Minitab Graph Basics

By Roberto Cunningham,2014-11-12 13:56
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Minitab Graph Basics





    Chapter 1 Introduction to Minitab's Graphs

     1.1 Overview of Available Graphs

     1.2 Creating a Plot

     1.3 Adding a Title to the Plot

Chapter 2 Displaying by Group

     2.1 Data Display

     2.2 Selecting Symbols & Colors

Chapter 3 Editing Graphs

     3.1 Editing an Existing Graph

     3.2 Recreating a Graph

    Chapter 4 Data Exploration & Brushing

     4.1 Brushing

     4.2 Additional Information for Brush Point

Chapter 5 Customizing the Graph

     5.1 Axis Labels

     5.2 Tick Marks

     5.3 Reference Line

    Chapter 6 Boxplots & Adjusting Axis Scale

Chapter 7 Creating Multiple Graphs

     7.1 Multiple Graphs on Separate Pages

     7.2 Multiple Graphs on One Page

     7.3 Overlay Graphs



    Introduction to Minitab's Graphs _______________________________________

1.1 Overview of Available Graphs

    There are various types of graphs available in Minitab. Some of the more common ones include:



We'll discuss plots and boxplots in this session but the techniques we'll use are applicable

to most of the graphs.


1.2 Creating a Plot

    Exercise - We will create a plot showing yield by operator.

     Select File > Open Project. The data we will work with in this 90-Minute

    Workout is called "yield.mpj". Your instructor will provide you with the path

    to this file.

     Select Graph > Plot from the main menu bar.

     The left side of the Plot dialog window contains a list of available columns.

    Select Yield (C11) for the Y-axis and Oper No (C6) for the X-axis.

     Don't select OK just yet. Continue to the next section (1.3).

1.3 Adding a Title to the Plot

     Select Title from the pull down button by Annotation.

     Type Yield by Operator Number in the first row of the Title dialog window

    (shown on next page).


     Select OK. This returns you to the Plot dialog window.

     Select OK to generate the plot. The plot is shown below.

This easily created plot depicts the variation in yield of each operator and across all nine

    operators during the course of the experiment.



    Displaying by Group


2.1 Data Display

    Suppose you want to view the impact of operators and production lines on yield. One way to graphically depict this is to plot Yield on the Y-axis, Oper No on the X-axis and use Line as a grouping variable. Each line can be assigned a different color and/or symbol.

Exercise - Let's see how operator and line affect yield.

     Select Graph > Plot with Yield as the Y-axis and Oper No as the X-axis.

     Since we also want to see the impact of line, change For each Graph to For

    each Group in the Data display area.

     In the row Item 1, for Group Variables select Line.

     Add the title. Select Annotation > Title and enter Plot of Yield Data versus

    Operator Number on the first line and By Line on the second line (see next



     Select OK to return to the Plot dialog window but do not select OK to generate

    the plot. We want to edit attributes next.

2.2 Selecting Symbols & Colors

    Selecting symbols and colors can help us distinguish the different lines in our grouping variable.

Exercise - Selecting symbols and colors

     Select Edit Attributes.

     Adjust the symbols and colors as in the example below or be creative and select

    your own by using the pull down buttons.

     Select OK to return to the Plot dialog window.


     Select OK to return to the Plot dialog window and select OK a second time to

    create the plot.

Notice how the different colors and symbol shapes help us distinguish the yields from each



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