USB-V8 Steering Wheel Operation manual

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USB-V8 Steering Wheel Operation manual

USB interface vibration feedback steering wheel

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    USB interface vibration feedback steering wheel


    ? We spared no efforts to make sure that the information in this manual is correct and

    complete. However no liability is accepted for any errors or omissions. Gembird Electronics

    reserves the right to change the specifications of the hardware and software described in

    this manual without prior notice.

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    any form, by any means, without the prior written permission of Gembird Electronics Ltd. ? Gembird Electronics makes no warranties for damages resulting from corrupted or lost

    data due to a mistaken operation or malfunction of the product, the software, personal

    computers or peripheral devices.

Important notice: Please, make sure you read and follow the installation procedure described

    below before attempting to use the product.

Gembird? is a registered trademark of Gembird Europe.

    RaceForce? is a trademark of Gembird Electronics Ltd. Other names or products not mentioned above may be registered trademarks or trademarks

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    USB interface vibration feedback steering wheel

     STR-RACEFORCE User manual


Thank you for buying our steering wheel! This manual will help you install it properly. The

    RaceForce? is a USB interface steering wheel specially designed for PC and compatible with virtually all game software. The RaceForce? has a built-in dual vibration motor which makes it

    possible to provide a vibration feedback controlled by software (the game should be able to

    support vibration) with all sorts of various realistic vibration effects. The stylish ergonomic

    shape of the RaceForce? is designed to let you tirelessly enjoy the game for long hours.


    o 180 degree free rotation

    o Choice of gas and brake hand paddles or foot pedals

    o Special anti-skid design

    o Soft rubber for optimal grip

    o Digital/Analog mode choice

    o 10 function buttons and 4 direction HAT switch

    o USB interface

    o Cables of the steering wheel and of the foot pedals are 2.0m and 1.6m long


    o Operating current 170mA

    System requirements

    o One free USB port

    o Windows? 98/ME/2000/XP

    o DirectX v.7.0 and higher

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    USB interface vibration feedback steering wheel

    STR-RACEFORCE buttons and controls definition

    Software installation under Windows 98/ME/2000/WinXP

    1. Insert CD with software into your computer CD(DVD)-ROM drive. Setup software

    should start automatically (if by any reason it does not start, launch “Setup” from

    your CD). Continue the installation until it is finished (it might take some time).

    2. Insert the steering wheel into your PC USB port. PC will recognize the steering wheel

    as “LS-USBMX1/2/3 Steering Wheel W/Vibration.

    RaceForce? steering wheel test and calibration

1. Steering wheel test

    Choose Start?Control Panel?Game Controllers (“Gaming options” under some Windows). elect the RaceForce? steering wheel from the list and choose “Properties” button to enter the Function Test page:

    a) Steering wheel and foot pedal testing

    Turn the steering wheel left and right you should see the movement along the X axis

    Use Accelerator and Brake to you should see the movement along the X axis

    If the “+” cursor is not in the center of “X/Y axis”, please use “Calibration” page to calibrate it

    (see below).

    b) Press each of the 10 steering wheel buttons in turn, make sure the corresponding button on

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    USB interface vibration feedback steering wheel

the test page is highlighted.

    c) D-Pad’s test

    Digital mode (LED is Green): Press the direction pad’s UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and

    4x45? angles (45?, 135?, 225?, 315?) - you should see all 8 directions shown in the Axis

    information (X/Y axis) on the Test page.

    Analog mode (LED is Red): Press the direction pad’s UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and 4x45?

    angles (45?, 135?, 225?, 315?) - you should see all 8 directions shown in the POV

    information on the Test Page.

    2. Calibration of Axis.

    Under the analog mode you can use calibration to make sure the cursor is in the center

    position. To calibrate first press “Default”, then ”Set” button. 3. Vibration test page.

    Under the analog mode move the Left Rocker on your steering wheel to the left and to

    the right, the left motor should vibrate. Move the Left Rocker up and down, the right

    motor should vibrate.

    Note: The vibration intensity can be changed by adjusting the Vibration Strength”.

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    USB interface vibration feedback steering wheel


    Problem description Proposed solution The hardware does not work a) Check the connection with the PC USB port after the installation b) Go to Control panel -> System -> Hardware tab -> Device

    manager. Check the setting “Game Port Controller” of your device,

    it should be “Confirmation”, and the setting “ID” should be “1”.

    Check the converter I/O settings and make sure they do not

    conflict with your other peripherals

    c) Try to reboot your PC.

    The driver cannot be installed or Check your DirectX version. Version 7.0 or higher is required. does not work after installation

    Having started the game, some Check whether the device is properly calibrated (Note: in the analog axes do not work or inactive state all the axis cursors should be positioned in the operate erratically center).

    There is no vibration a) Check your DirectX version. Version 7.0 or higher is required.

    b) Try to restart the game or reboot your PC No driver is found after the Most probably caused by problems during installation or software

    steering wheel is connected to conflicts with some other existing drivers. Check if any devices in

    the USB port Device manager (Control panel -> System -> Hardware tab ->

    Device manager) were not recognized (they will be shown with

    exclamation mark “!” before them). Delete these devices,

    reinstall the software driver and connect the converter again. Upon starting the game, the Turn the engine down under the game “Force feedback” options right motor keeps vibrating

    Upon starting the game, the Adjust the vibration intensity using controls “STICK VOLUME”, vibration gets weaker “ROAD EFFECTS” and such like under the game “Force feedback”


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