Wednesday, October 8

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Wednesday, October 8


    WEDNESDAY, 1:005:00 PM

Executive Board Meeting

    Boardroom North

    WEDNESDAY, 7:008:00 PM

Opening Ceremonies

    Grand Pavilion IV-V

    Jack Santino (Bowling Green State University), AFS President, presiding

    WEDNESDAY, 8:009:00 PM

00-01 Program Committee Invited Plenary Address

    Grand Pavilion IV-V

    Jack Loeffler (Independent Scholar), The Lore of the Land

    WEDNESDAY, 9:0011:00 PM

Opening Reception

    Grand Pavilion IV-V

Informal Music Making




    THURSDAY, 7:008:00 AM

Welcome Breakfast and Orientation Session for New Attendees, Community

    Scholars, and Stipend Recipients

    Grand Pavilion IV-V

    THURSDAY, 8:1510:00 AM

01-02 Panel: Bending Over Backwards: Global Acrobatics and Shifting


    Sendero 1

    8:15 Jennifer Michael (California Academy of Sciences), When Your Body Is Your

    Fortune: The Evolution of an Acrobatic Performance

8:35 Montana Miller (University of California, Los Angeles), It’s In the Blood: The

    Bouglione Circus Dynasty and the Paradox of a Gypsy Folk Heritage

8:55 William Westerman (Drake House Museum), Sepak Takraw: “A Poor People's


    Jennifer Michael, chair

    Erika Brady (Western Kentucky University), discussant

01-03 Forum: Chicano/a and Latino/a Research in Folklore

    Sendero 2

    Guillermo de los Reyes (University of Houston), moderator

01-04 Panel: Constructing Carnival

    Sendero 3

    8:15 Barry Jean Ancelet (University of Louisiana, Lafayette), Hard Work and Hard

    Play in the Grand Marais Mardi Gras

    8:35 Ryan A. Brasseaux (Louisiana State University), On the Origins of a

    Celebration: The Genesis of Tradition in the LeJeune Cove Mardi Gras

    8:55 John Laudun (University of Louisiana, Lafayette), The Mechanics of Mardi Gras

    9:15 Carolyn E. Ware (Louisiana State University), Authority and Structure in the

    Cajun Mardi Gras

     John Laudun, chair

01-05 Panel: Folklore, Ecology, and the Environment


    8:15 C. Ray Brassieur (University of Louisiana, Lafayette), Louisiana Coastal Folks

    Entangled in Ecological Restoration Science

    8:35 Lynn Moss Sanders (Appalachian State University), Appalachian Ecofolklore:

    Water Conservation through the Traditional Craft of "Heading Up" Springs

    8:55 Angela Waldie (Utah State University), Winged Legends: The Storied Link

    Between Birds, Identity, and Survival in Terry Tempest Williams’s Refuge

    9:15 Tracie Wilson (Indiana University), Romantic Strangers: Wolves, Indians, and

    Polish Environmentalists

     C. Ray Brassieur, chair

01-06 Forum: As We See It: A Vision of Video Fieldwork

    Enchantment A

    Jason Arnesen, Cheryl Lewman, Alysia McLain, Amy Mills, Sharon

    Sherman (all University of Oregon)

01-07 Panel: Cultural Circulations: Fetishes, Phantasms, Fantasies, and Other


    Enchantment B

8:15 Ana C. Cara (Oberlin College), The Show Must Go On!: Tango as Specter and


8:35 Amy Horowitz (Ohio State University), Reverberations Across Sound Barriers

    8:55 Deborah Kapchan (University of Texas, Austin), Culture Rushes In: Photo

    Galleries and Nomadic Subjects

    9:15 Amy Shuman (Ohio State University), Self-Fetishizing Cultural Exports

    9:35 Raquel Romberg (Temple University), Glocal Folk Religions: Eclecticism and

    Orthodoxy in Witch-Healing

    Amy Shuman, chair

    Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (New York University), discussant

