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    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

    @ 7.30pm @ the Methodist Church Rooms, North Street.


Cllr. Mr Peter Cantle

    Cllr. Mrs Hilary Fryer Borough Councillor

    Cllr. Mrs Antonia Goater Chairman to Playing Fields Committee

    Cllr. Mrs Jan Hind

    Cllr. Mrs Pauline Ranson Borough Councillor

    Cllr. Mr Ted Rodgers arrived at 7.55pm

    Cllr. Mrs Judith Rodgers Vice Chairman

    Cllr. Mrs Sue Rodgers arrived at 7.55pm

    Cllr. Mrs Marie Slater Chairman to the Parish Council and Planning


    Cllr. Mrs Judith Spence Chairman to the Youth Council sub committee Cllr. Mr Luke Smith Chairman to the Cemetery and Other

    Grounds Committee

    Cllr. Mrs Wendy Woodhouse Chairman to Policy & Finance Committee

    County Councillor Mr Tony Kershaw

    PC Lynne Gilbertson Beat Policewoman for Barrow upon Soar

    Sgt Marcus Lee Sergeant at Syston LPU


    Mrs LM Bell - Clerk to the Parish Council

    Mrs H Duxbury - Assistant Clerk

    Residents listed on the attendance record as follows: Mrs S Hobbs; Messrs. B Henman (left at 8.50pm), G Hobbs, D Mitchell, JK Smith, J Thursby, AL

    Willcocks and R Woodhouse


    Cllr. Mr A Childs


    Cllrs. Messrs. K Pepper and R Forrest


    There were no declarations of interest


    thThe minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 27 March 2007 were approved and duly signed by Chairman to the Council Cllr. Marie Slater.

    240. MATTERS ARISING IN RELATION TO THE MINUTES ABOVE 225./223. Mr Mitchell requested an update regarding the closure of the footpath from Bridge

    Street to Proctors Park Road.

    Cllr Slater confirmed as previously that the Parish Council has made an application for a

    Modification Order. The legal department at County Council is continuing with its investigations

    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

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    and has advised this is a lengthy procedure. The order, if made, would be subject to objections, further lengthening the procedure.

    241. PARISH COUNCIL RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2008 tabled and available for inspection

    stReceipts and Payments records for the year ended 31 March 2007 were tabled and made

    available for inspection at the meeting or at the Parish Council Offices by appointment. Accounts as above were tabled for inspection.


    DECEMBER 2007 tabled and available for inspection

    stReceipts and Payments records to date for the year ended 31 March 2007 were tabled and

    made available for inspection at the meeting or at the Parish Council Offices by appointment. Accounts as above were tabled for inspection.


    This has been a very busy year for the council. Last May the new council took office with eight members of the previous council joined by three new members. We had made the decision to increase the number of councillors to fifteen and four further members of the council were co-opted after a series of interviews. They bring with them a wide variety of experience in education and business and their enthusiasm and commitment has made the council more vibrant and able to take on new initiatives.

    We have become a point of contact for a number of groups formed as a result of the Parish Plan and we work closely with the Community Association and other interested groups. We have been exploring facilities offered for our older citizens and their carers and hope to produce a publication with all of this information collated for use. A Youth Council is proposed and two open meetings have been held for young people who may be interested. The main committees of the council have continued their week to week work and you will hear reports from them.

    It has been a great joy to see the refurbishment of Sileby Road and this entrance to our village is now looking so much better. It is a tribute to the enthusiasm of Councillor Ted Rodgers that this work has been done.

    We were once again awarded Best Village (5000+ population section) status in the competition organised by RCC/Calor, our Information Technology bid did not receive an award, not to be

    put off we have again submitted entries to this years competition.

    The Parish Walks were very successful despite the dreadful weather and thanks are due to those who volunteer to lead these, copies of this years programme of Summer Walks are displayed

    and available to take home. The village Bike Rides event took place but the support was less than in previous years. This year we shall be using the Beacon Field and intend to include a longer ride, possibly 15 miles, and invite families to bring a picnic. New volunteers would be most welcome. We were concerned to learn quite late on about new regulations affecting the parade on Remembrance Day but members of the Council and friends were able to marshal the route although this made it quite a hectic time for them. We held a very successful Christmas lights event in conjunction with BUSCA whose street fair and entertainment were rewarded with huge crowds.

