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Tajuk Artikel: Muhyiddin: Pollution can destroy waterways

    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday


    MUAR: River basins in the country must be efficiently managed and cared for to curb pollution, which can destroy water sources.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said seven rivers among them Sungai Penang,

    Sungai Juru, Sungai Skudai, Sungai Tebrau and Sungai Seget were highly polluted.

    River basins should be free from pollution of any form, he said, and urged all parties to be committed to looking after the environment and waterways.

    Barisan Nasional members of parliament would head committees in their areas to instil environmental awareness among the people, he added.

    For areas not represented by Barisan MPs, the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry would appoint suitable leaders to head the committees.

    Speaking to reporters after launching the Friends of the Environment programme here, he said the ministry wanted to boost awareness among the people on protecting the environment, especially rivers and river basins.

―It is important for everyone in the country to love nature and the environment if we want to

    protect the planet we live on,‖ he said.

―The people should realise that there is only one planet for mankind and everyone should play their

    role in protecting it.‖

    Muhyiddin, who was accompanied by Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, said the ministry had also formed a special environment club (Kelab Rakan Alam Sekitar).

    The club, one each to be set up in all parliamentary constituencies, would organise activities to instil love and care for nature and the ecological system.

    Earlier, Muhyiddin presented cash prizes, awards and certificates to 11 schools which participated in the ministry‘s Sustainable School (Sekolah Lestari) programme last year.

    Winners SMK (P) Methodist Pulau Penang (in the secondary school category) and SK Bakri Batu 5 here (primary school) received RM10,000 cash and a certificate each.

Tajuk Artikel: DPM: Don’t provoke any action over Ambalat

    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday

    MUAR: Malaysia and Indonesia should avoid any provocative move over the disputed oil and gas-rich Ambalat block, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday.

    He said the two countries had been enjoying good relations and no one should try to disrupt them. ―We have to act wisely and I hope there will be no provocative action by any party in the two countries.

    ―We don‘t want any controversy over the matter,‖ he told reporters after launching the Friends of the Environment programme here.

    He was commenting on media reports in Indonesia which claimed that an Indonesian navy ship patrolling the waters off Ambalat had nearly opened fire at a Malaysian naval vessel.

    On the Manek Urai by-election in Kelantan, Muhyiddin said an operations centre would be set up for all Barisan Nasional component parties there.

    All the component parties would work and operate under one roof and take the appropriate strategies to woo the voters, he said.

A suitable candidate would be announced soon.

―The number of voters in the constituency is not very big but the area is vast and has many villages.

    ―We will need to study strategic approaches which suit the people in Manek Urai,‖ he added.

Tajuk Artikel: Nuke energy policy draft soon

    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday

    PUTRAJAYA: A policy on alternative energy focusing on long-term options for energy sources, including the use of nuclear energy, is at the final draft stage.

    Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said his ministry, together with the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry were involved in the draft expected to be completed within a month.

    ―The proposed policy will focus on the long-term options on energy sources, including nuclear energy. ―The paper is expected to be completed for the Cabinet‘s consideration within the next one month,‖ he said yesterday.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said from South Korea recently that Malaysia would be looking at green technology and development of small nuclear reactors for industrial and daily use. Najib had said a small-scale nuclear reactor, generating between 200,000kW and 300,000kW of power, cost only one third of a coal-powered station.

He said such reactors were safe and could be set up near a municipality.

    Dr Ongkili and Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui are expected to visit South Korea soon to look at various green technologies available.

Tajuk Artikel: China will drive economic revival, says Najib

     Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday


    BEIJING: China will be at the forefront of the economic revival, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

    ―We are likely to witness a shift towards greater integration of the economies of the major countries of Asia with those of South-East Asia,‘‘ he told the Malaysia-China Business Forum at the China World

    Hotel here yesterday.

    He said the private sector from these countries could be expected to have extensive opportunities to take advantage of this developing scenario.