01-08 Panel: Directions in Fairy-Tale Studies

    Enchantment C

    8:15 Cristina Bacchilega (University of Hawaii, Manoa), Fishermen and Shadows:

    the Politics of Translating the Arabian Nights for Nineteenth-Century Hawaiian

    Newspapers and for Contemporary American School Girls

    8:35 Donald Haase (Wayne State University), The Fairy Tale in Extremis: War, Exile,

    and the Fairy Tale in Gemany

    8:55 Jack Zipes (University of Minnesota), The Complex Nature of Laura

    Gonzenbach’s Sicilian Folktales: Translation as Necessary Transformation

    Cristina Bacchilega, chair

    Janet Langlois (Wayne State University), discussant

01-09 Panel: Food and Ideology: Gastro, Commensal, and Cultural Politics

    Enchantment D

    8:15 Holly Everett (Memorial University of Newfoundland), When Is a Flipper Not a

    Flipper?: The Esoteric and Exoteric in Seal Hunt Ideology

    8:35 Lucy M. Long (Bowling Green State University), The Cultural Politics of the

    Family Meal: Norman Rockwell's Disservice to American Society

    8:55 Jodi McDavid (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Popular Cooking Classes

    and Vernacular Identity in Suburban Newfoundland

    9:15 Mario Montaño (Colorado College), Differential Consumption of Offal Meats:

    Food Preferences as Markers of Class, Race, and Age

    9:35 Diane Tye (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Recipes and the Negotiation

    of Middle-Class Womanhood

     Holly Everett, chair

01-10 Film Session: Truth I Ever Told

    Enchantment E

    Antony Cherian, Mark Westmoreland (both University of Texas, Austin),


01-11 Panel: Folklore and Gender

    Enchantment F

8:15 Orli Bein (University of California, Berkeley), Rusalka Meets Aisha Kandisha

8:35 Kimberly M. Bohannon (University of Oregon), Brass Chicks and Flag Boys:

    Marching Band's Gendered Discourse

8:55 Mark Glazer (University of Texas, Pan American), Gender and the Practice of

    Love Magic

    9:15 Elissa R. Henken (University of Georgia), Gerbils to Lobsters: Changing

    Genders in Contemporary Legend

    9:35 Nancy Cassell McEntire (Indiana State University), Our Bodies, Our Selves:

    Dreadful Contaminations in Urban Legends

     Elissa Henken, chair

01-12 Panel: Disease and Healing

    Parlor 203

    8:15 Denise Kozikowski (University of California, Los Angeles), A Dirty Crab Eating

    Away at the Breast: Women’s Narratives About Breast Cancer in the Czech


    8:35 Camilla H. Mortensen (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Fairy Tale Logic:

    Mutilated Heroines and Pathographies of Healing

    8:55 Tonya N. Taylor (University of Pennsylvania), Performing a Good Death: The

    Aesthetics of Prophetic Healing and AIDS in Zimbabwe

9:15 Anika Wilson (University of Pennsylvania), Contagious Dread: AIDS-Related

    Rumors in the Popular Press of Southern Africa

     Camilla H. Mortensen, chair

01-13 Forum: New Mexico: Recent Folklore Scholarship and Books

    La Posada Plaza Suite

    Miguel Gandert (University of New Mexico), Enrique Lamadrid (University of

    New Mexico), Jack Loeffler (Independent Scholar), Larry Torres (Independent

    Scholar), Marta Weigle (University of New Mexico), Peter White (University of

    New Mexico)

01-14 Panel: Folklore and Literature

    La Posada Continental Boardroom

8:15 Frank de Caro (Louisiana State University), An Open Text: John Henry in

    (Fictional?) Public Domains

8:35 Paul H. Douglas (Towson University), Straparola's Pleasant Nights in English

    8:55 Scott A. Mitchell (University of Missouri), Disney Down Under: Cultural

    Colonization in Peter Carey’s The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith

     Frank de Caro, chair

01-15 Panel: Folklorists as Creative Writers

    La Posada Boardroom

    8:15 Sarah Catlin Barnhart (University of Missouri), I Was Blind But Now I See:

