BEC Simulation Test Four

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BEC Simulation Test Four

    BEC Simulation Test Four

    Listening Test 40 minutes (including 10 minutes transfer time) Part One

    Questions 1-12

    You will hear three telephone conversations or messages.

    or two words or a number in the numbered space on the notes or forms Write one

    below. After you have listened once, replay each recording.

    Conversation One

    Questions 1-4

    You will hear a woman placing an order for auto parts.


    The company has over ____(1)_____ auto parts.

    Auto parts include: _____(2)______ parts, accessories, air conditioning parts, auto transmission parts.

    The company sells auto parts of major US manufacturers such as GM, ___(3)____ Chrysler.

    The listed price can be reduced by _____(4)_______.

Conversation Two

    Questions 5-8

    Look at the notes below. You will hear a man calling a colleague about the

    rearrangement of the visit.

    Message: A visit Rearrangement

    The person who is ill: ___(_5)____

    Visitors: twelve Spain _____(6)_____.

    Meet them at eight thirty at ____(7)____.

    Show them around the flow shop and ____;8_____.

Conversation Three

    Questions 9-12

    Look at the notes below. You will hear a man calling to cancel the sales meeting.


    To: Susan Gordon

    From: George Simon, Head Office

    Re: Cancel the sales meeting

    Susan Gordon was on: ____(9)_____

    The original sales meeting date: _____(10)______

    The meeting has been postponed to: ____(11)_____

    The man asked the receptionist to make sure Susan call him and ___(12)_____ the date.

Part Two

    Questions 13-22

    Section One

    (Questions 13-17 )

    You will hear five short recordings .

    For each recording, decide what opinion each conveys. Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more

    than once. After you have listened once, replay the recordings.

     A. Avoid employees resistance when giving a feedback.

    13. ___________________ B. Employees fear for their bad performance.

    14. ___________________ C. Leaders will put off feedback in general.

    15.____________________ D. Make feedback a routine job with your staff.

    16.____________________ E. Seek for a solution by confronting each other .

    17.____________________ F. Destructive criticism does not work in the workplace.

     G. Leaders are encouraged to share staff with experiences.

     H. Leaders need a special ability to deal with feedback.

Section Two

    (Questions 18-22)

    You will hear five short recordings.

    For each recording, decide what opinion each recording conveys. Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording. Do not use any letter more

    than once. After you have listened once, replay the recordings.

    A. The mortgage markets easing is on the way.

    B. Housing keeps taking people in and out of recession. 18. ___________________

    C. People do not concentrate on the real estate. 19 ___________________

    D. Real estate values rising contributes to mortgage boom. 20.____________________

    E. The consequence followed if the housing prices fell. 21.____________________

    F. Countrywide is looking forward to expanding its business. 22.____________________

    G. Making profit is the ultimate goal in housing.

    H. The mortgage market is still under pressure.

    Part Three

    Questions 23-30

    You will hear an interview with Jack Welch, executive of a corporation, about how

    small companies manage to survive I the severe competition. For each question (23-30), mark one letter (A, B or C) for the correct answer.

    After you have listened once, replay the recording.

    23. Why did Jack Welch remark that small companies have advantages?

     A. Because they gain a lot of profits

     B. Because they are able to compete with others

     C. Because they offer a variety of choices and perform well in a difficult situation.

    24. Jack Welch didnt suggest a small company to expand its business because

     A. he thought it was not worthwhile.

     B. it would arouse confusion, nerve and worry.

     C. it would go bankrupt.

    25. The man suggested that by answering the five key questions, companies will

     A. beat against their opponents.

     B. guide their future plan.

     C. evaluate advantage and disadvantages of itself as well as its opponents.

    26. What conclusion was reached about small companies competitive advantage?

     A. Small companies may be taken over by big ones.

     B. Small companies employ all kinds of methods to work on strategy.

     C. Small companies can also create an attractive and convincible strategy.

27. Jack Welch said that the winning move

     A. has nothing to do with the experts.

     B. requires the devotion and commitment of all the staff.

     C. arouse debate in public.

28. How do you understand ignite contagious intensity?

     A. To have an increase in strength

     B. To communicate easily

     C. To make the company collapse

    29. Compared with the big company, what side effects can a small one avoid?

     A. the condition of being bureaucratic

     B. contagious situation

     C. taking a lot of wings

30. What can a small company benefit from strategy making?

     A. Avoid wasting time

     B. Without experiencing collapse

     C. Having more regular customers

You now have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to your Answer Sheet.

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