Before You Begin

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Before You Begin

    Page 1 SPA ESCAPE Outline

    Before You Begin:

    ? Pre-Heat hostess’s neck wrap Leave in plastic bag. Wrap with a tulle ribbon to make it look pretty.

    Leave in the bag with the tulle and Microwave for 2 minutes. Can put in cooler to keep warm

    ? Chill Eye Pads Can cut in half or thirds.

    ? Soak 12 wash cloths in Thermal Del Sol Detoxifying Bath Soak in hot water. Wring out, roll up and

    place all of the wash clothes in a gallon sized zip lock bag. Unzipped, microwave for 4 minutes, seal

    bag and put in cooler.

    ? Wrap two gifts in cello to be used as give-away in the Ticket game, and as a Thank You for

    returning the Hostess returning the guest list.

    ? Light candles and turn on BC Spa CD

    ? Set up display of featured WOW products and a Beauti Glamour set

    Set up Stations:

    ? At the Skincare Station (usually the kitchen sink) place a mirror, cleanser, scrub and tonic. Cotton

    pads, white disposable cloths cut in half. MRP Brochure, Spa Menu, Writing Pen

    ? At the Hands Station (usually at the bathroom sink) Place Show of Hands and Extreme Repair.

    Include instruction tent and our cloths cut in half.

    ? At the Foot Station (usually at the kitchen table) Place Herbal Serenity Foot Creme. Include

    disposable cloths cut in half to wipe their hands. To create a foot spa experience you can use the Save

    Your Sole Salve Ebb and Flow Softening Foot Spray and the Foot Salve. Have guest put on product

    and then cover their feet with a plastic bag and a spa sock.

    Page 2 SPA ESCAPE Outline

    Give Hostess Instant Face Lift:

    ? Ask the Hostess to clean their face with our cleanser. Have them experience our Microderm

    Abrasion on one half of their face. Rinse well and let dry. Apply TFF Face to the same half of the

    face that used Microderm Abrasion. Apply TFF Eye to the eye area on the half of the face being

    treated. Use one of the Platinum Rejuvenating Eye Treatments eye patches around the eye treated

    with the TFF. They will reveal their Instant Face Lift later in the spa.

    Hospitality Time: ? Greet guests as they arrive. Take a moment to find out a little about them. Ask guests how they

    know the hostess. Do they have a job? Family? Ask them to take off their shoes and mute their

    cell phones.

    ? Start pampering guests right away by encouraging them to move to the three different stations. The

    Hand Station stands alone with the instruction tent. The Hostess usually helps with the Lip and Foot

    station and the consultant remains at the Skincare station. Guests will usually complete all three

    stations at about the same time and gather in the kitchen area. At that time you can invite them to

    join you for relaxation in the living room.

    Page 3 SPA ESCAPE Outline Words to Say at the Skincare Station:

    (Can have several guests at the sink at one time).

    My name is _________ and your name is_________? How do you know the

    hostess______ (Pause, build a relationship by asking questions about their job, family etc) Tell me about how you are currently taking care of your skin? _______ If there were one area

    you would like to improve with your skin what would that be? ________ (Pause, write down

    their name and area they want to improve on a Spa Menu. This menu will be handed back to them at the

    close of the spa.) If I could show you how you could have beautiful, younger looking skin

    with just a three minute investment a day would you be interested? Whether you are 20

    years old or 60 years old, the reason you use skin care products is either to prevent, delay

    or reverse the aging process. BeautiControl was the first company to offer serious skin

    care targeted to the age of your skin. (Show the 20’s – 50’s+ page Spa Flip Cards) Which shall I circle for you? (Circle on the menu their Maintenance set) We formulate all of our skin care products to be used as a complete regimen. All you have to remember is MRP,

    Maintenance, Repair and Prevention.

    Page 4 SPA ESCAPE Outline Words to Say at the Skincare Station for Maintenance:

    (Can have several guests at the sink at one time).

    Our daily skin care maintenance is called Skinlogics. There are four simple steps.