    Last year we held a competition at Hall Orchard School to design a Coat of Arms for Barrow. The winning entries were submitted to a designer who has made us a badge of office which was dedicated at our recent Civic Service and will be worn by the Chairman at future Civic Events. It is here and I think you will agree that he has done a beautiful job. Of course the choice of pictures may not be what each of us would have chosen, but this was the view of the

    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

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    children. We are now able to stand proudly alongside all the other local councils who are decorated in a similar manner.

    The Council meets in the offices every first Tuesday of each month. Agendas for our meetings are posted on the Library notice board and in the window of the Parish Council Offices. You are very welcome to attend these and meetings of our committees which are always advertised. The office is open to the public Monday to Thursday from 10am to 1pm each week should you have a query or need help.

    I would like to mention our village handy man John. His care for the parks and jitties often goes beyond the call of duty and we tend to forget how much better things have been since he took over. It must be quite frustrating at times when he has to repeat the same tasks daily knowing that thoughtless people will spoil the enjoyment of others as soon as he has gone. I would like to thank all the members of the council for their hard work this year. Especially I would like to pay tribute to our Responsible Officer Lesley and her Assistant Helen. Our enthusiasm has given them many more meetings to attend and we expect them to prepare agendas, write up the minutes which they have recorded and deal with all that we have recommended. We are fortunate in having such knowledge and acumen at our request, and the ever changing rules and regulations are often taxing, to say nothing of the seemingly frequent change of officers who have to be dealt with. We do thank them both for all that.



    The Policy and Finance Committee has met five times during the year, we have looked at some policy issues involving the way Council meetings are run, things affecting standing orders and the running of sub-committees.

    The Precept for 2007/8 was ?147,342 and we have slightly overspent. Costs included Phase 2 Sileby Road Environmental Improvements which we also obtained grant funding from FLAG and Shire Grants Funds, upgrading of our playing fields at both King George V and Mill Lane recreation areas and the youth shelter at King George V, again grant funding was obtained to help with the costs. We have a new notice board outside the library and signs are to be installed at the Millennium Park.

    The Precept for 2008/9 is ?152331. In 2007/8 there were 4225 people of voting age in the village so that was ?34.87 each. In 2008/9 there are 4289 which is ?35.52 each which equates to an increase of 1.85% or 0.65 pence per electorate.

    In the Precept for 2008/9 we have included costs for the installation of disabled access, new entrance, fencing and pathway at King George V recreation area, installation of hard standing linking the pathway to the seating area and play equipment at the Mill Lane recreation area, works to the Roundhouse, the Cemetery Chapel roof, a bus shelter at Sileby Road and provision of funding towards village facilities. We are applying for grant funding to help with the costs and already have funding towards the bus shelter at Sileby Road, 50% of the cost of the shelter up to ?3000.

    This has been my first year as chair and I would like to thank committee members and the council for their help and support, especially Marie. I would also like to thank Lesley for her help and support and for all the hard work she puts in, particularly with the Precept. We are lucky to have her.


    Mr Henman queried precept figures and it was agreed to supply a written statement to clarify matters.

    Mr Willcocks asked if the Parish Council had applied for the maximum precept allowed. It was confirmed that though there is no upper limit the Councils precept application must be justified.

    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

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Mr Mitchell requested clarification regarding S137.

    The Clerk advised Section 137 gives the Council the power to spend up to a specified amount (reviewed annually) per electorate on anything it considers would benefit the community and which other specific powers do not cover.


    Luke Smith

    I should like to start by paying tribute to the work of my predecessor Keith Perkins. His expertise will be missed, resurfacing work to the cemetery roads and footpaths he had instigated were completed last summer. An additional gravel strip has also been installed for interment of cremated remains.

    The Garden of Remembrance area was looking neglected and untidy and we are very grateful to members of the Baptist Church who have landscaped, replanted and are maintaining it for us. Special thanks are extended to Michael Bradwell and Jane Adamson.

    We have had an offer of roses which we hope will be planted before the summer. Occasional gardening evenings are organised, details are posted in the Parish Council window and I would encourage anyone to join me on a summer evening.

    The project of a seating area mentioned last year has been postponed for the time being and two seats pledged in memoriam are to be placed at Industry Square adjacent to the War Memorial.

    There are two major items of expenditure, the Cemetery roof which has to be re-roofed and for which a contract is about to be placed and the long term requirement of additional burial space which was mentioned last year and is ongoing.

    Essential maintenance to the Round House is in hand. A contract for works to the roof is to be placed soon and quotations for works to the interior and exterior are to be obtained which includes enclosing electricity cables and meter.