    ―Given the diversity of resources of our two countries, and the different needs and opportunities that exist in our respective economies, I believe a wide spectrum of investment opportunities is available.‖

    Najib narrowed down three key areas of interest for the Chinese to invest in Malaysia green

    technology and energy, resource-based industries and infrastructure projects.

    For instance, Najib said, projects like the second bridge in Penang, Menguam Dam, railway double-tracking and the energy sector relating to the Bakun Dam development could attract Chinese investors.

    Najib said he came to China not to walk in the same footsteps as his father did 35 years ago, but to continue advancing what Tun Razak Hussein had done.

    ―I hope to walk faster and further because this great country of yours has travelled faster and further than any other nations in recent history.

―Malaysia has been a loyal friend and we now want to be a true partner in China‘s progress,‘‘ he said.

    ―Together working in harmony we could achieve much more than if we walk alone and separately. Let us continue this together as loyal friends and good partners,‘‘ he said.

    Najib said both countries shared common ground, adding that he ―dare say that this identity of vision and purpose has given us the confidence that our two countries can continue to work together and succeed together.‘‘

    ―Our current economic linkages attest to the close partnership that we have built over the past few decades.

―Between 1974 and 2008, bilateral trade has grown at an annual rate of 16.8%.‘‘

For the past six years, he said, China had ranked as Malaysia‘s fourth largest trading partner.

    ―Malaysia was the 19th largest foreign investor in China and the second largest foreign investor from Asean.‘‘

    Najib also witnessed the signing of 16 MOUs including one between Sunzen Biotech Berhad and Regal Plus (Beijing) Investment Consultant Co. Ltd to supply animal feed additives made from biotechnology to China; one between Jia Yu Home Entertainment Sdn Bhd and Nanning TV Station to undertake the joint production of the 2010 Chinese New Year international broadcast to be aired in Malaysia and China, a first ever cooperation which allows a foreign TV station to air its programme live in any provincial TV station in China during prime time; and one between the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade to jointly promote trade between business communities of both countries.

    At a press conference, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed told Malaysian reporters that the forum was the biggest with the participation of over 900 businessmen from both countries since the last seminar organised in the Chinese capital in 2004. ―We hope China will step up investments in Malaysia,‘‘ he said.

    Najib also attended a gala dinner which was held to commemorate the 35th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China.

Tajuk Artikel: Committee set up to investigate mistake in students’ varsity


    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday


    KOTA KINABALU: The fate of the 4,574 students who were wrongly informed about their admission to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) will be known soon.

    ―A committee has been set up to investigate the matter and we will release the report in a few days,‖ Deputy Higher Education Minister Dr Hou Kok Chung said prior to a meeting with Sabah private higher learning institutions (IPTS) officials here yesterday.

    USM had on May 29 mistakenly uploaded the names of 8,173 applicants who had met the minimum criteria, stating that they were successful in their applications although the list should only contain the names of 3,599 eligible students.

    Meanwhile, Dr Hou said that strict enforcement on IPTS in the country was paying off as there has been a sharp decline in the number of complaints.

    ―At a recent dialogue with foreign students at IPTS, they were more concerned about the crime rate. There were no complaints about the quality of education at these institutions,‖ Dr Hou said.

He said the ministry‘s crackdown on errant institutions and its move to encourage private colleges and

    universities to be more transparent have shown results.

    ―Enforcement has been our focus. We will act on any complaints,‖ he said, adding that students could report to the ministry or himself directly via e-mail if they were unhappy over certain issues.

    Dr Hou said he was pleased about the increase in the number of students registered with the 21 IPTS in Sabah, including one university college in the state.

    There were 7,482 students registered with Sabah IPTS in June 2008 and the figure had increased to 8,619 by year‘s end.

    He said the number of foreign students at Sabah IPTS had increased from 145 to 158 during the same period.

    ―It‘s only an increase of 13 students but it is something noteworthy during this period of economic uncertainty,‖ he added.

