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South Pointe Hospital ...

Graduate Medical Education

Medical Student Rotation Manual

January 2008


    We will be the health care providers of choice in the communities we serve by continuously improving our delivery of health services as part of the Cleveland Clinic health system.

    We will fulfill this mission by personal behaviors that exemplify the values of:

    ; Clinical excellence

    ; A safe environment for all

    ; Ethics and integrity

    ; Individual responsibility

    ; Respect for diversity

    ; Caring for others

Our mission will be achieved through the following philosophies:

    ; Enhancing the quality of life, preserving and restoring the health, and alleviating the

    pain and suffering in the communities we serve.

    ; Promoting excellence and safety through continuous improvement in all our


    ; Embracing the contributions of diverse cultures throughout our organization.

    ; Respecting the important role of the private practice of medicine.

    ; Creating a caring, respectful and friendly environment, which allows each individual

    to do his or her best work, feel personally satisfied and reach his or her fullest


    ; Fostering teamwork and employee empowerment by building open, effective

    communication and decentralized decision making.

    ; Supporting the role of individual hospitals in medical education.

    ; Partnering with other individuals and organizations similarly committed to

    improving the health and quality of life in the communities we serve.

    ; Encouraging individuals to take personal and professional responsibility for their

    activities and roles within the organization.

    ; Supporting the improvement and development of the Cleveland Clinic health system.



    To be recognized as the leading community health care resource in southern Cuyahoga/ northern Summit counties, providing the highest quality of care and service in a fully integrated health care campus, which attract and retains the most competent health care professionals.

    This leadership position will be achieved through the following six key strategies:

    1. Enhance clinical and service quality utilizing the principles of total quality


    2. Implement a patient focused care model by building on the success of the support

    service teams in order to redesign the patient care process.

    3. Facilitate the integration of osteopathic and allopathic medical staffs to enhance trust,

    further physician partnerships, and foster shared governance. Restore the historic and

    new medical staff alliances to the merged medical campus.

    4. Inspire a team of transitional leaders to embody the values of integrity, mutual

    respect and fairness, creating a climate of trust throughout the transition. This new

    organization will have the respect for the future, regard for the present and

    understanding of the past.

    5. Identify, prioritize, and respond to the health-related needs of the communities we


    6. Enhance and promote the affiliation with Ohio University College of Osteopathic

    Medicine and create the most advanced osteopathic medical training program in the

    United States.

    The pursuit of this mission will be based upon the vision of the Health System, which states:

    The best place to receive care. The best place to practice medicine. The best place to work.

    This mission is in concert with the values of the vision statement, which reflect caring, excellence, ethics, integrity, individual responsibility, and the enhancement of the quality of life by which the rightness of our direction will always be measured.


    Institutional Commitment


    Graduate Medical Education

    The osteopathic teaching programs at South Pointe Hospital date back to our founding as Brentwood Hospital in 1957. We recognize the importance and value of osteopathic graduate medical education programs, which help to train the physicians who will serve future generations through the highest quality care.

    We affirm South Pointe Hospital’s commitment to Graduate Medical Education. The programs at the Institution will continue to emphasize the development of personal, clinical and professional competency under the careful guidance and supervision of the faculty. The programs will also continue to be monitored to be certain they provide safe and humane care of patients at the same time that our intern and resident physicians progress in responsibility as appropriate for their experience and competency.

    South Pointe Hospital is dedicated to train the future leaders in osteopathic medicine by providing organized and academically rigorous programs of education that foster physicians’ professional development as skilled, ethical, compassionate, and sensitive

    clinicians who are capable of meeting the challenges of a changing healthcare environment while assuring the highest possible quality of patient care.

    Our graduate medical education programs will promote the collaboration and development of a network that includes other local, regional and national institutions and affiliated community health centers.

    With this commitment, we recognize the necessity for adequate funding, facilities, support staff, and faculty teaching time to be certain that every program under our Institutional sponsorship offers the best possible training environment and opportunities.