    Novelists of the American South as Ethnographers

8:35 Karen Beardslee (Independent Scholar) and Kathleen E.B. Manley

    (University of Northern Colorado), Folkloric Influences on "Nature Writer" Barry

    Lopez: Of Wolves and Men

8:55 Tonja Cox (Southwest Missouri State University), Seasonal Author and Folklorist:

    The Recent Fiction of Betty Belanus

    9:15 Rachel Gholson (Southwest Missouri State University), The Enchantment of

    Orson Scott Card: Time Travel, Family, and Fictional Worlds

     Rachel Gholson, chair

THURSDAY, October 9

    10:15 AM12:00 Noon

02-01 Plenary Session: World Perspectives on Intellectual Property Rights

    and Folklore

    Grand Pavilion IV-V

    Wend Wendland (World Intellecual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland)

    Rhonda Griffiths (Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Noumea, New


    Gigi Sohn (Public Knowledge, Washington, DC)

    Burt Feintuch (University of New Hampshire), Moderator

THURSDAY, October 9

    12:00 Noon1:30 PM

Archives and Libraries Section Meeting: Enchantment E

Chicano/a Section Meeting: Sendero 1

    Dance and Movement Analysis Section Meeting: Sage

Folk Art Section Meeting: Enchantment A

Folk Narrative Section Meeting: Sendero 3

Folklore and Oral History Section Meeting: Parlor 203

    Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Section Meeting: Enchantment B

LGBT Section Meeting: Sendero 2

Mediterranean Studies Section Meeting: Enchantment D

Music and Song Section Meeting: Enchantment C

    Politics, Folklore, and Social Justice Section Meeting: Enchantment F

THURSDAY, October 9

    1:305:15 PM

04/05-05: Professional Development Sessions for Students and New

    Professionals I

    (Presented by the AFS and the Fund for Folk Culture) Sage

    1:30 Being the Lone Folklorist: Olga Nájera-Ramírez (University of California, Santa

    Cruz), Maida Owens (Louisiana Division of the Arts), Elaine Thatcher (Utah

    State University/Indepdendent Folklorist), Margaret R. Yocom (George Mason


3:00 Presenting Yourself in the Academic and Public Job Markets: Peggy A. Bulger

    (American Folklife Center, Library of Congress), Jens Lund (Independent

    Folklorist), William A. Wilson (Brigham Young University)

    4:15 Finding Funding for Your Work: Barry Bergey (National Endowment for the

    Arts), Betsy Peterson (Fund for Folk Culture)

THURSDAY, October 9

    1:303:15 PM

04-01 Forum: Folklorists and the World Intellectual Property Organization:

    Intellectual Property Issues

    Grand Pavilion IV-V

     Burt Feintuch, moderator

    Peggy A. Bulger (American Folklife Center, Library of Congress), Rhonda

    Griffiths (Secretariat of the Pacific Community), Valdimar T. Hafstein

    (University of California, Berkeley), Timothy Lloyd (American Folklore Society),

    Sandy Rikoon (University of Missouri), Jack Santino (Bowling Green State

    University), Gigi Sohn (Public Knowledge), Michael Taft (American Folklife

    Center, Library of Congress), David A. Taylor (American Folklife Center, Library

    of Congress), Wend Wendland (World Intellectual Property Organization)

04-02 Panel: Birth, Death, Technology, and Vernacular Religion: Rumor,

    Science, and Miracle in the Transformation of Traditions

    Sendero 1

1:30 Adam Andrews (University of Oregon), Loose Religion: The Success of Pagan


1:50 Hillary Colter (University of Oregon), The Dead Talk Back: Television Psychics

    and the Construction of Community

2:10 Daniel Wojcik (University of Oregon), Cloning and UFO Cosmologies: Science,

    Mythology, and Millenarian Technology

2:30 Sandra L. Zimdars-Swartz (University of Oregon), Our Lady of Guadalupe and

    the Sonogram: Science, Technology, and Vernacular Religion

     Daniel Wojcik, chair

04-03 Panel: Tourism and Culture

    Sendero 2

1:30 Lee Haring (Brooklyn College, Emeritus), The Presentation of Folklore in

    Seychelles Life

1:50 Mary Magoulick (Georgia College), A Public Prehistory: Negotiating Culture and