    The War Memorial is constructed in soft sandstone and is suffering from exposure to frost. We

    teth Taylor of the 7 Battalion are seeking advice on the best way to repair it. The inscription of P

    Leicestershire Regiment who was recruited in the village and fell in the first war was added to the memorial in October 2007. The garden area is looking well and if anyone would like to help by taking over the weeding and pruning when I am away please do let me know. The Culverts is looking well and our thanks are extended to Messrs Peter Clarke and Goodwin for looking after this area.

    In conclusion I should like to thank both the Cemetery Committee and everyone who has helped over the year.


    This has been my first year as Chairman to the Playing Fields Committee, and I have enjoyed its challenges. My thanks go to Lesley and Helen for all their help and hard work. This has been an exciting year for the Playing Fields Committee. We have seen lots of new equipment installed at King George V and Mill Lane play areas and have been impressed with SMP, the company responsible for supply and installation. The equipment is excellent and we have seen it being used and enjoyed by many children. The total cost was ?40846.02 which was paid from a budget precepted for in previous years and a grant of ?6000 from the SHIRE Grant Fund.

    Two items of new-ish play equipment the Venus roundabout and the Birds Nest swing at King George V have caused us problems during the year. We have had many site meetings and Lesley has worked tremendously hard to get these problems resolved. The Venus roundabout has now been successfully repaired, free of charge. The Birds Nest swing has been removed for

    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

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    the time being for safety reasons. We are hoping that this will be repaired and reinstalled soon. Our project for this year, recently approved by full council, is to install a new fence and gate adjacent to Wycliffe Avenue and a new pathway to link to the enclosed play area at KGV and extension to the existing footpath to link to the play equipment at Mill Lane. All works will accommodate the DDA. The total cost of this project is ?13600, which we hope to obtain grant funding toward.

    This year has also seen installation of a Youth Shelter and high seating at KGV. The initial request came from young people of the village and was organised by Barrow Youth Action Group, primarily Judith Spence, also a member of the Playing Fields Committee, who secured grant funding of ?7000, the balance of ?2708 paid by the Parish Council which has also adopted both items. After initial concerns from some residents living in close proximity, I am pleased that the shelter has proved to be popular with the youth and we have not had any significant reports of anti-social behaviour caused by it, this is confirmed by our Beat Officer Lynne Gilbertson who has a highly visible presence in the area, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

    The new housing development at Cotes/Willow Road is due to have play areas installed and we are hoping to liaise with Charnwood Borough Council and the developer soon, in order that the Parish Council is fully involved with regard to the installations.

    This year has seen the formation of two sub-committees. The Youth Council sub-committee is currently trying to raise interest and awareness for the formation of a Youth Council. An open meeting held in March generated some interest. A second open meeting was held last Tuesday, 7 young people came along and agreed to be included in the Youth Council. We hope to recruit some more youngsters and to hold the first meeting in July. The other is the Millennium Park sub-committee. Councillors, along with Mike Morley from the original Millennium Group, have met to ensure the country park is properly maintained and cultivated, to ensure it remains an area of which to be proud.

    Eight members of the Council serve on the Playing Fields Committee, six of whom have undertaken basic training through ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and undertake weekly inspections of our play areas on a rota basis, this includes the Millennium Park. I'd like to thank all Councillors for their hard work and support over this past year. I'd also like to thank John, our handyman, for the cleaning and maintenance of the play areas.


    Mrs Hobbs commented regarding the Brook Lane play area. Cllr. Goater explained following meetings with representative of the Borough Council and David Wilson Homes consultation was undertaken 94 homes were targeted from which we received 25 responses 16 supported landscaping as open space and 9 supported inclusion of play equipment. This has not yet been discussed by the Council. A date for a meeting with the Borough Council is awaited.


    The Planning Committee has again had a busy year. The majority of plans we deal with are for extension/enhancement to private properties. It is still general practice to improve rather than to move. We are careful that adequate parking spaces are provided according to the regulations as street parking is a perennial problem.

    The 106 Agreement attached to the small development at the Steelcraft site will fund some of the improvements made to Mill Lane playing fields.

    Plans for the Health Centre have been submitted, they will provide additional waiting space and extended consulting rooms with room for an additional doctor. We are assured that the funds for this are earmarked for Barrow.

