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PAREF Woodrose School, Inc. WOODROSE MISSION STATEMENT Acacia Avenue Extension, Ayala Alabang Village, Alabang, Muntinlupa City Zip Code 1780 ? Tel. Nos. 850-63-80 to 83 ? Fax No. 842-14-81 E-mail address: We, the members of the Woodrose School Community, commit ourselves to the integral formation of our students. We intend to live up to this commitment by providing our students a solid academic program that pursues excellence, and by inculcating Christian ideals in CP-01-2009/2010 our students, to enable them to be of service to God and society. 14 April 2009 The thrust of our commitment is founded on a close home-Dear Parents, school collaboration. We put premium on the formation of the parents as the primary educators of their children. We complement this through the Welcome to school year 2009-2010! formation of the teachers, as the parents’ active partners in their children’s education. Finally, we provide formation to the other members We are providing you with this booklet containing all the salient facts of the academic community, as the firm support of the parents and the about your daughters’ schooling in Woodrose. We hope that this handy guide will teachers.

give you adequate school information to facilitate your daughter’s preparation for the coming academic year. WOODROSE VISION A parent-student handbook shall be issued to your daughter containing more detailed information about the policies pertaining to your daughter’s grade / Woodrose is an educational institution where academic year level. excellence and personal formation are achieved through a close collaboration between the school and the home. Here, the foundations of We look forward to forging a strong, constant, and harmonious lifelong learning and improvement are laid. Here, the love of God and of partnership with you in the integral formation of your children. others, based on a solid doctrinal formation, is nurtured. Here, all the members of the school community are enabled to become the best that Here’s to a fruitful year of providing your daughters integral education they can be. through home-school collaboration! Our school is a dynamic, innovative, and caring learning community. It sets and sustains high standards of performance that are Yours truly, based on thorough research and careful study. Its atmosphere is one of warmth, mutual trust, respect and openness. DELIA S. UDANI Our facilities are of excellent quality, designed to meet the Executive Director ever-growing requirements of interactive teaching and learning. Care for and maintenance of these facilities, so as to obtain the maximum use out of them, is the concern of each member of the Woodrose community. 2 1

     the community. They strive to constantly upgrade the proficiency of their Our parents are the first educators of their children. They

    service with cheerful and selfless dedication. recognize this role and actively participate in the continuous formation of

     their children, and of themselves as parents. They value the teachers as their

     Our students are the exemplars of the ideal Christian partners in their children’s integral formation, and they demonstrate

    Woman. They have strength of character, on which discipline, initiative, generosity and constancy in all the aspects where parental

    responsibility, diligence and truthfulness are founded. They lead coherent involvement is essential. Thus, they contribute to an effective home-school

    lives. They are the protagonists of their own learning. By pursuing collaboration.

    excellence in everything they do, they actualize their unique potentials. Their drive for leadership is spurred on by a genuine desire to reach out Our teachers are educational leaders who take pride in their to others, for they know that to lead is to serve. profession. They pursue excellence by doing their work extraordinarily well, and by seeking continuous professional improvement. They show genuine Our alumnae promote the dignity of women by fulfilling concern for and empathy with their students, always finding ways and their roles well as professionals and homemakers. Inspired by the school’s means to transform learning into a joyful experience. They consistently philosophy of serving God and society, they uphold the values of the manifest loyalty to the school. They actively engage in an effective home-family and exercise integrity in their professional tasks. They carry the school collaboration. They are models of the values and virtues that the ideals of Woodrose to other environments. school upholds. Our administrators are first and foremost educators. They are prime movers in the learning community, capably integrating the efforts of the various units toward the fulfillment of the school’s mission and vision. While preserving valued traditions, they also respond to the demands that the environment makes on them and on the school. In fostering collegiality, and solidarity among the members of the academic community, they promote at the same time a spirit of initiative. Their example of dedicated and disinterested service is an inspiration to everyone. Our tutors are masters of forming young minds and hearts. Conscious of their pivotal role in promoting home-school collaboration, they first seek to acquire the Christian ideals they wish to instill in their students. They also value and pursue continuous professional development as tutors. With dedication and patience, they strive to acquire a deep and thorough knowledge of their tutees, so as to form each one. Through their

     amiability, warmth, and understanding, they gain the confidence of their

     tutees and the parents. They are effective contributors to family solidarity.