    Cleanser, Tonic, Scrub and Moisturizer. Let‟s experience these now. (Give guests a pump of

    Gold Cleanser in their hands. Allow them to cleanse and rinse their face at the sink. You can include

    “scrub” or “green tea masque” to create the “busy woman’s facial” two steps in one. Allow them to

    wipe their face with Gold Tonic using a cotton pad. Can apply moisturizer now or wait until the end of

    the spa.) Remember how I mentioned that we customize your skin care regimen based

    upon your age? Well today everyone gets to be 30 something! This simplifies my

    demonstration process. Your basic skin care steps will be the same, with your product

    formulated specifically for your age. How does your face feel?

A complete MRP regimen will also include Repair and Prevention. We will talk about

    and try these products after relaxation. These are the products you should have in your

    regimen to ensure that you are cleansing impurities, restoring hydration and reversing

    the signs of aging and protecting the skin from future damage… pretty simple!

    Page 5 SPA ESCAPE Outline

    Words to Say at the Foot Station:

    (Can have several guests participating at one time. Hostess can help with this station).

    Now you are going to experience the ultimate spa for your feet. This treatment will bring

    relief to your tired, overstressed feet. First we will spray your feet with the Save Your Sole

    Ebb and Flow Softening Foot Spray. This will wash away unwanted dead skin cells.

    Next rub on the Save Your Sole Rich Sea Salve, it will smooth away your calloused skin

    and leave your feet feeling silky soft and hydrated.

     (To create a foot spa experience spray the guests feet with the Save Your Sole Salve Ebb and Flow

    Softening Foot Spray. Give them a spatula with the Foot Salve. Can use just the Herbal Serenity Foot

    Crème product. Have guest put on product and then cover their feet with a plastic bag and a spa sock.

    These will be removed at the end of the spa. One foot can be treated with the products to show the

    difference they can make.)

     At the Hands Station:

    (Can have several guests participating at one time. This station is usually located in the bathroom.

    Make sure to have the instruction table tent, along with a Show of Hands Instant Manicure with spatula,

    Extreme Repair Hand Therapy, cloth for drying their hands. ).

    Page 6 SPA ESCAPE Outline Hospitality / Station Close:

    (After completing all of the stations guests will usually gather in the kitchen.) Did I mention that we are going to have a quiz at the end of tonight! Make sure you

    watch and listen closely because we are going to have a question and answer game at the

    end, where you can earn a great prize! How does everyone feel? It is time to move into

    relaxation. Tonight is a “gift” for you from the hostess to help you learn to take care of yourself. She knows that each of you deserves a little “me time.”

     (Guests should move into the living room or comfortable area that they can relax. Lights can be

    dimmed and your spa music should be playing! BeautiControl’s spa tea lights give a great spa aroma.) Relaxation Introduction:

    By a show of hands, how many of you have had a professional pedicure, manicure, facial,

    or massage? (Let guests raise their hands.) Would you have a treatment like that every

    week or even every month if you could? (Guest respond enthusiastically, YES) Then why don‟t you? (Guests almost always answer time and money.) At BeautiControl we understand that. Today I want to teach you how to recreate the spa in the comfort of your

    own home at a fraction of the cost.

    Page 7 SPA ESCAPE Outline Relaxation Introduction: (con’t)

    How many of you have ever heard of BeautiControl? (Pause) We are a company that has

    spent more than 25 years helping others make their lives easier, and better. We were the

    first company to bring the spa experience to the home! In 2000 we were purchased by

    Tupperware and offer the same great service and money back guarantee that you have

    come to expect from Tupperware. Today we are going to teach you how to use our

    department store quality products to turn your home into a spa for you and your family.

Stacking the Hostess:

    At BeautiControl we love to pamper our hostesses. Before we go any further I would like

    to thank ___________ (hostess) for keeping her spa booked tonight. Secondly, I have a

    small “thank you” gift (small wrapped gift) for _________ (hostess) because she returned

    her guest list to me so I could take care of mailing her invitations out for her. We want to pamper you, so we do all your invites and follow up. She also receives, our exclusive

    hostess spa neck wrap. It has been heated in the microwave and stays warm for up to 45

    minutes. I am going to pass around the neckwrap for you to smell and feel. When you

    have it, I would like you to share your name and something you appreciate about our

    hostess. (Pass neck wrap, guests share name, comment about hostess. Can give her the princess title too!).

