Maps Two types of maps are recommended 1) for General Site

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Maps Two types of maps are recommended 1) for General Site ...

Site Management

Assessment Module


    Well-maintained grounds show that the owner takes pride in the operation and is likely to take pride in stewardship issues as well. Run down facilities give the impression that the operation may be cutting financial corners. Weeds and trash may harbor vermin that can create nuisances, economic losses, and serve as pathogen vectors. It is often said that individuals “smell with their eyes”. Something as simple as keeping your farmstead facilities clean and well maintained may reduce neighbor complaints.


    For each issue in the left hand portion of the worksheet, read across to the right and select the statement that best describes conditions on your farm. Record your answers on the evaluation sheet located at the end of this module. Leave blank any categories that do not apply. The risk categories presented are general in nature. Often specific conditions will shift the risk to lower or higher risks. A professional may need to make this determination. Be particularly wary of specific depths or distances listed in the risk categories. There are many mitigating factors that can affect the actual risk.

    If you are unsure how to answer any of the questions, or need help locating more information, contact the program coordinators, your Local Cooperative Extension, Department of Environmental Quality, or Department of Conservation and Recreation office. A list of contact numbers is located in the Appendix.

I.D. Issue High risk High-moderate risk Moderate-low risk Low risk

    (risk 4) (risk 3) (risk 2) (risk 1)

    SA1 What is the general appearance of Farm buildings and grounds Buildings and facilities in Buildings and grounds Buildings and grounds are

    each farmsite? look like no effort is made to need of repair. look generally in good landscaped to show a

    keep them in good repair. repair. professional image.

    Visible manure or wastewater

    ponding. Animals (if visible)

    look dirty and uncared for.

    SA2 Are grassed areas mowed? No, high vegetation gives an Yes, farmstead has a lawn-

    appearance of an unkempt like look.


    SA3 Are buildings at the farmstead No, buildings look run down. Yes, buildings present an

    painted, clean, and in good repair? appearance of good



    I.D. Issue High risk High-moderate risk Moderate-low risk Low risk

    (risk 4) (risk 3) (risk 2) (risk 1) SA4 Is the farmsite free of visible trash No, trash, and/or junk Yes, no abandoned

    piles, and abandoned equipment? equipment make the equipment, and/or trash

    farmstead look unkempt. piles are evident. SA5 Are rodents, flies, birds, and other No, evidence of flies, rodents, Yes, no evidence of vermin

    vermin controlled? and birds can be observed. is visible.

    SA6 Is the farmsite free of ponded, No, manure spills are not Yes, no manure is left in

    spilled, or leaking manure? cleaned up. inappropriate places. SA7 Are roadways on the farmstead free No, roadways have mud Yes, roadways are

    of mud and manure? and/or manure that can be maintained.

    tracked out from the road.

    SA8 Is there proper grading so surface No, surface drainage around Yes, surface water around

    water drains freely away from barns is poor. Puddling and/or the farmstead is controlled

    buildings? gullying is common. without puddling or


    SA9 Are ventilation curtains, fans, No, fans and curtains collect Yes, fans and curtains are

    shutters, and guards free from dust dust and debris and look dirty. kept clean.

    and debris?


    Date Completed:____________

    Site Management Assessment

    Module Evaluation Sheet

I.D. Score (1-4 as assigned

    NUMBER by risk category)

    ____ SA 1

    ____ SA 2

    ____ SA 3

    ____ SA 4