Tajuk Artikel: Results of H1N1 drugs on pigs to be known in six weeks

    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday


    PUTRAJAYA: The Veterinary Services Department will carry out an influenza A (H1N1) vaccine test on about 10,000 pigs in Perak starting next week, its director-general Datuk Dr Abd Aziz Jamaluddin said. It would take six weeks for results to show whether the vaccine was effective in preventing pigs from contracting the virus, he said.

    ―If it is proven effective, we will present a Cabinet paper and propose vaccination for all 1.7 million pigs nationwide,‖ he told the press here yesterday.

    The test would cost RM1mil. Vaccination for all pigs in the country as a precautionary measure would cost another RM30mil a year and the money would be worth spending if it could protect the public‘s health, he said.

    Dr Abd Aziz said the department was examining all 776 pig farms in the country and almost 80% of them have been cleared of the virus. ―It is sufficient to conclude that there is no influenza A (H1N1) at

    our pig farms,‖ he said.

    On another matter, he said the department paid out 78 sen per kilo in incentive for small-and-medium-scale farmers who produced fewer than 20,000 chickens per cycle.

    He added that commercial farmers are paid 26 sen per kilo, if they could only produce a maximum of 20,000 chickens per cycle.

    On the recent chicken farm operators gathering at an empty field near the Yong Peng Selatan toll plaza to burn 20,000 chicks, Dr Abd Aziz said the department‘s officers managed to calm them.

    The farmers were protesting against the government‘s policy of not paying incentive to those who produced more than 20,000 chickens per cycle.

    He said the farmers were reminded that they could be charged in court under Section 44(1)(d) of the Animal Act 1953 and their chicks and lorries confiscated.

The Act carries a maximum RM10,000 fine or six months‘ jail, or both, for animal cruelty, he said.

    Those who smuggle animals into the country could also be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed for two years, or both, under the same Act.

Tajuk Artikel: Tempers flare at demonstration

    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday


THE ―peaceful‖ demonstration headed by the Majlis Pemuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) to protest against

    the Selayang Municipal Council‘s (MPS) decision to demolish a silat court and an activity centre at Pinggiran Batu Caves in Gombak was a tense affair as tempers flared.

    About 400 people, including residents and youths from the Sukmaraga Silat Centre (Pusat Gelanggang Seni Sukmaraga), gathered as early as 8.30am yesterday to stop the MPS‘s demolition exercise.

    They formed a cordon to prevent the MPS safety and enforcement team from entering the area before MPS safety and enforcement unit director Ahmad Faisal Badiuzaman and councillor Abdul Rahim Ahmad Kasdi met with Pewaris director Dr Izham Nayan.

    Izham said the activity centre, which was a cabin, and the silat court were built in January with the consent of the residents association.

    The court is surrounded by a zinc fence and lit by spotlights at night. There is also a temporary canopy under which activities are held on rainy days.

    Izham said the centre promoted and provided healthy recreational activities for youths in the area, as there was no recreational field at Pinggiran Batu Caves.

―For many years, the area was an unkempt, vacant piece of land – it was a haunt for drug addicts and a

    place where rubbish was dumped.

    ―Then the people put much effort into cleaning up the place and turning it into something useful, but now the MPS says the land is due for development and wants to demolish it.

―The association hase also obtained police permission and registered its silat activity with Akademi Silat

    Nusantara,‖ he said.

    The silat group previously trained on a plot of land in Taman Wilayah, Selayang with the consent of the landowner.

    Izham also questioned why the MPS was not looking into other illegal structures and buildings in areas under its jurisdiction.

    ―There are many other illegal structures and buildings; why pick on these people‘s efforts for the community? Why the double standards? They are just using the land temporarily; when it‘s due for development, they‘ll give it up,‖ he said.

    Meanwhile, after the meeting, Ahmad Faisal said a meeting would be set up between MPS president Datuk Zainal Abidin Azim and the association‘s representatives to resolve the matter.