    Page 8 SPA ESCAPE Outline Stacking the Hostess: con’t

    But wait there is more! (Hostess has neck wrap on and is holding small gift.) Our hostesses receive the opportunity to purchase their Maintenance set at a 40% discount. (Put

    maintenance set in her lap.) When our spa sales tonight total at least $500 and two of you

    book your very own spa escape! _______ (hostess) will select $75 worth of free products

    from her wish list! (Stack her pre-selected wish list products that total $75 or stack your own

    selection. You can also reward your hostess with other small gifts for have $100 in outside orders, and

    having 8 guests attending the spa. A mini with several products can be split apart and one piece given

    for each reward. The mini Spa Escape bag is great for this.) You will want to consider sharing

    tonight‟s experience with your friends and family at your own Spa escape then you will

    receive our special hostess only pampering and gifts. Look at how we pamper and

    reward our hostesses. (Motion to all the products she has in her lap!)


    For women, life today means more stress, fighting the signs of aging and pressure to earn

    an income while raising a family. I know that as women we tend to put everyone else‟s needs ahead of our own, so I appreciate you taking the time to come this evening. Let‟s start with a clay masque for your lips.

    Page 9 SPA ESCAPE Outline

    Lip Apeel: This is a special exfoliator that helps minimize vertical lines around the lips

    and removes waxy lipstick buildup. Apply on and around your lips. It is like being in

    your very own “Got Milk” commercial. We are going to let it dry and then erase it

    after our relaxation experience. (Dispense Lip Apeel using one end of the Disposable Shadow Wand, can have wands with product all ready to go in a small cup OR remove product if you had guests

    put it on during spa stations.)

Eye Pillows: Next I have Nourishing Eye Pillows, actually they are called Eye Pads, but

    I think pads sometimes have a negative meaning for ladies! These help soothe tired eyes

    and reduce puffiness and dark circles. Anyone in your family who has allergies or works

    on a computer all day long will love how soothing these feel. Cut them in half and they

    last twice as long! Please lean your heads back and get comfortable and place these

    chilled eye pads on your eyes. (Give guests eye pads and place a warm washcloth over their face. You may have to shake out the washcloth to cool. Some like to keep their mouth and nose uncovered.)

    The wash cloths have been soaked in our Thermal Del Sol Detoxifying Bath Soak. The

    bath soak is used by families to relieve migraines, headaches and sinus pressure as well

    as sooth body pain such as arthritis. Make sure to breathe in the peppermint aroma as

    you relax.

    Page 10 SPA ESCAPE Outline


     (Ask them to close their lips along with their eyes so everyone can enjoy their personal relaxation. Dim

    the lights down in the home and turn up your spa music at this time.)

     I love this part the spa! You know how some days you're so busy the only way to keep

    going is with an espresso? It's your turn to RELAX, and I'm going to help you do it.First

    we are going to concentrate on our breathing. In our stressed out world we don‟t take the time to breathe correctly. Take a deep breath in through the nose for a count of 5 and out

    for a count of 5. (Do this with them!) As you continue to breathe in deeply, let the air fill

    your lungs all the way down to your diaphragm. As you exhale, feel the stress leave your

    body. Let the stress melt from the top of your head, down your forehead, eyes, nose, jaw.

    Visualize the stress traveling down your arms, your elbows, relax your wrists, and just let

    the stress roll right out the end of your finger tips. Breathing deeply, feel the stress melt

    down through your lower body, down your legs, feel your knees relex, let the stress travel

    right out your toes. As you breathe I want everyone to visualize your place of peace and

    serenity. For me, I find myself in a forest with trees all around me, sitting on a bridge

    with a babbling brook under me. Some of you may find yourself at a beach, or sitting on

    a rock surrounded by mountains. Take the time now to feel the wind, the sun, and hear

    the sounds of your place of peace."

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