The Dignity Challenge

By Veronica Freeman,2014-06-18 01:06
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The Dignity Challenge

The Dignity Challenge

Do you think a care system where there is zero tolerance of abuse is a

    cause worth fighting for?

The Dignity Challenge sets out the national expectations of services that respect

    dignity. We are calling on staff, service users, carers and members of the public to

    take up the Dignity Challenge and become Dignity Champions.

All Dignity Champions are being asked to:

    ? put dignity in care on their local agendas

    ? challenge bad practice where they see it

    ? share what works with other Dignity Champions.

As commissioners you could use your influence to help improve the experience older

    people have of care services and help ensure that they do not suffer neglect and


You could make a real difference as a Dignity Champion by:

    ? Reviewing your providers’ performance against the information available

    on privacy and dignity through CSCI/Health care Commission inspections

    ? Reviewing and monitor your contracts and service level agreements (SLAs)

    to reflect dignity and respect as an aspect of quality service delivery

    ? ?????

You can sign up as a Dignity Champion today either online at or by

    ringing 0207 9724007.

    As a Dignity Champion you will have

    access to an online network so you

    can work collaboratively with other

    Champions and share information,

    ideas, problems, solutions and

    details of events. You will also

    receive information and tips on how

    you can be effective in your role as a

    Dignity Champion and can request

    stocks of Dignity Cards to disseminate in your local organisations. The cards set out the Dignity Challenge.

    Over the next few months you will also be invited to a local Dignity Champions

    network event so you can meet and work with other people in your area that want to

    make a difference.

    An online practice guide is also

    available to support Dignity

    Champions and can be found at it

    contains lots of advice, practical

    tips on how to improve services


    Dignity Champions will play a vital

    role in helping help improve older

    people's experience of care and

    will be key to the success of the Dignity in Care Campaign. If you feel you have

    something to offer and could play a part in the campaign, no matter how small,

    become a dignity champion today!

    Find out more about the Dignity in Care Campaign at

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