The Crisp Pringle Challenge

By Ana Allen,2014-06-18 01:03
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The Crisp Pringle Challenge

    The Crisp Pringle Challenge

    ?The Challenge: To mail a single Pringles potato chip, intact.

    The Greater Challenge: To have the minimum packaged weight.

The Details/Rules/Regulations:

    ?Packaging may NOT include bubble wrap, plastic 'peanuts' or other commercial packing


    ?The chip must arrive in edible form. This means that the packing material cannot affect the

    edibility or taste of the chip in anyway; the chip cannot be poisoned, colored, attached to

    anything, etc. (You don't, however, have to weather-proof it...)

     -All entries must honor to the spirit of the competition

Packages should be sent via U.S. Mail, standard first class, to:

    <Mr. Felten>

    c/o Prof. Peter Galvin

    124 Paterson Ave

    Midland Park, NJ 07432-1846

     thMAIL YOUR ENTRY ON OR BEFORE Saturday December 8, 2007.

?All packages must be received by Prof. Galvin on Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 to be considered

    for credit or prizes. You can take what gambles you choose with the Postal Service.

?All packages must have a return address with your name and home address. Be sure to note your

    period next to your name. (e.g Jimmy Joe Bob Smith A/B Period)

?All packages must have a New Milford, Gaylordsville, or Sherman postmark. It is always a good idea

    to have the receipt from the post office as proof that you have indeed mailed the package if it doesn’t arrive to its destination.

?Entries will be opened in school the day before their Winter Break. (December 21, 2007) All entries

    will be weighed before opening and a record will be taken as to your chip’s condition.

?The lightest package containing an intact chip will win a class prize. A Grand Prize will also be

    awarded to the lightest intact-chip packing job among the various classes participating!

    ?Grading is based on participation and success! Out of 25 possible points.

     25pts: Fully intact chip with a packaged weight under 45 g.

    22 pts: Missing part of chip may be covered by a dime

    20 pts: Missing part of chip may be covered by a quarter

    18 pts: Entry containing chip arrived on time.

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