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FOR WINDOWS (V20080911_0635ET_AP)

NOTE: Information listed on this document is based on our latest software (applications,

    firmware, drivers, etc.), hence please update…


ACTIVDRIVER How to obtain (download)? ------------------------------------------------------ 1

    ACTIVDRIVER How to verify? --------------------------------------------------------------------- 3

    ACTIVDRIVER How to update (or install)? ------------------------------------------------------- 4

    ACTIVDRIVER How to un-install (remove)? ----------------------------------------------------- 5

    ACTIVBOARD-FIRMWARE How to verify? ------------------------------------------------------- 6

    ACTIVBOARD-FIRMWARE How to update? ------------------------------------------------------ 7

    ACTIVBOARD-FIRMWARE How to obtain (download)? ---------------------------------------- 7

    ACTIVBOARD Not detected! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7

    ACTIVBOARD Unstable writing (skipping, spiking, etc.)! --------------------------------------- 8

    ACTIVBOARD How to „calibrate‟, when pen doesn‟t line-up with cursor? -------------------- 9 ACTIVBOARD How to clean? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 11

    ACTIVOTE How to identify (915Hz or 2.4GHz)?----------------------------------------------- 11

    ACTIVOTE-915MHZ How to reset registration? ------------------------------------------------ 11

    ACTIVOTE-915MHZ Country Error! Or, old-Vote picture message! ------------------------- 11

    ACTIVOTE How to replace batteries? ------------------------------------------------------------- 12

    ACTISLATE-2.4GHZ Unstable writing (random right-click, etc.) --------------------------- 12

    ACTIVPEN Not working... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12

    ACTIVPEN Writing delays (Activstudio)? -------------------------------------------------------- 12

    ACTIVSTUDIO Not installing on Vista computer, using CDs! ------------------------------- 15

    ACTIV SOFTWARE How to update via “web”? ------------------------------------------------ 17 ACTIV SOFTWARE How to download “full version 3”? -------------------------------------- 18

    ACTIV SOFTWARE How to request “version 3 discs”? --------------------------------------- 19 ACTIV SOFTWARE How to update via “Dashboard”? ---------------------------------------- 20 ACTIV SOFTWARE Selecting which software opens flipcharts ------------------------------ 20

    PRM-10 Warranty ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24

    PRM-10 LAMP Warranty ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24

    PLC-XE40 Warranty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24

    PLC-XE40 LAMP Warranty ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 24

    ACTIVDRIVER How to obtain (download)? (\ North America\ Support\ Driver Upgrades)

    Go to Select „North America‟

Select „Support‟

Select „Driver Upgrades‟

Select and download appropriate driver

Please read all instructions\steps, before installing


ACTIVDRIVER How to verify?

Open „Control Panel‟

Open „Add or Remove Programs‟

    Driver will be listed on „Add or Remove Programs‟ window, and it will list driver version


    ACTIVDRIVER How to update (or install)? Download driver (see „How to obtain) Right-click downloaded file

    Select „Open‟

Select setup language

    Click „OK‟

Follow Installation Wizard steps

NOTE: If computer already has an Activdriver installed, then please remove it before

    installing new driver (see „How to un-install‟)


    ACTIVDRIVER How to un-install (remove)?

Open „Control Panel‟

Open „Add or Remove Programs‟

    Select Activdriver

    Click on „Remove‟ button

Confirm removal (Click „Yes‟)

After removal is complete, please reboot computer


    ACTIVBOARD-FIRMWARE How to verify?

    Click on „Activcontrol icon‟, on system tray, next to computer time Select „About‟

Activboard firmware version will be listed on window.

NOTE: Activboard must be connected to computer and detected, in order to see



    ACTIVBOARD-FIRMWARE How to update?

Make sure board is connected to computer and detected (Activpen and board are

    interacting. Or, board is listed under Activcontrol)

If using laptop, please do not run update while on battery power. Please use AC power

    source (wall outlet)

Close all open applications\software. Do not run any other tasks or software while

    updating firmware

Run firmware update (use firmware file(s) and follow instructions provided by Customer


After upgrade is complete, please reboot board (disconnect from power outlet, wait 7

    seconds, re-connect to power)

ACTIVBOARD-FIRMWARE How to obtain (download)?

    Contact „Customer Support‟ at 888-652-2848, option 3

    ACTIVBOARD Not detected!

    Reboot your Activboard:

     a) Disconnect board power-supply from power outlet

     b) Wait 7 seconds

     c) Re-connect board power-supply to power-outlet

     d) Test…

IF still not detected, then verify you have the latest Activdriver.

IF you don‟t have the latest driver, THEN download, install, reboot computer and reboot

    board… (See Activdriver: How to verify, How to download, How to install)


ACTIVBOARD Unstable writing (skipping, spiking, etc.)!

    Make sure you are using the latest Activdriver (see Activdriver-“How to verify”)

    Make sure your board has the latest firmware (see Activboard-Firmware-“How to verify”)

Test board using Activpen from another working board

    Test board using USB A-B (and/or Serial) cable from another working board

    Test board using power-supply from another working board

    Test board using board power-cable from another working board

    Test board while connecting directly to power outlet on wall (no power source\strips)

    Test board while connecting to a different power outlet (different wall)

    Test board using another computer

    Test board while all other electrical devices in room are turned-off, including lights

Another way to see if cause of issue is coming from items listed above, or from board

    itself, is to a) borrow another working board (from another room), b) remove unstable

    board, c) connected sample board to current cables\computer, d) test…

IF none of the above items solve issue, then please replace board electronics (see

    Activboard-Electronics-“How to replace”, or contact customer support)

IF replacing electronics does not solve issue, then please contact Customer Support for

    next steps…

     Spiking Example Skipping Example


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