     The members of our support staff are highly qualified

     professionals. They recognize the value of their work as a contribution to

    4 3

     1. OPENING OF CLASSES will be on Monday, 08 June 2009 for all

    CORE VALUES students. A Woodrose Student: 2. STUDENTS’ SECTIONS The students’ section will be available on the first day of classes. ; Love for God - Shows positive attitude through her behavior and her speech,

    3. SCHEDULE OF CLASSES: * towards religious and moral values learned especially through the Virtue of the Month. a. Primary (Grades 1 to 3) - Accepts or cooperates in carrying out assignments, projects, tasks-Monday : 7:20 AM to 2:35 PM big or small, whether it be an individual or group work with Tuesday to Friday : 7:30 AM to 1:55 PM openness and a cheerful spirit. Note : Dismissal of Grade 1 students on the first week of classes is at 12 ; Concern for Others noon. Grades 2 and 3 will follow the regular schedule. - Obeys all school regulations and all classroom rules unconditionally. - Takes care of school materials and her personal things so that they b. Intermediate (Grades 4 to 7) are always in good working condition, clean and orderly. Monday : 7:20 AM to 3:30 PM Tuesday, Wednesday and ; Respect Friday : 7:30 AM to 2:40 PM - Initiates greeting the school authorities and shows politeness, tact Thursday : 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM

    and refinement in dealing with teachers, classmates, and the office and auxiliary staff. High School (Year I to IV) - Maintains her appearance neat, modest, and pleasant throughout the Monday : 7:20 AM to 3:40 PM

    day. Tuesday and Wednesday : 7:30 AM to 2:50 PM Thursday : 7:30 AM to 3:40 PM

    ; Responsibility First Two Fridays of the month : 7:30 AM to 2:50 PM - Is attentive in class and participates actively in all activities, fulfills all Remaining Fridays of the month : 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM assigned tasks punctually, and maintains a consistently excellent

    quality of work. * Mondays ( for all levels) : Flag Ceremony

     * Changes in the schedule of classes, if any, will be communicated to - Shows good use of time and material resources to pursue her parents through a letter. interest for learning and initiates steps to go beyond the fulfillment

    of tasks.


     The bookstore will be operational throughout the school year to service

     students’ needs such as school uniforms, P.E. uniforms, gala uniforms,

     shoes, books, and other school supplies. Sales are on cash basis.

     5 6


     So as not to disrupt the students’ attendance in class, important messages

    Cafeteria service will commence on the first day of classes. Snacks and lunch may be relayed to them through the school receptionist. The students may will be served. use the office telephone for emergency reasons only.

    Students who prefer to bring their own lunch will have to bring it with them School-related matters are best taken up in school. Therefore, we request when they come to school in the morning. Under normal circumstances, that the parents and students refrain from calling the homes of school they are not allowed to avail of food delivery services, i.e., from fast-food officials, teachers, and tutors.



     GADGETS Email Address

    Students are not allowed to bring cellular phones and other electronic Website

    gadgets (such as Ipods, MP3s, etc.) to school, unless they are needed in Telephone Number/s Department

    specific school activities.. 850-63-80 to 83 807-3257 Trunk Lines

     809-55-08 850-0169


    8. DRESS CODE FOR STUDENTS 842-1481 Fax Number

     Loc. 119 / 145 Receptionist In keeping with the desired general appearance of a Woodrose student, the Loc. 108 / 131 High School Faculty following are considered as inappropriate for students as they may appear Direct line 775-0557 High School Level Council unkempt or may seem pretentious in their quest for self-expression: Loc. 132 a. distracting or ostentatious haircuts or hair coloring Loc. 110 / 133 Intermediate Faculty b. wearing make-up or lipstick Direct Line 775-0558 Intermediate Level Council c. over-bearing accessories, such as dangling earrings Loc. 134 d. wearing caps, scarves, bandanas Loc. 109 / 135 Primary Faculty e. multiple earrings Direct Line 775-0561 Primary Level Council f. long nails; nails with polish Loc. 136 g. wearing skirts on the hips Loc. 148/140 Woodrose Guidance Center h. ankle-length skirts Loc. 141 Gate 3 Guard i. wearing white socks with embroidered logo or brand Loc. 125 Gate 5 Guard j. wearing high-heeled black shoes, sandals or slippers Loc. 120 / 151 / 152 Communications & Management Coordinating Center By the first week of July, all new students should be in complete school Loc. 114 / 154 Accounting Office uniform. Loc. 111 Registrar’s Office 7 8

    Students are not allowed to wear the school uniform in public places except b. Localized Suspension of Classes: In the absence of typhoon signal during activities organized by the school. They should uphold and preserve warnings from PAG-ASA, localized suspension of classes may be the honor and integrity of the school by wearing the school uniform properly. implemented.

    Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook regarding this policy.

     c. Parents’ Responsibilities: Parents have the ultimate responsibility for determining whether their children should go to school if they 9. STUDENT ID feel that traveling to or from school will place their children at risk even when no suspension order has been issued. Parents may All students are required to log in and out at the gates through the bar code check the media advisories of PAG-ASA, DepEd, DCC (Disaster reader and to wear their student IDs while they are in the school campus. Coordinating Council) and the LGUs (Local Government Units). d. Announcements: Public service media outlets should refer

    information on the suspension of classes with PAG-ASA and then 10. DRESS CODE FOR PARENTS AND VISITORS

    to the offices of DepEd, DCCs and LGUs. Suspension of classes

    shall be announced by the Undersecretary for Regional Operations, In keeping with the values of modesty and refinement that the school

    or in his absence, the Regional Director (for the NCR) not later than espouses, we will appreciate seeing parents and visitors come to school in

    4:30 am. These announcements shall be done through broadcast proper attire. Please refrain from wearing mini-skirts, shorts, and sleeveless,

    media and shall take effect the whole day. In cases when there are spaghetti-strapped or extremely low-necked blouses, tube tops, mid-ribbed

    classes in the morning and suspension of classes is only for shirts, and from being too casually dressed.

    afternoon sessions, announcements should be made not later than

    11:00 am. We have authorized our school guards to impose this policy. We will greatly

     appreciate your cooperation.

    e. Required Number of School Days: The required number of school days for the school year shall be considered in holding make-up classes to offset the days when classes are suspended. Make-up 11. SUSPENSION OF CLASSES classes shall be held on Saturdays or on weekdays beyond the original school calendar. Guidelines on suspension of classes due to typhoons and other calamities as

    issued by the Department of Education Order No. 28 s.2005 dated June 03,


    a. Automatic Suspension of Classes that Do Not Require any

    Announcement: When signal no. 2 is raised by PAG-ASA, As a practice, Mentors, Teachers, Level Coordinators and school

     classes at the pre-school, elementary and secondary levels are authorities schedule conferences, tutorial and/or academic chats with

    automatically suspended. parents in school during office hours. Parents may also initiate

     scheduling the tutorial chat at their convenience.

    10 9

    school has devised a feedback form to facilitate communication 13. PRIVATE TUTORING

     between the parents and the school through your parent coordinators. Faculty members of Woodrose are not allowed to privately tutor their

    students or any Woodrose student in and outside the school.


    You will be receiving communications from the school through letters, 14. RECOLLECTION FOR MOTHERS / FATHERS

     especially for those which require reply slips, and through e-mails. This is an activity meant for one to reflect more deeply on the Catholic This is one important channel for furthering home-school collaboration. faith and the practical application to one’s life, and the exercise of virtues. Hence, we request a prompt and diligent turning in of reply slips

     through your daughter. We also encourage you to maximize the use of

     The monthly recollection for mothers is held at the Woodrose Chapel the diary as a medium of communication.

    In case of change of address/telephone number, please notify the every third Thursday at 9:00 a.m., and every fourth Thursday at 4:15 p.m.

    Registrar’s Office immediately. Changes in the schedule will be announced accordingly.

     Southridge holds a monthly recollection for fathers at their school Chapel

    every first Sunday at 9:00 am and every third Thursday at 5:30 pm. 18. FAILING STUDENTS

    Slots are available only for the students promoted to a higher level. 15. SECURITY There is no guarantee of a slot for a failing student. ; We have installed CCTV cameras at the gates as part of our security measures. 19. DRUG TESTING POLICY ; All visitors are required to log in and out and to secure visitor’s ID. ; If you are authorizing your helper/driver to regularly fetch your Woodrose students from Grade 7 to Year IV will undergo mandatory daughter, please secure a special I.D. for him/her from our Registrar’s drug testing, once within the school year. This requires the consent of Office. the parents. A testing fee will be charged during the enrolment period. ; Parents may also apply for Parent’s ID at the Registrar’s Office to avoid the inconvenience of securing visitor’s ID. 20. WOODROSE GUIDANCE CENTER (local 140/148) 16. PARENT COORDINATORS / MENTORS The Woodrose Guidance Center (WGC) has been operational since June 2003. The Center serves as a school-based team that provides You will be informed of your respective parent coordinators and the academic support programs, which include group assessments for the mentor/s of your daughter/s a few days after the opening of classes. The whole student body, as well as individual evaluation and intervention services for students with special learning needs. 11 12

