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Customer Management

1. Cannot double click on the category or classification.

2. Should provide a tools for user to select criteria other than Golden Label Customer

     My corporate customer

Screen operations problems:

    ; All fields should be in gray color before change button is pressed. It is to indicate that

    the record cannot be changed. (including the ellipsis button and combo box they

    should not be activated before change button or add button is added.)

    ; Keyboard tab function is not operating properly (Cannot tab across all fields to be

    changed or added)

    ; For the derived fields that cannot be edited, please gray out the field.

    ; Main telephone should be put under the address. User cannot have a main telephone

    number before any number is added. In addition, the main telephone cannot be edited

    (derived field). Hence it should put under the address.

    ; Should have description to describe the field when mouse on. E.g. Site Introduction, Site

    Category because these two fields are difficult to understand.

    Should always have a undo button for repudiating the changes

    The content on the list applet is not all the information of customer and changes canNOT be made at the list applet.

    The PowerCRM should at least determine what are the basic information requires to fill-in in order to complete the add customer process. At the moment, I can create customer without entering the name. It should not happen.

    When TAB is at edit mode, user should NOT be able to jump to the next TAB until the confirm

    until is pressed for that TAB

    The list applet should be able to display more fields when the monitor is at 1024x768 mode. The form applet should be scale accordingly when display has changed to 1024x768 mode Should have a information line indicating how many total records and the count of the highlight record in the list applet. Currently it is a function for the list applet. Should display in a easier to

spot location. (suggest to be the bottom of the screen)

The functionality button for the list applet:

1. Register Clue (not working)

    2. The detail which pop up with meaningful data, it should display the details of the highlighted


    3. Self define tools box : should have all the fields suggested in the functional specification to be

    selected by the users

    4. Search data the data type should be changed according to the change of field. E.g. If

    selected New record, it should be just Yes or No. Should allow user to edit the SQL

    command or select AND or OR when composing the search criteria.

    5. Renew data should be also be done with F5.

Corporate information

Amend the department and then press amend cause problem cannot amend

    Cannot add team member

    Incomplete in screen operation :

    ; Cannot use right mouse click

    ; Should user amend the field first and press amend or press amend button first before

    amending the fields

    ; There should be an undo button to repudiate the changes

    ; After department changed, the employee changed accordingly. However when the name

    of the team member still not changing


    1. All fields in the pop up window should NOT be allowed to change until adding, amending or

    deleting button is selected.

    2. Double click the content in the list applet goes to the team member information

    Prospect can be changed to a customer but need confirmation. Once become a customer, the record cannot be turned back to a prospect.

Screen operations when pressed the ellipsis button of the address :

    1. When press deleted, the system should delete the record. It may ask for user confirmation but

    should not pop up the detail address window again.

    2. When adding a new address, the effective date should be default to todays date. If

    information is not added properly, the current error message is not very informative.

Corporate Background

    The pop up window will have a problem if there is only one record in the pop up window. The system will automatic select that record for the user, even if the user may not want to select that record.

This form applet only allow save, which is not consistent with other TAB

Corporate structure

    Should be able make the corporate name be hypertext so that when clicked. It should pop up the corporate information of the selected hyperlink.

    Should have a button to allow customer to add, amend or delete the content of the chart.

Corporate Organisational structure

Same comments as the corporate structure.

    Other information of the corporate customer

    When first click on the other customer information from My corporate customer or other screen, it should carry the selected customer and have the list applet highlight to the selected customer.

Next page function is not necessary if you can scroll the record

    Double click the customer in the list applet should bring the user back to My corporate customer

    with focus at the selected corporate customer.

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