    Tourism in the Dordogne Region of France

2:10 Kristen McAndrews (University of Hawaii, Manoa), In Search of the Other:

    Kukao`o Heiau and Heritage Tourism

    2:30 Siriporn Phakdeephasook (University of Pennsylvania), Shaping Cultural

    Memory and Constructing Local Identities in Bun Klang Ban and Phanatnikhon

    Basketry Fair, Chonburi, Thailand

2:50 Kyoim Yun (Indiana University), Commodification of Shamanic Ritual: Voices of

    Modernization and Globalization on Jeju Island, South Korea

     Lee Haring, chair

04-04 Panel: African and African American Folklore I

    Sendero 3

1:30 Randy Jasmine (University of Mississippi), “I’d like tuh see any man put me

    outer dis house”: The Influence of Folk Architecture in Richard Wright's Long

    Black Song

1:50 Bill Mansfield (National Park Service), Legends of the Tuskegee Airmen

2:10 John F. Moe (Ohio State University), New Populations and the Cultural

    Commons: The African Diaspora and the Building of a Somali Community in the

    Midwestern United States

2:30 Johnston Njoku (Western Kentucky University), The Folklore of the

    Transatlantic Slave Trade in Nigeria: Examples from Igbo Oral Traditions

2:50 John M. Vlach (George Washington University), Who Drove the Train?: The

    Folklore of the Underground Railroad

     John M. Vlach, chair

04-06 Forum: A Response from the Humanities to National Security


    Enchantment A

    James Early (Smithsonian Institution), Amy Horowitz (Ohio State University),

    Margaret Mills (Ohio State University), Jacqueline Royster (Ohio State


04-07 Panel: Foodways

    Enchantment B

    1:30 Ronda Walker Knudsen (Utah Valley State College), Food for Thought: An

    Exploration of Family Foodways

    1:50 Lynne S. McNeill (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Ten Seconds of

    Cleanliness: A Study of Food Rescue Customs

    2:10 Martha C. Sims (Ohio State University), Recipes for Writing: Foodways Studies

    in the Composition Class

     Martha C. Sims, chair

04-08 Forum: Dangerous Prepositions: Teaching Transformation Through


    Enchantment C

    Maria Cipollone (University of Pennsylvania), Charlie McCormick (Cabrini

    College), Lisa A. Ratmansky (Princeton University), Joan Saverino (Historical

    Society of Pennsylvania), Nancy L. Watterson (Princeton University)

04-09 Panel: Negotiating Empowerment: Dialogism and Gendered Talk

    Enchantment D

    1:30 Margaret Brady (University of Utah), Dialogism in Context: An Irish Perspective

    1:50 Laura R. Graham (University of Iowa), Take Back the Night: Empowering

    Women Through Expressive Performance in Xavante Society

    2:10 Elaine J. Lawless (University of Missouri, Columbia), Visible and Invisible

    Audiences: Women's Narratives and the Demands for Safety

    2:30 Patricia Sawin (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Personal Narrative as

    Autobiography of the Gendered Speaker

    Patricia Sawin, chair

    Cathy Preston (University of Colorado, Boulder), discussant

04-10 Panel: Scotland and America: Public Events and Community Identities

    Enchantment E

    1:30 Valentina Bold (University of Glasgow), Scotland in the South: Highland Games

    at Grandfather Mountain and Charleston

    1:50 Suzanne Gilbert (University of Stirling), Alliance and Defiance in Scottish and

    American Outlaw-Hero Ballads

    2:10 Nancy Groce (Smithsonian Institution), Scotland at the Smithsonian Folklife

    Festival: Devolving the Stereotypes

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