Tajuk Artikel: Demolition postponed again

    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday

Story and photo by STUART MICHAEL

    A LAST-MINUTE decision was made to halt the demolition of several shoplots deemed illegal at Batu 16, Rawang, when the situation almost turned ugly when enforcement officers from the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) tore down the wall of one of the shoplots yesterday.

    The demolition exercise was called off after MPS president Datuk Zainal Abidin Azim issued the directive.

    Down it comes: An excavator

    breaking the wall of one of the four


    The affected shoplot owners had

    earlier tried to stall the officers from

    carrying out the demolition work,

    saying they had lodged a police report

    and were taking legal action in the

    High Court to resolve the matter.

    During the incident, one of the

    shopowners, Mohamat Nor Rajeae, 51,

    held a brick and threatened to hurl it at

    a worker who was operating the


    Mohamat Nor said he had received a call from Zainal saying the demolition exercise had been called off.

    MPS town planning assistant director Affendei Samingan said he and the enforcement team, comprising 46 personnel, were there to carry out the demolition of the illegal shoplots under Zainal‘s directive.

    The team, which also included six employees each from Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor and 10 police officers, were at the site at 9am.

    However, in the wake of the arguments between the shopowners and the MPS officers, the demolition started only at 11am.

    Several items in the shoplots, such as referigerators, air-conditioners and electrical items, were removed by the MPS enforcement officers before the excavator moved in and started to break down the side wall of one of the shoplots.

Mohamat Nor accused Affendei of not acting on Zainal‘s decision but rather, on the decision following

    the State Economic Action Committee (MTES) meeting, at which Khalid had allegedly stated that he wanted the shoplots at Lot PT 2520 to be demolished.

    ―I feel that the new state government‘s decision to take action without thinking about the rakyat‘s feelings is brutal.

    ―I will challenge Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and will go all out to ensure that these lots are not taken away from the people here.

―Yesterday, I made a police report at the Selayang police station. I will be filing a legal action in the High

    Court today.

    ―I want the MPS to repair the damage and will take legal action against the council for demolishing the building without showing me any proper documents,‖ he said.

    Shoplot owner Tai Chee Siang, who had been doing business there for more than 20 years, was upset over the MPS action.

    ―Mohamat Nor has a letter from the Gombak Land office in 1996 showing that the land was given to him to develop for commercial use.

―Now, they want to take over the land after we have built structures and shoplots,‖ he said.

    Meanwhile, Affendei said he was just following instructions given by Zainal.

    ―The council had given them three months to vacate their premises but they refused. The landowner wanted compensation of RM10 million from the developer but the developer refused and offered RM80,000 per shoplot.

―Last week, we came here to demolish the four shoplots but were unable to do it.

    ―Today, the shoplot owners once again managed to postpone the demolition,‖ he said.

Tajuk Artikel: ITT-BTS for south-bound buses only, says Nazri

    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday


    THE new Bandar Tasik Selatan Integrated Transportation Terminal (ITT-BTS) will only be dedicated to the southern route.

    Initially, Minister in the Prime Minister‘s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz had said that the new hub might be used for nationwide routes.

    However, during a visit to the site yesterday, he agreed to maintain the hub only for the southern route due to space constraint.

    ―The visit has allowed us to see for ourselves if the idea is feasible. Now I feel that what I had suggested is not practical,‖ Nazri said.

    He said the hub was created to eliminate the congestion at the Puduraya bus terminal which had been serving the public for 30 years.

    Also present during the site visit was Federal Territories Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin.

―If the buses for other routes are based here as well, then they will have to go through the town to reach

    the designated highways.

―This will result in the buses getting stuck in the congestion,‖ Nazri added.

    For now, the eastern routes will be based in Gombak while Selayang is being considered as the base for northern routes.

    The ITT-BTS is being designed and built by Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd and is expected to be completed in November 2010.

    Currently, 35% of works have been completed, The main terminal, which will have six floors, is sited on 20.2ha of land.

