BEC Simulation Test Five

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BEC Simulation Test Five

    BEC Simulation Test Five

Listening Test 40 minutes (including 10 minutes transfer time)

    Part One

    Questions 1-12

    You will hear three conversations or messages. Write one or two words or a number in the numbered space on the notes or forms

    below. After you have listened once, replay each recording. Conversation One

    Questions 1-4

    You will hear a woman renting an apartment.

    The girl is working in the : ___(1)____ .

    The room number the girl will rent: ____(2)_____

    The price to be paid is : ____(3)_______

    The girls phone number is : ______(4)_______

Conversation Two

    (Questions 5-8)

    Look at the note below. You will hear two people are on the phone.

    While you were out

    Message for ____(5)_____

    From: Norman International ________(6)_________

    stThey asked if you got the invoice No. 2865, dated 31 March. It was ____(7)_____ ago.

    They sent you another invoice for the computer a month ago. And they need you to pay

    within ____(8)______ days. If you dont, they will charge interest rate and see their


Conversation Three

    Questions 9-12

    Look at the notes below. You will hear a woman enquiring about an advertising



    The advertising agency has three structures, the media department, the design department and the ____(9)______ department.

    The most important section: the ____(10)_______ department.

    The client service department ensures the ads convey the ____(11)______ to the customers.

    The customers will help you advertise by ____(12)_________

Part Two

    Questions 13-22

Section One

    (Questions 13-17 )

    You will hear five short recordings.

    For each recording, decide what the speaker is doing. Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more than once. After you have listened once, replay the


    A. Expressing cooperation wishes

    B. Introducing work 13. ___________________

    C. Offering invitations 14. ___________________

    D. Toasting 15.____________________

    E. Making complaints 16.____________________

    F. Promoting sales 17.____________________

    G. Expressing gratitude

    H. Refusing claim

    Section Two

    (Questions 18-22)

    You will hear another five short recordings. For each recording, decide what the speakers job is.

    Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more than once. After you have listened once, replay the


     A. A secretary

    18. ___________________ B. A sales manager

    19 ___________________ C. A legal adviser

    20.____________________ D. A civil servant

    21.____________________ E. A receptionist

    22.____________________ F. A theatre manager

     G. A personnel officer

     H. An accountant

Part Three

    Questions 23-30

    You will hear the companys staff is holding a meeting in an office. For each question (23-30), mark one letter (A, B or C) for the correct answer.

    After you have listened once, replay the recording.

23. What is Mr. Scott in his company?

    A. He works as a manger.

    B. He works as an assistant.

    C. He works as a consultant.

24. Why did Mr. Grant call in Mr. Scott from Smith-Weston Consultations for?

    A. Because his company wanted to make a productivity study. B. Because the sale of the company decreased a lot. C. Because he expected him to raise workers morale.

    25. What would Mr. Scott firstly set about doing in the company? A. Increasing workers salary

    B. Analyzing jobs in order to decrease time and increase efficiency C. Making a training program.

26. What should the survey be conducted with?

    A. Incentive payment scheme.

    B. Increasing workers efficiency.

    C. Punishing the workers who cant finish the work on time.

    27. In Mr. Grants opinion, Mr. Scott should be investigating only A. in the factory .

    B. in the office .

    C in the laboratory .

    28. What was Joanna, the advertising manager, always talking about? A. Improving workers working conditions.

    B. Raising peoples morale .

    C. Corporation planning, operational research and critical path analysis.

    29. Peter thought Mr. Grant decided to change with the times owing to the help of A. Mr. Scott, the consultant.

    B. Mr. Martin, the sales manager.

    C. Joanna, the advertising manager.

30. What will Mr. Grant do to Mr. Scotts idea?

    A. He will think about Mr. Scotts idea.

    B. He will copy Mr. Scotts idea.

    C. He will object to Mr. Scotts idea.

    You now have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to your Answer Sheet.

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