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Location No

    Photography Guide to Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall Int’l Airport - BWI

BWI Frequencies:

     ATIS: 127.8

    Approach: 119.7(33L/15R/10/28), 119.0 (15L/33R)

    Tower: 119.4, 123.75

    Eastbound departures: 124.55

    Westbound departures: 118.95

    Ground: 121.9

    Clearance Delivery: 118.05

    All locations described below are designated spots for BWI airport. Do not go to any other place. There is no point of going anywhere else because all traffic can be seen/photographed from these fine spots. Please respect those simple rules so other spotters can enjoy BWI for years to come.

? 2008 FLYIAD.NET Wash-Balt Spotters Group (Edited April 1, 2008)

    Photography Guide to Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall Int’l Airport - BWI

Location No.1 Thomas A Dixon Jr. Aircraft

    Observation Park (also called Friendship Park). This

    is one of the finest spotting locations in the

    Washington/Baltimore area. This location is good

    only for arrivals on runway 33L. (Runway 33L is the

    preferred runway at BWI and used if winds are from

    North, Southwest or West). This runway is used by

    most airlines with exception of few commuter flights

    and Air Canada Jazz DHC-8s.

There are two simple rules that you should know and

    obey while in the park. Do not cross wooden fence. If

    you cross the fence and walk on the grassy area you

    can be arrested. You have no business going there.

    That land belongs to Federal government and has all

    runway system installations. Maryland State Police

    has headquarters located few hundred feet away. You

    will be spotted in matter of seconds. Also, don’t walk on the street. Police don’t like people walking on Dorsey Road. That street has posted speed limit of 55mph. It is for your own safety to stay away from it. Finally don't be alarmed if cars blow their horns - the local drivers seem to get some amusement out of it.

    Camera: Up to about 300mm is required for bizjets but liners are possible with less than 150mm.

    Times: This place is good for photography from noon until dark.

    Parking: This parking lot fills up quickly on the weekends and you might have hard time looking for

    space to park your car (because there is also playground for kids and bike trial).

    Amenities: If you are planning on staying at this spotting location for extended period of time, you

    should get some food and water before going there. If you leave from there mid-day in search for a food,

    you might have problems finding a spot for your car when you return. The closest food place to the park is

    Subway, Burger King, Dominos Pizza and 7-11. All of them are located 1-2 miles West on Dorsey Road.

    This park has couple of portable toilets. Also, in the summer ice cream trucks will visit this place pretty

    often (listen for the silly music).

    Directions: The easiest way to get to Thomas Dixon Observation Park is to drive to the airport (but not

    entering the terminal area), and then continue on the Airport Loop road that goes around entire BWI. This

    small parking area (space for around 50-60 cars) is located right off Dorsey Road (MD-176). You should

    find it very easily.

? 2008 FLYIAD.NET Wash-Balt Spotters Group (Edited April 1, 2008)

    Photography Guide to Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall Int’l Airport - BWI

    Location No.2 Observation Gallery. This location is preferred by registration chasers. It is located in the public side of the terminal between Concourses B and C. Photography from that place can be done afternoon, when sun is behind you. From that spot you are overlooking Southwest gates, and runway action (28/10 and 33L/33R).

     Camera: 300mm-400mm for runway action. Use wide angle to short-tele for movements to and from

    the gates.

    Times: Afternoon.

    Parking: Use the Daily or Hourly parking garages.

    Amenities: You are in the terminal where there are several restaurants and convenience shops.

    Directions: To find this place, go to the terminal and follow the signs.

    Location No.3 New Daily Parking Garage. This spot is overlooking runway 15R/33L. This place is not suited for photography (sun directly in front of you); however, if you are just after registration numbers then probably you can try it if runway 15R is in use.

These are the only ‘legal’ spots around BWI. If runway 28 or 10 is in use you will have better luck spotting/taking

    pictures from the Observation Gallery. Thankfully because of the winds in our area, runway 33L is in use most of the time.

? 2008 FLYIAD.NET Wash-Balt Spotters Group (Edited April 1, 2008)

    Photography Guide to Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall Int’l Airport - BWI

    AIRLINE EQUIPMENT ARRIVAL FREQUENCY ATI Air Transport Int’l DC-8 1 daily (except Sat.) Air Canada Jazz DHC-8 Few daily arrivals Air Jamaica A320 1 daily flight AirTran Airways B717-200, B737-700 Many daily arrivals American Airlines MD80, B738, B757 Many daily arrivals American Eagle ERJ-135/140/145, CRJ-700 Many daily arrivals American Connection ERJ-145 Many daily arrivals America West (US) A319/320 Few daily arrivals British Airways B767-300 1 daily arrival Continental B737-300/500/700/800/900 Many daily arrivals Continental Express ERJ-135/145, DHC8-Q400 Many daily arrivals Delta Air Lines MD-88, B737-800, B757-200 Many daily arrivals Delta Connection CRJ100/200,700 Many daily arrivals Midwest Connection CRJ-200 3 daily flights North American Airlines B757-200, B767-300 Unscheduled Omni Air International DC-10 Unscheduled Northwest DC-9, A319/320, B757-200 Many daily arrivals Southwest B737-300, B737-700 Over 150 daily arrivals United Airlines A319/320, B737-300/500, B752 Many daily arrivals USA 3000 A320 Few daily arrivals US Airways B733/734, A319 Many daily arrivals US Airways Express CRJ, CRJ-900, EMB-170/175 Many daily arrivals World Airways (Pax and Cargo) DC-10, MD-11 Unscheduled Charters and VIP All types Unscheduled FedEx, UPS, DHL + more Cargo All Cargo Types Early morning, Evenings/Nights

    ? 2008 FLYIAD.NET Wash-Balt Spotters Group (Edited April 1, 2008)

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