Reviewed 06/07



… South Pointe Hospital/a Cleveland Clinic hospital. You are about to become an

    integral member of the best osteopathic facility in this state.

    Life as a medical student is a challenge and may seem overwhelming at times. The GME department recognizes your needs and has developed the GME Medical Student Rotation Manual to help you navigate your clinical rotations.

When you have questions, ask your preceptor and/or refer to this manual. If you are unable

    to find the answer, feel free to stop by the GME department and ask the staff. We are here to

    support you during your time at South Pointe Hospital.

Brian Kessler, D.O.

    Chief Academic Officer &

    Director of Medical Education

Nealie Houk, MSHA

    Department Director, Graduate Medical Education

Pauli Jaffe-Bokor

    Education Specialist

Debbie Kenyon

    Coordinator, Skills Lab

Donna Ayres

    Graduate Medical Education Assistant

Lori Langley

    Department Secretary


    South Pointe Hospital

    Workforce Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity

    By policy, South Pointe Hospital will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment. We will act to assure that we treat applicants and employees equally, without regard to their race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, national origin or status as a veteran. South Pointe forbids the use of racial, ethnic or sexual slurring or harassment in the work environment. We will enact disciplinary action for violations.

    Our commitment to workforce diversity and equal employment shall include, but not limited to: employment, placement, promotion, demotion or transfer, recruitment and recruitment advertising, referrals and referral sources, termination, training, education and tuition assistance, social and recreational programs, wages and other forms of compensation and job requirements.

    As an employee, we expect you to conduct your activities in a manner consistent with this policy. This includes extending fair treatment in all matters to patients, visitors, physicians and fellow employees.


    Code of Ethics

    Of The

    American Osteopathic Association

    (Revised 1996)

Section 1

    The physician shall keep in confidence whatever he/she may learn about a patient in the discharge of professional duties. Information shall be divulged by the physician when required by law or authorized by the patient.

Section 2

    The physician shall give a candid account of the patient’s condition to the patient or to those responsible for the patient’s care.

Section 3

    A physician-patient relationship must be founded on mutual trust, cooperation and respect. The patient, therefore, must have complete freedom to choose his/her physician. The physician must have complete freedom to choose patients who he/she will serve. However, the physician should not refuse to accept patients because of the patient’s race, creed, color,

    sex, national origin or handicap. In emergencies, a physician should make his/her services available.

Section 4

    A physician in never justified in abandoning a patient. The physician shall give due notice to a patient or to those responsible for the patient’s care when he/she withdraws from the case

    so that another physician may be engaged.

Section 5

    A physician shall practice in accordance with the body of systematized and scientific knowledge related to the healing arts. A physician shall maintain competence in such systemized and scientific knowledge through study and clinical application

Section 6

    The osteopathic physician has an obligation to society to maintain in high standards and, therefore, to continuously regulate themelf. A substantial part of such regulations is due to the efforts and influence of the recognized local, state, and national associations representing the osteopathic profession. A physician should maintain membership in and actively support such associations and abide by their rules and regulations.

Section 7

    Under the law, a physician may advertise, but no physician shall advertise or solicit patients directly or indirectly through the use of materials or activities that are false or misleading.


Section 8

    A physician shall not hold forth or indicate possession of any degree recognized as the basis for licensure to practice the healing arts unless he is actually licensed on the basis of that degree in the state in which he practices. A physician shall designate his osteopathic school or practice in all professional uses of his name. Indications of specialty practice, membership in professional societies and related matters shall be governed by rules promulgated by the American Osteopathic Association.

Section 9

    A physician shall obtain consultation whenever requested to do so by the patient. A physician should not hesitate to seek consultation whenever he/she believes it advisable.

Section 10

    Any dispute between or among physicians involving ethical or organizational matters in controversy should first be referred to the appropriated arbitrating bodies of the profession.

