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    Purchasing Card

    (P-Card)Program Policy and Procedures

    May 9, 2008


    Description Page

    P-Card Information and How it Works P-Card Program Team Members 1 How it Works 2

     Benefits to the Cardholder /Department 2

    P-Card Administration

     Activating a P-Card 4 Canceling P-Cards 4 Renewal of Existing P-Cards 4 Lost or Stolen P-Cards 4 JPMorgan Chase Customer Service Number 4 Disputing a Transaction 4 Smart Data Online Program (SDOL) 5 Tax Exemption Number 5 Frequently Used Vendors 5 Record Keeping 6

     P-Card Reviews 6

     Misuse of the P-Card 7

     Post Review Action 8

     Viewing P-Card Charges Posted to Cardholder’s Banner 8

    Contract Compliance Contract Information 10 Approved Purchases 11

     Restricted Purchases 12

    Use of the P-Card for Travel

     Program Overview 14 Benefits to using the P-Card for Travel 14

     Who is Eligible? 14

     Traveler Responsibilities 14 Meals and the P-Card 14 Car Rental and the P-Card 15 Cardholder Reconciliation Process 15 Travel Expense Reimbursement 15 Travel Office Contacts 15

    Responsibilities and Use of Card Responsibilities of the Cardholder 17 Ordering Process 17 P-Card Billing Address 18 P-Card Shipping Instructions 18 Tips to Remember when Returning Goods 18 Proof of Purchase Documentation 19 Document Retention 19



    Appendix P-Card Program Forms

     Smart Data Online (SDOL) Program Tip Sheet (pp 1-7) P-Card Cardholder Agreement Form (pp1-2) P-Card Application Form

     P-Card Documentation or Missing Receipt Form State of Connecticut Credit Card Use Policy (pp 1-3)

Purchasing Card Information And How It Works

Purchasing Card Information And How It WorksPurchasing Card Information And How It Works