(1) Managerial Training Programmes

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(1) Managerial Training Programmes

    # Programme Title 1 Organizational Ethics A Symposium

    2 The Enhancement of the Managerial Responsibilities and the Arab Managers in the New Millennium

    3 The Modern Techniques and Trends in Management

    4 Crisis Management Managing Work Pressure and Enhancing the Critical Situations

    5 Leadership and the Creative Manager in the New Millennium 6 The Managerial and the Supervisory Practices in a Multinational Context 7 Management and Strategic Planning Using a Balanced Scorecard 8 Planning, Monitoring and Appraising Performance

    9 Crisis Management and the Decision-making Process

    10 Distinction and Eminence in the Presentation of Services 11 The Methodological and the Practical Foundation of the Process of Organizational Structuring

    12 Business Administration Diploma

    13 The NLP Applications in the Field of Business Development 14 The National/Local Municipal Management

    15 The Modern Techniques in Organization and Procedures Application 16 Business Administration Diploma

    # Programme Title

    The Enhancement of the Managerial and the behavioral Dexterities of Managers 1

    The Enhancement of the Subordinates' Positive Attitudes A Symposium 2

    A Preparatory Programme for Leaders to Undertake the Liabilities of the Top Management 3

    The Distinctiveness and the Creativity in Managing and Developing Projects as well as the 4 Application of a Feasibility Study

    Mentoring The Needed Skills for the Preparation of the Senior Management 5

    Leadership in the Era of Incessant Change 6

    Fatal Mistakes in Management A Symposium 7

    Strategies of Effective Negotiations 8

    The Development of the Managerial and the Creative Thinking of Both Engineers and Technicians 9

    The Managerial Dexterities of the Humanitarian Leadership 10

    Creative Thinking and the Role in the Decision-making Process A Forum 11

    Methodology of Scientific Research A Workshop 12

    Project Management Diploma 13


    # Programme Title 1 The Modern Trends in Managing Personnel

    2 The Modern Trends in HRM

    3 The Optimum Recruitment of Personnel and the Measurement of Functional Satisfaction 4 The dexterities of Interviewing and Selection

    5 Planning and Developing the Functional Route for the Organizational Personnel 6 Modern Strategies of Human Resources Development

    Repositioning and Forming the Next Generation and Interrelating the Functional and the Training 7 Routes

    8 Dexterities of Evaluating and Improving Employees' Performance

    The Present and the Future Challenges and their Influence on the Management and the 9 Development of the Human Resources

    10 Strategic Management of Training

    11 TQM Applications in the Training Systems A Symposium 12 Preparatory Methods of Training Plans and Budgets

    13 Behavioral Dexterities of Training Managers A Symposium 14 Measuring the Costing Systems and the Proceeds Resulting from Investment in Training 15 The Managerial Role in the Implementation of the On-job-training 16 Human Resources Management Diploma

    # Programme Title 1 Distinctiveness in the Activities of Modern Secretary Activities and Office Management 2 Developing the Secretarial Dexterities in dealing with the VIPs 3 Functional Dexterities of Clandestine Secretary

    4 The Precise Managerial Writing A Workshop

    5 Modern Secretary Systems

    6 Organizing and Managing the Organizational Archive

    7 Organizing and Managing Meetings and Committees A Workshop 8 Developing the Core Competencies of the Senior Management and the Executive Secretary

    9 Developing the Potentialities of Preparing Reports, Records and Lectures 10 The Skills of Advancement from Paperwork Keeping to Electronic Keeping

    # Programme Title 1 Marketing for the Non-marketers

    2 The New Trends in the Advertising Field


3 The Modern Techniques in Marketing

    4 The Methods and the Instruments of the Market Research 5 Strategic Management for Effective Marketing

    6 Global Marketing

    7 Marketing for Banking Services

    8 Methods and Systems of Local Purchasing

    Propping up the Professional Performance of the Employees in the Activities of Purchasing and 9 Storing

    10 Contractual Negotiations in the Purchasing Field

    11 Contracting and the Engineering Contract Management 12 Facing the Market Fluctuations

    13 Contracts and the Financed Procurement from the International Banks 14 Disengagement and the Resolution of Disputes A Symposium 15 Inventory Control

    16 The Scientific and the Practical Methodology of Getting Rid of the Unsold Inventory

    17 Using Computers in the organization and the Management of Store 18 Using Computers in Resources Management

    19 Sales and Marketing Diploma

    20 Purchasing Management Diploma

    21 Stores Management Diploma

    22 Global Marketing Diploma

    # Program Title 1 How to Deal with the Customers to Satisfy their Desires 2 The Dexterities of Dealing and the Performance of the Distinguished Services 3 How Can the PR Employee Face Critical Situations?

    4 The Dexterities of Dealing with the Mass Media

    5 Developing PR and Receptionist Skills

    6 The Dexterities of Dealing and Communicating with the Clients 7 The Art of Interviewing and Direct Conversation

    8 The Art of Dealing with Audience

    9 The Art of Dealing with VIPs

    10 Conference Organization

    11 The Skills and the Protocols of PR

    12 The Art of Etiquette

    13 Economic and Oil Information System

    14 The Regulatory Basis of Controlling the Media Actions 15 Propaganda and the Art of Persuading the PR in the Era of Globalization 16 The Tactics of Work in News Agencies

    17 The PR Management and the Variables of Globalization and the Information Technology

    18 Public Relations and Advertising Diploma


    # Programme Title 1 Principles of Accounting and Bookkeeping

    2 Principles of Accounting and Bookkeeping in Governmental Units 3 Enhancing the Skills of the Newly Graduate Accountants