    According to Maju holdings executive director Tan Sri Abdul Sahid Mohammad, the estimated cost for the project is RM570 million.

    It is located beside the Bandar Tasik Selatan Ampang LRT line, ERL, and the KTM Komuter as well as the Besraya and Middle Ring Road Two highways, making it easy for commuters.

    Nong Chik said the new hub will be more comfortable for the people of KL as well as visitors as the ITT-BTS was easily accessible and a link bridge to the train stations.

―The new bus terminal will have good facilities and it will change the perception of public transportation

    system in the country,‖ Abdul Sahid said.

    The arrival and departure terminals will be separated, making it more systematic, while the ticketing counters will be at Level Two.

    The arrival terminal will have escalators from the open-air bus holding bays as well as lifts for the disabled community.

    It will also have 100 bays with 104 arrivals for a 10-minute cycle. There will be a terminal management operations system which will coordinate the bus arrival and departure systems.

    ―When a bus comes into the arrival bay, the close circuit cameras will pick up the number plates and the information board will display the bay number for them to dock,‖ said Abdul Sahid.

    The disabled community will have no worries as every mechanism has been planned to accommodate their needs.

    There will be special Braille lift buttons, low side lift buttons panel, and special hazard and directional tiles for the blind.

    There will also be special information boards detailing the time, departure and bay number for the commuters‘ benefit.

    ―We also have upgraded food courts as well as food and beverage outlets for hungry passengers at level 4,‖ Abdul Sahid added.

    Nong Chik said he and Nazri would talk to Transport Ministry officials to oversee the maintenance of the terminal.

    ―The terminal has state-of-the-art facilities so we must ensure that it is maintained properly and does not become a shabby place like Puduraya,‖ Nong Chik added.

    When asked for an estimation of the cost of the maintenance, Abdul Sahid said that they had not worked out the amount.

    ―The government will definitely allocate some money for the maintenance work as it will be expensive,‖ said Nazri.

    When asked if the prices of goods and tickets would soar due to the fancy new terminal, Nazri gave an assurance that the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (LPKP) would control the ticket prices.

    As for the Puduraya station, it will be converted into an intercity bus terminal, which will help the current traders in Puduraya.

―Those traders from Puduraya who would like to shift to ITT-BTS can do so but preference will be given

    to the locals in the area,‖ said Nong Chik.

    He added that since Puduraya would still be operational, business would continue as usual and would not pose a problem to the traders.

    The terminal is expected to reach maximum capacity by the year 2020.

Tajuk Artikel: Slithering creatures create tension

    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday


    THE residents along Jalan Serdang Lama are having sleepless nights due to the presence of snakes and other creepy crawlies in a vacant land nearby their area.

    The 5ha land, which belonged to a developer had been left idle for more than five years. According to former Serdang MP, Datuk Yap Pian Hon, the land was sold off to a developer by the previous state government for a mixed development project.

    Since being left idle, the plot has transformed into a ‗mini forest‘ with snakes hiding in its thick undergrowths.

    Yap said the area was a former squatter settlement and the residents were relocated under the ―zero squatter‖ policy to make way for new developments.

    ―The least the developer can do is clean up the area,‖ Yap said. He added that despite writing to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) with accompanying pictures of the area and shots of the residents‘ encounters with the snakes, there had not been any response from the council.

―We want the MPSJ to act immediately as the matter has been dragging on for too long. We hope action

    is taken before something untoward happens,‘‘ Yap said adding that there was even a primary school around the same area.

    He said the residents and the school authorities had complained to him on numerous occasions about the problem.

    ―It is the school holidays now. We want the children to attend classes in peace without having to keep an eye for any dangerous reptiles in their midst,‖ Yap said.

    Yap said since the number of complaints were just adding on, both the MPSJ and developer should not treat the matter lightly.

Tajuk Artikel: No home to call their own

    Sumber / Tarikh: The Star Online June 05, 2009 Friday


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