Minutes for Wexford Village Board of Directors

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Minutes for Wexford Village Board of Directors ...


    Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

    TDS Telecom Room 525 Junction Road

    Present: Trish Watts, Darrell Flemming, Matt Thomas, Don Michalski, Dave Tolmie, Ken Schmidt, Jim Rather and Paul Stang.

Not Present: Sabi Atteyih and Hillary Williams.

Guests: Rene and Bob Cromer

1. Meeting minutes Trish

    Motion to accept May minutes seconded and approved.

2. Financial Report Paul

    ; Reviewed May 2007 Treasurer Report and Summary of Receipts &


    ; Outstanding dues discussion. Hillary and Don made phone calls. Don

    received 4 payments, Paul received 4, and not sure what Hillary received.

    ; Motion to accept the May 2007 financial report seconded and approved.

3. Old Business

    a. Request for fence on 7006 Sawmill Road Rene and Bob Cromer

    Packets of information given to each board member outlining the issue.

    They intend to install 4’ fence and would like the boards approval now so no

    further action is necessary. The Board discussed and decided that in this case,

    the fence will be approved due to medical/safety issues, which are


    Motion: Approve the 4’ fence at 7006 Sawmill Road. Vote: 6/1/1


    b. City Grant for $500 to landscape walkway at Apple Hill Circle. We were not

    recommended due to a low score. Staff recommendation handout.

    c. Middleton Street fence/pool update. Our attorney, Greg Seibold, filed a

    complaint on this 5/31/07 to the Department of Planning & Development

    regarding the bias of the inspector and the fence violation (fails to enclose the

    ‘pool’ on one side) in regards to the City of Madison Code of Ordinances.

4. New Business

    a. Sabi has given his resignation due to severe time constraints.

    b. Proposal for light removal on greenways, Ken and Don met and reviewed

    lights on all greenways. They have recommendations including changing,

    consolidating, removal and re-use. Meet with Ron of PKK and discuss our

    needs and feasibility.

    c. Review of brush and tree cutting on pathways and circles.

    Ken and Don reviewed the circles. Many have been better maintained by

    neighbors, but some are still wild. It has been about 5 years since circles

    were pruned. Let’s put an article in the Watch letting people know that they

    have the authority to keep their circles looking nice.

    There is a lot of growth over the pathways. We need to let the people who

    own the property know that they need to maintain it. Don and Ken will speak

    with the property owners.

d. Update on traffic calming (humps) on Longmeadow.

    Received aerial view map from the city of Longmeadow. Humps will be at

    7025, 2 by pond on straightaway, and 2 by Castlebar. Most residents

    approve, a couple do not. Don delivered map to all nearby residents and

    gave them letter of intent with encouragement to reply with comments. e. Update on traffic light on Longmeadow and Gammon Road.

    No progress.

    5. Committee Reports

a) Architectural Review Darrell and Matt

    ; Deck approved at 7006 Sawmill Road

    ; Addition at 5 S. Woodmont Circle was approved

    ; Approved an Addition constructed by ACI construction. Matt will give


b) Block captains - Jim

    Nothing to report.

c) Contracting - Don & Matt

    ; Grass cut 6/5/07. Grass in certain areas were not cut all Spring so Don

    reminded them of it. 7 day schedule due to rain.

    ; PKK will be contacted with lighting changes.

d) Covenants Don

    ; 18 Fiskdale Circle unkempt yard complaint has been resolved.

    ; 7113 & 7121 Harvest Hill unkempt yards complaint. Don will send letters.

    ; Darien Drive unkempt appearance complaint. No letter need be sent.

e) Parks & City Relations Ken

    ; City has refused to put porta potties in the park due to budget constraints.

    We can if we would like ($110/month), but they will not assist in covering

    the costs (unless there are city tennis lessons). Sue Hunt is getting a

    campaign going to get the city to put some out.

    Motion: If the city does not put in a porta-potty in the park, Wexford will

    pay to install a porta potty in the park from 6/15 9/15 at the price of

    about $110/month. Motion seconded and passed.

    ; Parks Department hopes to grade the ice rink soon.

    ; Complaints on volleyball courts not being usable. Ken left message to city

    on this issue.

    ; Ken called about replacing the dead trees in the park.

    ; We have a UW student working 6-8 hours a week on various

    park/greenway projects. th; Brush collection is the week of June 11. Circles and woods cleanup

    debris could be taken at this time.

    ; Resident wanted to have Yoga in the Park Parks wants $800 to use it.

    ; During the crime watch meeting, we found out that our shelter may be

    one of 3 that are scheduled to be moved towards the street. Our police

    liaison disagrees and wants to add lights to the shelter. She has also

    asked the city to fill in a large hole in the woods that was dug by kids.

    ; 7522 Sawmill road wants to plant tree on greenway. Ken will send letter

    of denial.

f) Social/Welcoming - Hilary th of July parade are Garage Sale had a great turn out. Preparations for the 4

    in process and well on their way.

g) Website Trish

    Nothing to report.

h) Wexford Watch - Dave thDave would like to get the Watch out end of June. Need articles by June 16.

    Meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m.

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