BEC Simulation Test Three

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BEC Simulation Test Three

    BEC Simulation Test Three

Listening Test 40 minutes (including 10 minutes transfer time)

    Part One

    Questions 1-12

    You will hear three telephone conversations or messages.

    Write one or two words or a number in the numbered space on the notes or forms

    below. After you have listened once, replay each recording.

    Conversation One

    Questions 1-4

    You will hear a woman calling about an order.

    Smart Office Supplies LTD

    Telephone Message

    Callers Name: Jennifer Bryant

    Company: _______(1)______

    Order Number: 78362

    Dispatch Date: ___(2)______

    Notes: Last batch of ____(3)____was faulty.

    Action: Collect form the shop this afternoon.

     Change the ____(4_)____ accordingly.

Conversation Two

    (Questions 5-8)

    Look at the note below. You will hear a man calling about a meeting.

    Phone Message

    To: Paul Tench

    Re: _____(5)_______ meeting.

    Patrick Brown is unable to attend meeting arranged for


    Can meeting be rearranged for ____(7)________

    If not, please leave a message with his ______(8)________

Conversation Three

    Questions 9-12

    Look at the notes below. You will hear a man requesting some information about a



    For: Mrs. Freeman

    Charles Tyzeck phoned about the post of ____(9)____

    Hes already got the _____(10)________

    Told him interviews were being held in the ____(11)________ of June.

    He said he wouldnt be available then and requested a ____(12)_______.

    Can you let him know if thats possible?

Part Two

    Questions 13-22

    Section One

    (Questions 13-17 )

    You will hear five short recordings. Each person is talking on the phone. For each recording, decide what is the main topic of their call. Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more than once. After you have listened once, replay the recordings.

    A. A departmental meeting

    B. A job interview 13. ___________________

    C. Negotiations with buyers 14. ___________________

    D. A visit to a factory 15.____________________

    E. A shareholders meeting 16.____________________

    F. A training session 17.____________________

    G. A conference

    H. A visit to a trade exhibition

    Section Two

    (Questions 18-22)

    You will hear another five short recordings. Each speaker recently attended an interview.

    For each recording, decide what the speaker is saying about the interview they attended. Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more than once. After you have listened once, replay the recordings.

     A. I didn’t express myself well.

    18. ___________________ B. I misunderstood the advertisement.

    19 ___________________ C. It was shorter than I expected.

    20.____________________ D. I wasnt appropriately dressed.

    21.____________________ E. It was poorly organized.

    22.____________________ F. There were too many applicants.

     G. I did too much preparation.

     H. One of the questions surprised me.

Part Three

    Questions 23-30

    You will hear part of a radio interview with David Pugh, marketing director of the

    Tesco supermarket chain, about the companys expansion into Europe. For each question (23-30), mark one letter (A, B or C) for the correct answer.

    After you have listened once, replay the recording.

    23. When did Tesco start expanding across mainland Europe? A. 1978

    B. 1986

    C. 1993

    24. Tesco decided to expand into Europe in order to A. take advantage of lower operating costs. B. enter fast-growing markets.

    C. increase the range of its products.

25. Tesco entered the French market by

    A. forming a joint venture.

    B. buying supermarkets there.

    C. opening a chain under its own name.

26. According to Mr. Pugh, what effect has foreign investment had on the Central European


    A. The cost of products has fallen.

    B. The quality of goods has improved.

    C. The range of items has increased.

    27. As a result of expansion into Europe, Tesco has A. set up a new distribution network.

    B. reduced its capital costs.

    C changed its production methods.

28. What is Tescos trading strategy in Central Europe?

    A. It trades in exactly the same way as it does in the UK. B. It offers special products to meet local customers needs.

    C. Its stores are designed in traditional styles.

    29. How does Tesco advertise in Central Europe? A. It offers special discount prices.

    B. It promotes certain products and stores.

    C. It concentrates on the image of the company.

    30. What is Tescos European strategy for the future? A. It intends to buy more outlets.

    B. It is going to invest in its existing stores. C. It plans to build more stores.

    You now have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to your Answer Sheet.

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