BEC Simulation Test One

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BEC Simulation Test One

    BEC Simulation Test One

    Listening Test 40 minutes (including 10 minutes transfer time)

    Part One

    Questions 1-12

    You will hear three telephone conversations or messages.

    Write one or two words or a number in the numbered space on the notes or forms


    fter you have listened once, replay each recording. A

    Conversation One

    Questions 1-4

    Look at the notes below. You will hear a man phoning a magazine office about

    advertising rates.


    The edition the man wants to advertise on is : ____1_____

    The press date is ____2____

    The location of the ad the man likes is ____3______

    The cost of the ad is : ______4____

Conversation Two

    Questions 5-8

    Look at the notes below. You will hear two friends talking about a job advertisement.

     Message Job Advertisement The vacancy advertised: ____5_____. The successful applicants responsibility includes sales in ____6_____, according to the job description. The applicant should have ____7____ in business. Applications should be submitted before _____8______.

Conversation Three

    Questions 9-12

    Look at the notes below. You will hear a man asking some information about the

    conference room and dining hall.


    The man rings from: _____9_____ Company

    The number of people attending the meeting: ____10____

    The cost of the conference room: _____11______ an hour

    The cost of the meal: ____12_____ per person

Part Two

    Questions 13-22

    Section One

    (Questions 13-17 )

    You will hear five short recordings of voicemails. For each recording, decide what each speaker is trying to do. Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more

    than once. After you have listened once, replay the recordings.

    A. give advice

    B. make an offer 13. ___________________

    C. ask for permission 14. ___________________

    D. request some information 15.____________________

    E. confirm arrangements 16.____________________

    F. make a complaint 17.____________________

    G. decline an offer

    H. change an arrangement

Section Two

    (Questions 18-22)

    You will hear five short recordings.

    For each recording, decide what the speakers job is.

    Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more

    than once. After you have listened once, replay the recordings.

    A. Market Research Manager

    B. Sales Manager 18. ___________________

    C. Managing Assistant 19 ___________________

    D. Financial Adviser 20.____________________

    E. Conference Organizer 21.____________________

    F. Production Manager 22.____________________

    G. Marketing Manager

    H. Personnel Manager

Part Three

    Questions 23-30

    You will hear an interview with Sam Walton on the winning secrets of Wal-Mart.

    For each question (23-30), mark one letter (A, B or C) for the correct answer.

    After you have listened once, replay the recordings. 23. What happened in America during the period of Sam Waltons growing up?

     A. Civil War

     B. Financial boom

     C. Economic crisis

    24. Sam Waltons store running concept does not include

     A. giving customers discounts

     B. opening stores in downtown.

     C. keeping costs low

25. Sam Walton believes that if you want to run business well, first you should

     A. be kind to employees.

     B. be loyal to customers.

     C. work with passion.

    26. Associates may work beyond expectations if

     A. they are treated equally in the corporation

     B. they become stock owners in the corporation.

     C. they are given good welfare in the corporation.

    27. In order to encourage managers to work better, Sam Walton always

     A. keeps them being challenged

     B. gives them more pressure.

     C. offers them rewards.

    28. According to Sam Walton, what is a better way to reward partners?

     A. Praise their work.

     B. Give them stocks.

     C. Help them have fortune.

    29. To have a clear knowledge of your business running, you must

     A. go to the front lines frequently.

     B. listen to your associates carefully.

     C. talk to your customers.

    30. Wal-Marts constant competitive advantage over its rivals lies in

     A. keeping prices low.

     B. having a wide range of goods.

     C. making good use of expenses.

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