    The Woodrose Guidance Center team is composed of a psychologist, a The school also offers a Basic Course on Christian Doctrine to Mothers guidance counselor, a psychometrician and a SpEd teacher. Whenever who are interested to know more about the faith as an important element in necessary, this team may make referrals to other specialists (e.g. fostering home-school collaboration. If you are interested, you may get in neurodevelopmental pediatrician, neuropsychologist, speech pathologist, touch with the Family Orientation Coordinator, Maricar Reyes, at 850-6380 physical therapist, occupational therapist, etc.) upon agreement with the to 83 local 118.


Below are the special services provided by the WGC: 22. CHAPLAINCY

    I. Consultations with the School Psychologist The School Chaplain celebrates Mass each school day at 12:05 PM.

    Spiritual attention, such as confession, spiritual direction, recollection and ; Psychological Testing

    theology classes, is facilitated by the School Chaplain for the students,

    parents, school personnel, alumnae and friends. II. SpEd Services

     ; Individualized Educational Plan (includes

     recommendations of teachers and pull-out during tests)

    23. SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER ; SpEd Tutorial (after-school program)

    The official school photographer is appointed by the school to cover events IV. Summer Intervention Program(SIP)

    such as Graduation, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Family Day, ; Academic Intervention classes (for new students) Yearbook Pictures, etc. As such, photography services for all official school events will be limited to the designated school photographer and coordinated with the Communications and Management Coordinating *Fees are charged for special services of the WGC staff and for the Center. maintenance of the unit, except for the consultations with the School Psychologist. 24. RELEASE OF TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS, REPORT CARDS AND 21. SPECIAL RELIGION CLASS DIPLOMAS In line with the school’s thrust to provide a solid integral formation to our The official transcript of records, report card and diploma will only be students and to create a learning environment where instructional issued upon clearance of accounts. opportunities are adapted to diverse learners, the school offers enrichment classes in Religion for non-Catholics. This will be free of charge. This provision is meant to facilitate their knowing the foundational truths about the 25. NON-REFUNDABLE DEVELOPMENT FEE Catholic faith so they can understand and appreciate it more, and to reinforce learning in the regular Religion class. The Religion classes may be given Beginning school year 2007-2008, all new students are required to pay a individually or in groups during confession time or whenever your daughter is non-refundable Development Fee that replaces the bond. Old students, available. Their teachers are some administrators and non-teaching staff who however, are still covered by the stipulations indicated in their respective have volunteered to help out and are competent to give these classes since bond policies they have finished attending some courses on Theology and Philosophy here and abroad. 14 13

26. BOND REFUND POLICY (for students prior to school year 2007-2008)

    i) Transfer of residence to another country or province

    a. Bond deposits received by the school shall be refunded without interest in (with supporting documents, e.g. visa, etc.)

    the following manner: ii) Sickness, duly supported by a medical certificate

     describing the illness of the student such that the

    ; Last in-first out method student will be unable to attend this school year or

    ; A letter requesting for refund of the deposit signed by both parents any other school for the rest of the academic year.

    should be submitted to the Business Office. iii) Recommendation from the Executive Director

    ; Deposits shall be released 30 days after the end of the registration

    period in Woodrose following the child’s transfer or exit from the

    school. c) The following situations are not considered “valid and justifiable


    b. Parents who withdraw their deposit and who decide later to re-enroll their

    children will be covered by the Development Fee Policy. i) Voluntary transfer

     ii) Inability to adjust to the school and/or teachers, and

    c. Deposits not withdrawn within three years from the time of the child’s environment

    exit from the school shall become non-refundable. The last in first out iii) Misunderstandings

    method shall likewise apply to determine the amount of non-refundable iv) Lack of student enthusiasm or interest


     It is assumed that once a student is enrolled in Woodrose, her

     intention is to complete her studies for the whole school year.

    Once a student has been accepted, she contributes to the student 27. WITHDRAWALS AND REFUNDS OF COE, MISCELLANEOUS AND

    enrollment limit. Whenever a student withdraws during the year, OTHER FEES

    the school loses the opportunity to accept additional bona fide

     In case of withdrawals, the following policy on refund of tuition fees or enrollees.

    Cost of Education (COE), miscellaneous fees and other fees shall hold: ndTherefore, students withdrawing after the second (2) week of

     1. All fees other than tuition and miscellaneous fees are non- refundable. classes, unless for “valid and justifiable reasons” stated in Section

    5 (b), shall be charged the tuition fees for the entire school year. Consequently, development fees are non-refundable.