    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

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    Another exciting prospect is the new sports hall at Humphrey Perkins School. This hall, and I quote “will not only allow(the present) clubs to develop, increasing participation in sport and physical activity, but the proposed new facility will also provide good quality pay and play opportunities(badminton, table tennis, dance/exercise to music classes etc. for the local and wider communities.” Of course the hall will be fully used by the school during the day but “during the evenings/weekends and school holidays the new facility will be utilised by the


    We have submitted the names of John Earl, Jack Perkins, Marianne Walker, Harry Lockwood and John Brooker for road names on the new estates, together with names representing materials, industry and people associated with the site. e.g. plough, delph, cobble, gravel, Roman and Saxon.

    Most plans are now available at the Borough Council website. The

    Clerk would be willing to show you available plans during office hours.

    thThere is to be an Area Forum at Humphrey Perkins School on 13 May 2008 at which

    representative of the PCT will be in attendance.


    Cllr. Kershaw apologised in advance advising that a trip to the dentist had left him feeling a little under the weather and reported as follows:

    With regard to the Cotes/Willow Road development and how 106 monies are to be spent, almost all is subject to occupation of the stated number of properties - this differs for each allocation.

    Further to the recent accident where the footbridge over the railway was damaged, as promised I have attended a meeting with the Director and requested pressure is put on Network Rail to confirm a date for replacement.

    My role as Vice Chairman to the County Council is nearing completion and in three weeks I will take over as Chairman I do however hope to continue my involvement with Barrow throughout. I have a note of School term dates for the next four years for anyone who may be interested. Mobile classrooms at Humphrey Perkins and Hall Orchard will be replaced within three years. Following thanks to Parish Councillors and staff, Cllr. Kershaw asked for any questions.


    Mr Willcocks commented with regard to previous concerns relating to the raised footpath and suggested any maintenance would be extremely disruptive to residents.

    Cllr. Kershaw advised further to previous reports which suggest the footpath may not be safe in certain areas that a surveyors report has confirmed it is in fact safe. There is ongoing debate with Quorn Parish Council with regard to lack of improvement to the Slabs. Cllr. Slater confirmed that a meeting had been arranged but was postponed by Quorn Parish Council. Mr Willcocks also commented that the speed cushions at Sileby Road are not working. As a regular user of this route he has witnessed large and 4 wheel drive vehicles race over the cushions where saloon cars slow down to way below the speed limit. The scheme clearly is not working and is not value for tax payers. Schemes should affect all traffic and not be limited to smaller vehicles.

    Cllr. Kershaw advised that an assessment for the need and justification of cost was carried out prior to introduction of the scheme and the cushions were designed and placed in order to allow emergency vehicles to straddle them.

    Mr Willcocks stated this also allows any other large vehicle to do the same and suggested there should be an assessment after the schemes introduction.

    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

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    Cllr. Kershaw offered to investigate matters relating to the number of commercial vehicles using this route and its safety.

    Mr Mitchell advised of problems with the traffic lights at Bridge Street and of HGV‟s travelling through the village at all times of the day and particularly early morning.

    Cllr. Kershaw noted problems with the traffic lights and advised note should be made of registration numbers, date, time etc in order that the matter of HGVs can be followed up. Cllr. J Rodgers requested an update with regard to an alternative flood free route to the A6. Cllr. Kershaw agreed this is something which is required sooner rather than later and that damage to bridges is a concern due to the volume of commercial traffic using this route. It would however cost millions and County Council will include in future budget allocations. If the County Council amenity site is moved to land adjacent to Slash Lane, as has been suggested, the need for a flood free route at this point would be justified.

    Mr Thursby raised concern relating to HGVs and cars regularly using the traffic island at Thirlmere Road to undertake u turns and requested the size of the roundabout is increased and no u turn notices are installed.

    Cllr Fryer suggested HGVs delivering to Somerfield use this junction in order that they are on the opposite side of the carriageway which helps in their accessing of Somerfield car park. The Clerk advised that she has reported use of this junction for u turns to LCC Highways. Cllr. S Rodgers raised concern with the appearance of Slash Lane - the gutters have eroded, the area is unkempt and there are fallen branches and bits of trees just left, sometimes in very dangerous places. Cllr. S Rodgers suggested that because this area does not belong to any village there is no campaign to improve.

    It was confirmed County Council is responsible for highways. Cllr. Fryer advised that the Borough Council is responsible for cleansing/fly tipping.


    Since our last Parish meeting we have had the Borough Council Elections. Hilary was delighted to be re-elected and Pauline very pleased indeed to have been elected. Our very sincere thanks to all of our supporters, we will continue to work very hard on behalf of the village in our different roles within the Council.