Section 11

    Any dispute between or among physicians regarding the diagnosis and treatment of a patient, the attending physician has the responsibility for final decision, consistent with any applicable osteopathic hospital rules or regulations

Section 12

    Any fee charged by a physician shall compensate the physician for services actually rendered. There shall be no division of professional fees for referrals of patients.

Section 13

    A physician shall respect the law. When necessary, a physician shall attempt to help to formulate a law by all proper means in order to improve patient care and public health.

Section 14

    In addition to adhering to the foregoing ethical standards, a physician should, whenever possible participate in community activities and services.

Section 15

    It is considered sexual misconduct for a physician to have sexual contact with any current patient whom the physician has interviewed and/or upon whom a medical or surgical procedure has been performed.

Section 16

    Sexual harassment by a physician is considered unethical. Sexual harassment is defined as physical or verbal intimidation of a sexual nature involving a colleague or subordinate in the workplace or academic setting when such conduct creates an unreasonable, intimidating, hostile or offensives workplace or academic setting.



Background Information:

South Pointe, a 275-bed community teaching hospital, is located in the heart of Cleveland’s

    southeastern suburbs. The merger of Meridia Suburban and Brentwood hospitals formed the present hospital. In 1997, the hospital became part of the Cleveland Clinic health system. The medical staff is a blend of osteopathic and allopathic philosophies of medicine.

Service highlights include:

    ; Full continuum of medical and surgical services

    ; Emergency medicine

    ; Cardiology

    ; Gastroenterology

    ; Surgery

    ; Pain management

    ; Orthopedics

    ; Vascular services

    ; Behavioral medicine

    ; Palliative care

    ; Osteopathic manipulative medicine

    We are dedicated to meet the needs of the communities that we serve through programs such as Community Advisory Council, Community Health Resources Center, Healthwise Connection program and specialty screening programs. South Pointe also offers vital services such as weekly low-cost dinners for area seniors, along with free blood pressure screening in the emergency department. Our approach to serving the community includes combining the talents of highly qualified physicians, nurses and ancillary staff to continuously improve the quality of care to our patients and their families. Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of those we serve.

    Affiliated with Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, South Pointe is the third largest osteopathic teaching hospital in Ohio. Our Graduate Medical Education department trains medical students, interns, residents and fellows from across the country. The hospital is fully accredited by both the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program.

    South Pointe Hospital has been awarded the Northcoast 99 “Best Places to Work in Northeastern Ohio” for over several years.



    Parent Corporation: Cleveland Clinic health system Status: Tax Exempt

    Date Founded 1957


    South Pointe Hospital

    20000 Harvard Road

    Warrensville Hts., Ohio 44122

Satellite Sites:

    Sagamore Hills Medical Center Fleet Medical Center 863 W. Aurora Road 6511 Fleet Avenue

    Sagamore Hills, Ohio 44067 Cleveland, Ohio 44105

    Twinsburg Medical Center Twinsburg Urgent Care 2365 Edison Boulevard 2676 East Aurora Road Twinsburg, Ohio 44087 Twinsburg, Ohio 44087

Operating Budget (2007): $139 million

    Number of Employees: 1389

    Number of Physicians: 410

Number of Nurses:

    RNs 414

    LPNs 63

Number of Volunteers: 178

Outpatient registration (2006): 118,620

    Emergency Department Visits (2006): 44,335 Inpatient Surgeries (2006): 3,174

    Outpatient Surgeries (2006): 8,409

    Total Acute/Non-Acute Discharges (2006): 9,994

    Co-Chiefs of Medical Staff: Charles Webb, M.D.

     Wayne Sevier, D.O.


    ; David Kilarski President

    ; William Young Chief Operating Officer

    ; Kathleen Crawford, R.N. Vice President of Professional Services

    ; John Bruyere Vice President of Support Services

    ; Sue Collier, R.N. Vice President of Nursing


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