    4 Accounting and Financial Analysis for the Non-accountants

    5 Rehabilitation of the Trustees of the Financial Covenant

    6 The Enhancement of The Financial and the Inventive Performance of the Cash and Safe's Officials

    Developing and Supporting the Professional Performance of the Expenditures and the Adjustments 7 Accountants

    8 Analyzing and Scrutinizing the Financial Listings

    9 Scrutinizing Budgets in relation to the Financial Listings

    10 Reporting Liquidity and Solvency Positions

    11 Liquidity Planning and Cash Management

    12 Restructuring the Financial Frames to Support Success and to Manage the Financial Crises 13 Auditing Systems and Internal Control

    14 Enhancing the Dexterities of the Internal Auditor in the Governmental Units 15 The Modern Trends in Budgeting as well as the Preparation of the Trial Balance 16 The Management of the Governmental Accounts and the Public Funds 17 The Governmental Accountant and the Usage of the International Standardized Techniques 18 Auditing and Revising the Final Accounts

    Enhancing the Professional Performance of the Internal Auditor the Skills of Preparing the 19 Financial Reports

    20 Preparing and displaying the Modern Financial Reports

    21 Forecasting and Evaluating the Projects Feasibility Study

    22 Privatization, Valuing Assets and Organizational Restructuring 23 Developing the Accountant Dexterities to Enhance Productivity and Profitability 24 Accounting Management Diploma

    25 Analytical Confidence Systems

    26 Bookkeeping Administration Diploma

    # Programme Title 1 Cost Accounting for the Non-accountants

    2 The Skills of Measuring and Monitoring Costing

    3 Process Calculation

    4 The Accounting Systems in relation to the HR Costing Systems 5 Restructuring the Design of the Cost Accounting

    6 Cost Accounting in the Construction Sector

    7 Cost Accounting in the Manufacture of Cement as well as the Building Materials 8 Developing Accounting in relation to the Cost and the Profitability of the Construction Contract


9 Cost Accounting in Health Services Sector

    10 Accounting in Navigation Corporation

    11 Strategic Planning and Budgeting

    12 Modern Trends in the Management of Cost Accounting (An Advanced Programme)

    # Programme Title 1 International Accounting Standards (The Basic Level)

    2 The Applications of the International Accounting Standards 3 The International Standards for the Accounting and the Auditing Professions 4 The Display of the Financial Lists and the Criteria of the International Accounting Standards

    5 Fair Value Accounting and Changes in the Exchange Rates

    International Accounting Standards and Elevating the Efficiency of the Engineering Accounting 6 Standards

    Accounting in relation to Possessing and Exploiting the Fixed Assets in relation to the Professional 7 Standards

    8 The Fundamentals of the Banking Systems

    9 Banking Systems and Marketing

    10 Letters of Credits (The Basic Level)

    11 Letters of Credits (The Advanced Level)

    Swift Messages for the Letters of Credits, Guarantees Letters and Documentary Collections The 12 LTC Department

    13 Governmental Applications in the Banking Sector

    14 Credit Risk Management

    15 IFRS Principles and the Preparations of the Financial Lists in the Banking Sector 16 The Applications of the Disclosure of the Documents and Currencies Forgery

    # Programme Title 1 The Comprehensive Industrial Safety

    2 The Preparation and the Enhancement of the Managerial Security Service 3 The Hazards of the Work Environment and How to Secure It 4 Hazardous Materials and How to deal with it

    5 Preventing Losses in Stores and Inventories

    6 Safety Procedures against Electrical Hazards

    7 Safety Procedures in Managing the Oil Movement in Oil Companies 8 Safety in the Manufacture of Petrochemicals

    9 Safety in the Operations of Drilling in the Oil Fields

    10 Spot-checking on the Work Place and Equipments


    # Programme Title 1 Medical Check up

    2 Management and Accounting in the Health Insurance 3 First Aid Training

    4 Modern Trends of Managing and Organizing Hospitals 5 Total Quality in Hospitals

    6 Nursing Administrations

    7 TQM in Laboratories

    8 Health Care Marketing

    9 How to Deal With Clinical Wastes

    # Programme Title 1 Insurance (General)

    2 Insurance Risk Management

    3 Life Insurance Documents

    4 Vehicles Insurance

    Engineering Insurance An Insurance Contract against the Construction and the Installation 5 Hazards

    6 Marine Insurance on Commodities

    7 The Insurance of the Ships' Bodies

    8 Reinsurance

    9 Customer Service in the Insurance Field

    10 How to Prepare Marketing Plans in the Insurance Fields 11 The Establishment and the Development of a Statistical System 12 Statistical Skills in the Preparation of the Managerial Reports 13 Statistics and Its Role in Planning, Monitoring and Decision Making 14 Using Computers in the Statistical Surveillance of Quality 15 Analyzing the Statistical Data Using the SPSS Programme 16 Insurance International Diploma



    ? The possibility of holding contracting training for corporations, organizations,

    agencies throughout the year.

    ? The possibility of specifying the date of the training programme according to

    the organizational activities, the governmental agencies as well as the

    department, the trainee is considered a part of.

    ? Professional experts are responsible for the presentation of these


    ? The possibility of the presentation of Tailor Made Programmes. ? The minimum number of the participants is 8 and the maximum number of

    the participants is not to exceed 15.

    ? The Place of Assembly: The Headquarter of Spark for Training and


    ? Specialized Programmes: The CM The Certified Manager accredited from

    Cambridge International College.


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