    Many of you will know that there was a change to the Administration in May 2007 which has involved and continues to involve a lot of hard work undertaken in order to endeavour to bring to fruition the manifesto of promises.

    In February the „Pay on Foot‟ scheme was introduced at Beehive car park, the Brown Bin

    scheme is to be extended and changes have been made to Bulk Waste Collection. There has been a clampdown on Fly Tipping and the first prosecutions have taken place. Anyone who witnesses fly tipping please do not hesitate to report it to the Council. The Concessionary Travel Pass scheme is now up and running, it is hoped this will be very successful. Application forms are available from the Council offices.

    Charnwood Grants offers funding to projects in Charnwood and so far this Administration has approved funding to the value of ?120,000 since its inception.

    Hilary now serves on the Cabinet as Lead Member for Development and Planning, a challenging role as we are in the process of the Local Development Framework. This involves investigation of requirements for development up to and beyond 2026, instigated by Central Government. Oddly, Concessionary Travel is part of this remit. All of this will affect our lives in Barrow one way or another.

    Hilary is also a member of the following:

    Champion of Play

    Carillon War Museum Committee

    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

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Holocaust Memorial Day Committee

    Heritage and Arts Committee

    Town Team Committee.

    Pauline is a reserve member for Planning and was instrumental in setting up the area forums for Barrow, Sileby, Quorn and the Wolds of which she is Vice-Chairman and is member of the following:

    Investigation and Review Committee and its sub-committee

    Community and Partnership Committee

    Standards Committee

    Health and Wellbeing Forum

    It has and continues to be a very busy year with lots of extra responsibilities. Pauline is helped at least by her partial retirement last autumn from her employment with the NHS


    PC Gilbertson reported that since taking on her role as Beat Officer for Barrow and in order to address concerns relating to anti social behaviour, a high visible presence has been adopted. She, along with PCSO Ricthie, have been out and about engaging with and getting to know people. Four ASB warning letters have been issued and the parents response has been very

    supportive and responsible. Anti Social Behaviour is considered to be a major problem within Charnwood and the Borough Council is active in securing ASBOs where appropriate. gt SLee reported that in Leicestershire in the next financial year an additional 100 Officers will be trained and out in communities. This is a much needed injection of staff. Voice Connect Relay used in conjunction with partnership working which includes Neighbourhood Watch/ Pubwatch /Parish Councils will help to achieve a reduction in crime of all types. Nationally VC Relay will also be utilised for disaster management including flooding and can accommodate any major incident. Any person/group can request details are held on the VC Relay database and if anyone present would be interested please do let us know.

    With regard to HGVs travelling through the village Traffic Police can be asked to target the village which would address issues relating to the volume/speed/u turns.

    gtS Lee advised on year to date crime figures. Detection is down though recording of crime in all categories is also down by 9.5%. It is hoped that „Microbeats‟ (there has been an increase of

    540% in time spent on these) and „GPS systems‟ improvement will be seen over the next year.


    Mr Mitchell raised concern relating to access to emergency vehicles at the Bridge Street traffic lights and suggested that delays may be caused.

    gt SLee advised that he is aware of this and that this has not caused any problems. Drivers of emergency vehicles have a duty to drive with due care and attention and there are alternative routes.

    Cllr. Slater expressed thanks to Sgt Lee for his attendance adding that she feels reassured.


    Confirmation had been previously made to the following:

    Representative of Landowners Mrs Diane Atkin

    Representative of Bridleway Users Mrs Diane Atkin

    Footpath Users Mr Don Mitchell

    Representative of Cyclists Councillor Pepper

    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

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    Cllr. J Rodgers advised that our Echo correspondent, unable to attend this meeting, had requested the matter of disabled access to the Parish Council office is addressed. The Parish Council‟s attempt to afford accessibility in agreement with the County Council had failed, for reasons which seem ludicrous and following a conversation with proprietors of the new café who have indicated their intention to build a ramp would expect the matter to be investigated again.

    It was suggested the problem affects almost all business/retail premises on the High Street and is also not limited to Barrow. As a Business owner Cllr. Goater advised that it is difficult to recover costs of any adjustment/installation to afford accessibility. The Parish Council will re-investigate.

The meeting was declared closed at 9.20pm.

SIGNED……………………………………. DATE………………………………..


    thMinutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 29 April 2008

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