challenges differ between

     the U.S. and other countries?

What are the roles of management, audit committees, boards of directors, CPAs, and regulators

     in assuring the quality of financial reporting? How are the profession and regulators

     attempting to improve the quality and reliability of financial reporting?

What is the CPA Vision project? How does it attempt to prepare CPAs for the changing

     environment for providing typical and new services for clients and to maintain the public

     accounting profession as a viable one in the future?

How is the CPA examination changing? Why? Is international reciprocity of “certified” or

     “chartered” public accountants possible? Is it necessary?

Why has the AICPA attempted to have its members approve a new global professional

     credential, sometimes referred to as the XYZ certification? What has been the outcome of

     this movement? Why did this outcome occur?

    Other Questions for Discussion after Student Presentations

What should be the CPA‟s responsibilities be for detecting fraud? What should be the response

     of any CPA or accountant when fraud is detected or that person is asked to participate in fraud

     or to use accounting procedures that they know are not in accord with GAAP or that would

     provide misleading information relevant to users of that information?

What is or are the underlying cause(s) of the problems that we are seeing today with misleading

     and/or fraudulent financial information? How can the accounting profession and individuals

     respond to these causes? Do you believe that the Sarbannes-Oxley Act is an appropriate

     response to the problems?

Do you believe that the AICPA is on the right path in making changes to the CPA examination?

     Do these changes really reflect the knowledge and skills required of those entering the

     accounting profession today? Is professional certification for specialty areas appropriate?

     Is there a need for a global professional certification? Are changes in other professional

     certifications, such as the CMA, needed?

What are the problems that the accounting profession is facing with attracting students to major

     in accounting, and to get the “best and brightest” students into accounting? What will be the

     effects on the profession and business community if efforts in this area fail?

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