     No official clearance and transcripts will be released unless

     2. Conditions to refund COE and/or Miscellaneous Fees: tuition fees and other back accounts are paid.

    a. Students may claim for refund of the COE beyond the second week

    of class if the withdrawal is for “valid and justifiable reasons” as d) All refunds will be subject to an administration fee equivalent to

    per Section 5 (b). In these cases, the students will be charged up to 10% of total fees.

    and including the last month of their attendance in school.

    b) “Valid and justifiable reasons” for withdrawal are defined as:

    15 16

     Special Dental Services:

     COE refunds will be based on the following schedule: 3.

    a. Preventive Dentistry

    - scaling and polishing TIME FRAME % of COE

    - fluoride treatment Refundable

    - sealant i. Before the first week of classes 100%

    b. Restorative Dentistry (dental fillings) ii. Within the first week of classes 90%

    c. Prosthodontics (Construction of Appliance) iii. Within the second week of classes 80% d. Cosmetic Dentistry (such as Bleaching) iv. Beyond two weeks from the start of classes 0% 29. MEDICAL SERVICES Note : COE unpaid balances for the remainder of the school year shall be charged against the student’s investment bond deposit, if The School Clinic is open from 7:30 AM up to 4:00 PM during school days. applicable. Otherwise, the student shall be charged for any A Doctor and a Nurse are always available for consultation. All students uncleared accounts. undergo a mandatory Physical Exam within the school year. 4. The above rules are applied regardless of whether or not the student has In case of emergency, the student is given immediate medical treatment. No actually attended classes. major medical decision will be done until the parents are properly notified. However, the school doctor may administer necessary treatments while 5. Miscellaneous fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis and subject to an parents are being contacted. administration fee of 10% of the full amount. Any student who has a communicable disease is advised to go home and consult their doctor. She should obtain clearance from her doctor as to 28. DENTAL SERVICES when she may return to school. Upon request, special dental services for students may be done by the school Students who have been absent for at least 3 days are requested to secure dentist for a fee. Payments can be done in cash or check (payable to PAREF medical clearance from the Clinic prior to being admitted to their class. Woodrose School, Inc.) Special dental services will start after all the students have finished their Annual Dental Examination. 29. TRAFFIC POLICY Regular Dental Services:

    ; Traffic flow around the school vicinity is one-way in all directions, i.e. in a. Thorough Mouth Examination

    Acacia, Santan, Rosal and Champaca. b. Consultations

     c. Simple Extraction

    ; The following is the schedule for the opening of the school gates: d. Application of Medication/s

     e. Diet Counseling

     OPEN CLOSE f. Oral Hygiene Instructions

    GATE 2 : Monday and Thursday 6:45 am 7:30 am

     3:30 pm 4:30 pm

    18 17

     OPEN CLOSE Please detach this page and forward to the Class Adviser.

     Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 6:45 am 7:30 am

     2:30 pm 4:30 pm We have read and noted CP-01-2009/2010 pertaining to the

     Information Guide for School Year 2009-2010.

     Saturday and Sunday (CLOSED) STUDENT'S PARENTS’ GATE 3 : Monday to Friday 6:00 am 5:00 pm ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Saturday and Sunday (CLOSED) GATE 4 : Monday to Friday 6:00 am 5:00 pm ___________________ __________________ Signature Signature of Father Saturday and Sunday (CLOSED) Above Printed Name Above Printed Name GATE 5 : Monday to Friday 6:00 am 8:00 pm ___________________ _________________ ; Gate 4 (Covered Parking) is exclusively for the Woodrose Staff only. Year / Section Signature of Mother Above Printed Name ; Blowing of horns is not allowed around the vicinity of Woodrose. We authorize our school guards to strictly enforce this village rule and to admonish erring drivers. ___________________ ________________ Date Date ; Maximum speed limit within the vicinity is 20 kph. ; Dropping off and picking up of passengers at the gates is limited to two minutes only. Suggestions for inclusion of information not provided in the Guide: ; Loading and unloading is not allowed at the corner of Champaca and _________________________________________________________ Acacia Streets. Also, kindly observe the “No Parking/No Loading/No Unloading” policy imposed by AAVA on certain streets near _________________________________________________________ Woodrose (ex. Sanggumay Street) _________________________________________________________ ; Parking along Rosal Street for owner-driven cars shall be from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm only.


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